20th Anniversary of A Nova Democracia: two decades of untiring and uninterrupted struggle

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

20th Anniversary of A Nova Democracia: two decades of untiring and uninterrupted struggle

We are joyful to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the popular and democratic newspaper, A Nova Democracia (New Democracy) from Brazil. The editorial staff of AND highlights that these two decades of struggle was only possible because of their support from and position for the masses.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we announce to our readers and friends that in 2022 we complete two decades of struggles. Without the support of the popular masses it would have been impossible to reach this point. While press monopolies falsify truths in exchange for coins, we have survived all these years supported by our own efforts. We never depend for a single penny on the different levels of government or on the representatives of the ruling classes. On the contrary, the search for truth and independence that characterize this newspaper is based on the fact that we take a firm stand on the side of peasants, workers, honest intellectuals and all consistent democrats. The newspaper A Nova Democracia openly says it serves them.”(Editorial Office of AND, 14 July 2022)

The editorial staff of AND also describes the untiring struggle they have carried out over the last 20 years, defying all dangers and difficulties to initiate, consolidate and develop this popular and democratic press in Brazil.

“It has been 20 years of uninterrupted struggle to found, consolidate and develop this popular and democratic press, in adverse circumstances, under a reactionary regime increasingly hostile to democratic rights and popular interests, and under a media monopoly. The undertaking, difficult, laborious and even dangerous, could not have been otherwise.

That’s why the achievement of reaching 20 years of existence full of success in its purposes is so significant, even more in these times of obscurantism and reaction. It must, therefore, be celebrated with all jubilation!”(Editorial Office of AND, 30 August 2022)

In the video we publish below there is an invitation to a cultural-political event that took place on the 30th of August in Rio de Janeiro.

With great optimism and revolutionary joy, we announce that when we have all the information of such an important event we will offer it to the readers of our newspaper.