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Proletarians of all countries, unite!



The Communist Party of Peru (PCP) has established the tactic of boycotting the reactionary elections for the replacement of the authorities of the old Peruvian state, both for the general elections and for the regional and municipal elections. The party’s call for boycott is to hinder and prevent them where possible, but not to prevent the whole electoral process. As reaction has always said, it has tried to impute to the party in order to win false victories.

The call for a boycott in the present situation should serve to promote the general reorganisation of the party (GRP) in and for the people’s war, fighting revisionism and opportunism, mainly the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL), all of whom are electoralists, followers of parliamentary cretinism and, therefore, lackeys of the landlord-bureaucratic dictatorship at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, which is the old and rotten Peruvian state.

By means of the boycott, the PCP is promoting the main historical tendency of the fusion of the people’s war with the great current of millions of voters who do not register, do not vote or vote blank; this current is the one that the PCP has been structuring since the time of the reconstitution and, even more, since the beginning of the people’s war on May 17, 1980, as part of the armed sea of the masses, which has to sweep away in any case the old order of exploitation and oppression no matter how complex and difficult problems we have to go through.

On the regional and municipal elections on October 2, 2022

They take place in the framework of an international situation, which the Declaration of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction) – C.P.B. (RF) and the Communist Party of Peru – PCP, Eternal Glory to Chairman Gonzalo, on the occasion of the speech of our leadership on September 24, 2022, characterizes as follows:

“If we look at the international situation as a whole, the decomposition of imperialism is increasing with each passing day, confirming that it is in its final collapse and is only to be swept away by the world revolution through people’s war, when revolution has become the principal historical and political trend in the world today and the world revolution has entered the phase of its strategic offensive.

Imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, as the sole hegemonic superpower, in collusion and struggle with its imperialist rivals, extends and deepens more and more its war of aggression and plunder for the spoils of the oppressed nations and to conquer positions in order to secure its world hegemony. But imperialism only marches from failure to failure in the face of the resistance of the oppressed peoples and nations in struggle for revolution, liberation and sovereignty, as was demonstrated by the expulsion of its invading troops and allies with iron and fire from Afghan territory by the forces of national resistance and by the increased explosiveness of the masses. Additionally, the persistence of the resistance wars in the occupied countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa and the people’s wars in India, Peru, the Philippines and Turkey.

Analysing the crisis of imperialism in the early 2020s as symptoms of an unprecedented leap in its decomposition and the confluence of all these factors, we conceive that world history has entered a particular situation in which a new period of revolutions has opened, a new moment of the World Proletarian Revolution, which falls within the “50 to 100 years” foreseen by Chairman Mao and highlighted by Chairman Gonzalo.

In this situation and at the juncture of the coming years and decades, Maoism will advance to lead the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution, confronting the world counter-revolution, preparing and unleashing more and more people’s wars, carrying this new great wave to the heights to avert a new world war and in case it breaks out, fighting to transform the people’s wars into a World People’s War to smash it, in what we already preach as a powerful slogan of combat. Starting from the law of the unequal development of matter and applying it to the process of the world proletarian revolution, we understand that in the process of the world revolution there is always the successive transfer of the centre of the world revolution, where problems and their solutions accumulate, where the leaders are produced in accordance with the historical demands of each moment.”

On the national situation, in synthesis, Peru is experiencing the greatest general crisis of the whole republic, the collapse of bureaucratic capitalism which will be totally demolished by the people’s war in the midst of the genocide in which it defends itself like a mortally wounded beast. This is its situation, however difficult the development of the invincible people’s war may be. This situation is expressed in all the rottenness of the new reactionary government of the genocidal opportunist rondero Pedro Castillo Terrones, which both reaction and revisionism tried to present as a popular government, being as it is the head of the old state and of the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling regime imposed in April 1992 with the so-called “Fujimori self-coup” directed by the CIA-Yankee. The government, which has continued with its reactionary eagerness to fulfil the three reactionary tasks, has failed in its attempt, because their fulfilment is a historical and political impossibility, just as the different reactionary governments of the old state have failed since 1980 to date.

The twenty years of the so-called “decentralisation process”, in which the reactionary elections on October 2nd are part of, that is to say of the regions, show that it has failed, “it has only had a poor performance”, according to a reactionary study, such as that of the so-called “Propuesta Ciudadana”, where it says textually that “the regions became appetizing spoils of micropower”, that the regions “lack autonomy”, “lack management capacity”, etc. That in the regions there are 2,350 paralysed works as of June this year, which is equivalent to 29 billion soles, 72% of which corresponds to local governments or municipalities. In addition, it says elsewhere that of the 25 authorities whose terms are coming to an end and several former governors are facing public prosecutor investigations, there are governors with sentences, preventive detention orders, who are fugitives or who have been placed under house arrest. Reactionary sources themselves say that corruption is a burden that affects all levels of government. Another reactionary political scientist says that in Peru all the institutions have collapsed, that the upcoming elections show the collapse of all the parties, because they are not interested in representing the citizens but in nominating candidates who are guaranteed to win because they are known or have money to finance the campaign. And, whoever wants to have more samples of the collapse of the old state, which the whole process of the present electoral farce airs with a whirlwind of stench, can turn to the different opinion pages of the big media of the monopoly of the reactionary press.

