CPI (Maoist) – Condemn the Center and Chhattisgad State Government’s Unprecedented fascist Drone Strikes and Helicopter gun firings on the people  OPPOSE THE CORPORATIZATION, MILITARIZATIONAND HINDUAZATION 

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Condemn the Center and Chhattisgad State Government’s Unprecedented fascist Drone Strikes and Helicopter gun firings on the people  OPPOSE THE CORPORATIZATION, MILITARIZATIONAND HINDUAZATION 

Dear Comrades, Friends and Well-wishers of Indian Revolution, Red Salutes. 

2023 January 11th will be remembered for ever in the history of Indian Revolution. In the Indian Revolutionary history there were no helicopter gun firings previously on our people and revolutionaries in the Chhattisgad State, Bastar forest. Even though our PLGA guerillas ferociously resisted it and injured 5 Garuda Commandos and one technical staff member of Indian Air Force. This is a big achievement in the New Year. On the same day, another side in Jharkhand State, Saaranda Jungle the CoBRA forces of Indian para-military forces were started a huge combing operations campaign. There our PLGA guerillas heroically retaliated it and injured 6 commandos seriously. In this brave retaliation we lost one of our beloved women guerilla comrades Gangi. Let us pay our rich revolutionary tributes to that martyr. Our CC, Communist Party of India (Maoist) is appealing you to condemn this brutal attacks on the indigenous people of Bastar and Saaranda and organize protest rallies before the Indian embassies on the so called Indian Republic Day i.e. January 26 across the world. 

Since the last October, the exploitative Indian ruling classes particularly hindutva forces were concentrated heavily on the Indian Revolutionary movement. Under the leadership of Indian Home Minister Mr. Amit Sha a special meeting was conducted in Surajkund, Haryana. In that meeting Indian Prime Minister addressed the police and intelligence officers and ordered them to eliminate the Maoists whether they are gun holders or pen holders. Since last few years a new phrase was introduced in India by the Hindutva forces is urban naxal. Now the PM used the same phrase again but in his own satirical speech style Kalamdhari (Pen holder). So, this indicates that the Indian Prime Minister and Home Minister both are very eager to eliminate the Indian revolutionary movement to fulfill their Make in India dreams. 

On December 11th the Indian Home Minister conducted a high level crucial meeting with Indian Intelligence officers in New Delhi and he cleared his plan in that meeting. He said that the police forces are ready to enter in to the Maad area of Narayanpur District, Chhattisgad to take it in to their control. 

On January 7th the same person Indian Home Minister Mr. Amit Sha addressed a public meeting at Korba, an industrial center of Chhattisgad State. In that meeting he declared that their government will create Maoist Free India before 2024 general elections. Meanwhile number of meetings was conducted at local level with the police officers for the better coordination of state and central forces in the forth-coming military operations. 

At last, they were started their Maoist eradication operations in the Sukma, Bijapur and Dantewada district border forest which is the adjoining area for the Telangana state. In this ever big operation the NSG (National Security Guards), Gray Hounds, CoBRA and so many other notorious central armed police forces were participated along with Indian Air Force Garuda commandos. But the PLGA guerillas were retaliated it with the full support of the local revolutionary people. 

The Indian ruling classes and their governments of the Central and State were very hasty to clear out the Indian Revolutionary Movement. Because, it is the main hurdle in their loot and plunder of the rich resources of the country. Another side the indigenous people of India is struggling for their just demands. They are fighting for their legal rights on their forests. They are against to the exploitation of the forests. In this back ground, the utmost reactionary governments of the Central and State which are working for the benefit of big Corporate Houses are launched new and higher form of strikes on the people. So, our CC once again appealing you to condemn these attacks and raises your voices against the Hindutva fascist forces. 

In our country the democratic and revolutionary intellectuals, patriots, rights activists, students, youth, Secularists, Writers, Artists, Lawyers, well-wishers of the indigenous people, anti-imperialist peace loving forces, and environmentalists are extremely opposing the corporatization, militarization of the forests and particularly Hinduazation of the country. So, it is the most favorable time to develop and consolidate the Indian Revolutionary solidarity movement in support of people’s war across the world. 

Amrut I/C International Affairs, 

CC, CPI (Maoist)

Dated: 18th Jan, 2023