AND – Tiago dos Santos / RO: police enclosure continues throughout Wednesday; peasants do not intimidate

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At dusk police troops carry out illegal eviction against families of the Tiago Campin dos Santos area. Photo: Reproduction

In another video sent to the newspaper A Nova Democracia on October 20th, the peasants of Rondônia report that the illegal and cowardly siege of the Military Police of Rondônia (PM-RO), national public security strength and other repression persisted. An illegal and arbitrary eviction followed by night and at least 17 trucks are within the Tiago Campin dos Santos area in Nova Mutum in Rondônia.

The videos show the arrival of the troops at dusk demanding that the families would leave at that moment. The military entered several shacks, removing belongings, stating that the shacks would be destroyed. Asked by a peasant if the operation should have been held earlier, the police officer answered nothing.

In a registered dialog in one of the videos it is possible to identify that some children played stone at the PM. Another peasant commented: “It’s little for them.” Women and children wondered where they would be taken.

At one point, a military man of the reactionary troop threatened the peasants saying, “If you insist on not exiting, we will have to use the ‘police force’.”

Indigenous people who were in the area also witnessed the acting of the PM and affirm that there was no justice officer. They said the police officer showed only a paper that was not in fact a mandate of reintegration of possession.

Children spend days without food; peasants denounce the old state

Part of the families expelled during the night of the Tiago Campin dos Santos area was taken to a place in the village of Penha organized by the Municipal Secretariat for Social Assistance and the Family (SEMASF) in Rondônia. Strongly armed police officers and also carrying pepper sprays escorted families during the disgusting action.

Even in the face of the police attempt to suppress the mood of the masses, the peasants upheld their high spirits in the numerous denunciations against the old state.

In a recorded video today, 20, on arrival of a visitor to the place, a peasant exclaims: “food for the children!”, And denounces: “The children are hungry, we were evicted at night, 18:30, and now we have arrived at the place … the kids are hungry! This is irresponsibility of the state! Children with malaria, parents with malaria and we are brought to a place like this that doesn’t even have food! “.

“My son is hungry since yesterday.  The state is guilty of this! The state is guilty of this, because the state knew how many people they had inside the camp! “, denounced the peasant.

The SEMASF workers from Rondônia report that there is no infrastructure to receive the number of families that may be evicted. They denounce that the Military Police deceived them, stating that some families would arrive and without changes, but in the midst of being evicted, the military demanded that the hundreds of families remove their belongings even without having a place to reallocate the families.

The workers also reverberate the serious denunciation that the peasants haven’t eaten since days, as the troops have forbidden families to buy groceries. They also affirm that lawyers have not been allowed and that peasants who demand their rights are not being heard.