Resolution of the international meeting of Anti-imperialist organizations, held the 20th of August 2022

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We, the organizing and participating organizations of the international meeting of Anti-imperialist organizations, held the 20th of August 2022, agree to:

1) Continue and strengthen our efforts to create an worldwide anti-imperialist organization and for this purpose we are setting up an Preparatory Commission, tasked with working out an proposal for a common political and organizational platform, based on the discussions of the Call “Let us take one more step forward in unifying the anti-imperialist struggle worldwide!” that we have held, to be presented at a second meeting, that will take place towards the end of the current year.

2) Continue and strengthen our efforts to build principled unity with all consequent anti-imperialist forces in different countries and regions of the world and to strive to facilitate a as broad as possible participation in our second meeting.

3) Develop actions in all countries to support the campaign #DrSernasPresentaciónConVida in general and in particular to mobilize strongly our forces on the 30th of August according to the call of the comrades of the People’s Current Sol Rojo of Mexico. We also express our condemnation of the genocidal politics of the Old Mexican State, its Armed and Police Forces, the para-military organizations and the drug barons who are noting more than their reactionary complement, with the cynical and demagogic Andrés Manuel López Obrador at its head who, hence, is the main political responsible for the savage and barbaric war against the people of Mexico. We have taken some initial decisions on how to step up the international support of the democratic-revolutionary forces of Mexico, which will be made known in the proper moment, and we call upon all anti-imperialist in the world to take a clear stand and denounce the crimes of the MORENA regime which is truly a lackey of Yankee-imperialism.

4) Develop actions in the period between 13th and 19th of September in front of embassies, and alike, of the Old Indian State, answering the Call of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) of the 5th of June and raising the 11 demands mentioned in the same.

5) Increase in general the propaganda and action in favor of the people’s wars and the armed struggles against imperialism waged by the oppressed nations and peoples and to combat vigorously the reactionary hoaxes, lies and disinformation campaigns, which labels the just struggles of the peoples as “terrorism”. The real terrorist are the imperialist and their lackeys and the biggest of them all is Yankee-imperialism.

Our meeting was an important first step and particularly the messages from our comrades in countries like Brazil, Turkey and Chile as well as, and most importantly, the very illustrative and impressive report of the comrades from Mexico, was very fructifying for the development of the discussions and debates and a very concrete proof of how we, anti-imperialist on different continents and countries stand firmly untied, in mind and action. The messages and greetings sent to the meeting from individuals and organizations with who we have not previously established contacts its a sign of the urge of the anti-imperialist to unite all over the world. There is a tremendous amount of work to do and we are extremely eager to carry on with it. The path we have chosen is good and we invite comrades in every country to walk it with us.

Unite the international proletariat, the oppressed peoples and nations to sweep away imperialism and all reaction from the face of earth!

Forwards in building the anti-imperialist Front!

Proletarians and oppressed peoples’ of the world, unite!

Signed by:

Mexico: Current of the People, Red Sun

Spain: Proletarian Internationalist Committee

Norway: Red Front

Austria: Committee to support the People’s War in India

Finland: Anti-imperialist League

France: Committee New Brazil and La Cause du Peuple

Germany: League against Imperialist Agression (Hamburg) and Red Women’s Committees

Europe, 20th of August 2022