This situation, described above in only a few details, determines the collusion and struggle between the reactionary factions of the big bourgeoisie (the comprador faction and the bureaucratic faction) and between the groups and personalities within them, because no one is interested in representation but only in the spoils. This is true from the executive and parliament to the local level, as can be seen in the allegations of corruption, which not only covers the current reactionary government but all the previous ones and includes all levels of the bureaucracy of the old state. Therefore, we must highlight the collusion and struggle within the current situation of the general crisis of the old society and the further collapse and decomposition of the old state, all of which must be expressed in the reactionary elections, both in the Electoral Jury, in the ONPE, in the parties, in the nominations of the candidates, in the candidates themselves, and in the fact, which has the character of a law proven ad nauseam by reality, that those who are “elected” in this new reactionary electoral farce to occupy the different positions at regional and local level will be much worse and more harmful for our people. In addition, the whole farcical process shows the disgrace of the present reactionary government of Castillo, which will emerge from such a process even more burnt out, that is, more delegitimised by the very ballot boxes they so adore. It is a law that no reactionary government has emerged victorious from elections more than a decade ago, as in the case of Colombia, Chile, etc., etc.

We emphasise the situation and conditions in which these elections are taking place, because this objective situation means unbeatable conditions for completing the pending task of the general reorganisation of the PCP. The reactionary factions and groups, which, through the different parties and candidates, are preparing to contest the elections, are developing a collusion and struggle within this situation. The reactionaries have to develop their electoral processes, which for them represent more problems and leave the whole rottenness of the system of exploitation and oppression represented and defended by reactionaries, revisionists, opportunists and other careerists in the open, which is beneficial for us. Elections, for them, are necessary for them in order to bring about the change of authorities.

What we must do is to make our policy clear, because we are not electoralists, we have a clear policy and what we must do is to use them as much as we can through boycott, so the problem is for them, the reactionaries, the electoralists, not for us. That is what must be made clear from the beginning; that way we will even further highlight the plan of the revisionists, the opportunists and the careerists and all that ilk in maintaining the old order and the responsibility they have for genocide, hunger, misery and the selling out of the country to imperialism. These elections must serve to further expose the reactionary government of the opportunist rondero Castillo and his servants of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, the revisionist gang of Perú Libre, Modavef, Fnateperú and all sorts of rats, as well as their ragtag banner of “struggle for a new constitution” for a new restructuring of the old state so that it can carry out its three reactionary tasks.

Use the elections to expose the fact that they are good for nothing and to make it clear that we do not and will not participate with any candidate, behind anyone or endorsing anyone. We believe that this is very important, it is very useful for the struggle against the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL), against the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling regime headed by its counterrevolutionary opportunist rondero Pedro Castillo Terrones, who has his hands stained with the glorious blood of Chairman Gonzalo; it is useful for the struggle against the revisionists and all kinds of opportunists and careerists like those of Perú Libre, etc. It serves us to propagandize the struggle for the general reorganization of the PCP and the people’s war as the only way out for the proletariat and our people, against the reactionary way out of the “new constitution” or its “reform” by plebiscite or by bringing forward elections or any other reactionary way out, as the replacement of the president of the parliament of Lady Camones is letting us see, a reactionary of the political mafia of Acuña (APP), the “silver as a court”, for a genocidal military man like José Williams, immediately answered by the genocidal president Castillo Terrones with the appointment of a Minister of Defence Daniel Barragán, linked to the fascist Antauro Humala, in the eagerness of this apprentice of Alan Garcia, the “apprentice führer”, to lean more and more on the genocidal Armed Forces. In other words, both warring factions are knocking on the doors of the barracks.

Thus, as a conclusion, the electoral farce for the change of authorities creates all kinds of problems for them, because of their collapse and the invincibility of the people’s war with the challenge of war, which the heroic death of Chairman Gonzalo on 11 September 2021 meant, who continues to win the laurels of death and fills the genocidal imperialists, reaction and revisionism with dread. This is a difficult problem for them and a good situation for us that will allow us to strike, unmask and make our people see that they do not and will not get anything out of the elections organised by reaction.

What all of us who want our country to be transformed have to push for is that the people reject the electoral process, because only with the people’s war can the people solve their problems and needs, under the leadership of the proletariat, through their Party; only in this way can they sweep away this vile system that lives on the hunger and blood of the masses; there is no other way. It is with the Concrete Programme of the PCP that we can really unite the people:

-against hunger, unemployment and crisis;

-against repression and genocide;

-against the old state and imperialism;

-for land, wages and national production

-for the rights of the people and the people’s war;

-for the People’s Republic of Peru.

Let us apply the boycott as the policy of hindering the elections, undermining and preventing them wherever possible, as the tactic of using the elections as a function of the general reorganisation of the party in and for developing the people’s war to seize power throughout the country. As Chairman Gonzalo tells us, the voice of command is simple and concrete: Don’t vote! And the slogan is clear and resolute: Elections, no! People’s war, yes!