AND Weekly Editorial – Threats of global storms

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Editorial Staff of AND

27 September 2022

Weekly Editorial – Threats of global storms

Flag of Russian imperialism is burned during a demonstration. Photo: AND Database

The mobilisation of 300,000 reservists by the invading forces of Russian imperialism to increase the war of aggression against the Ukrainian nation is only a slight symbol of the serious worldwide war tensions. Added to this are the threats of using “strategic nuclear weapons” made by a high Russian official, reinforced by a statement by the ultra-reactionary Vladimir Putin.

Since September 21, more than 1,700 demonstrators have been arrested, who rose up in more than thirty cities against the forced mobilisation for the imperialist war. Some of them were enlisted in absentia. Meanwhile, in the towns bordering Georgia, Russian workers are fleeing the country because they do not agree with the war of the Russian imperialist oligarchy. It is estimated that the traffic jam in the queue of vehicles exceeds 20 hours. Putin has established, on the front of the war of aggression, punishment of 10 years for soldiers who refuse to fight.

The masses of people, from whichever imperialist nation, will not remain inert in the face of the voracious greed of reaction. Even if Putin seeks, utilitarianly and opportunistically, to redeem historical memories of the heroic resistance of the socialist USSR in the Second World War, by trying to equate this present war of aggression with that great anti-fascist struggle, the truth is that he will sink into a huge quagmire the more he insists on attacking the Ukrainian nation. Putin, trying to stage the role of the great Stalin, even as a farce, is closer to a miserable Tsar.

On the battlefield, Russian operations have suffered numerous failures, losing important territories that had been occupied. Inside the Russian lines, the guerrilla units, made up of workers, youths and other sectors of the Ukrainian people, have dealt important blows to the aggressor army. For his part, President Zelensky, showing himself to be a brazen sell-out, is allowing the growing presence of US military advisers and those of the imperialist powers of Europe in the country, by increasingly handing over control of the country to NATO.

Such threats and the strengthening of internal repression in Russia are signs of weakness. Putin seeks to blackmail US imperialism, to try to negotiate a withdrawal that would at least preserve Russian control over Kherson and, above all, Donbas. If the imperialists reach an agreement, this decision will not involve the lackey Zelensky. The imperialist collusion will sooner or later abandon the Ukrainian nation, leaving it at the mercy of having its territory sliced up and divided. Unless the Ukrainian masses continue to sustain, with more and more volume and decisiveness, their war of national resistance, whose success depends on its being led by the revolutionary proletariat through its vanguard party, not yet reconstituted.

The dangerous threats of world skirmishes come not only from the relations between the imperialist superpowers, the United States and Russia. In Taiwan, warning alarms are also sounding for a clash between troops of Chinese social-imperialism and US imperialism. This old world, full of inflamed contradictions, walks on a knife-edge. Within the framework of imperialist domination over the whole globe, and of the disputes between the two superpowers, between the superpowers and the superpowers with the various powers and the contradictions of the latter among themselves, for snatching from each other the semi-colonies and spheres of influence, the weight and the price of unjust warfare fall on the backs of the oppressed peoples of the world, who are the spoils, the arena of contention between the imperialists.

The history of the imperialist epoch, up to now, has only known the solution to its crises when it has already reached a certain situation, twice already, beginning with the world war and then transformed into wars of national liberation. In the present situation, the possibility of a complete solution to this crisis is outlined: the wiping of the imperialist powers and superpowers from the face of the earth, through the determined and firm struggle of the oppressed nations and peoples of the world, with the sole condition that they be under proletarian leadership through their authentic communist parties; it is the only language the imperialists can understand: that of their ousting by revolution. Either the World Proletarian Revolution prevents the world imperialist war before it breaks out, or the spread of the imperialist war will stir up the World Proletarian Revolution, which will impose itself all over the world. These are the famous “next 50 to 100 years” about which Chairman Mao Tsetung spoke in the mid-1960s. The main historical and political trend is Revolution.