CPI(m) – Celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of PLGA! Intensify Class struggle-Guerrilla war Defeat ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive and Advance People’s War!

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Celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of PLGA!

Intensify Class struggle-Guerrilla war
Defeat ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive and Advance People’s War!

Abridged Message of the Central Military Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)

On the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of PLGA on 2nd December 2022, the Central Military Commission of the Central Committee Communist Party of India (Maoist) calls upon the entire ranks of the Party, PLGA units, Revolutionary People’s Committees, Mass Organisations and Revolutionary people to grandly celebrate in rural and urban areas all over the country with revolutionary enthusiasm. It calls upon to defeat the counter revolutionary ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive, widen-intensify class struggle-guerrilla war, enhance the mass base and advance the People’s War.

On the occasion the CMC conveys revolutionary greetings to the entire Party committees, Commands, PLGA Commanders-fighters, Party members, Revolutionary People’s Committees, leaders-activists of Mass Organisations, members of People’s Militia and revolutionary people and to all the comrades of political, military, organisational, technical and cultural spheres. The CMC pays humble revolutionary homage to the heroic guerrillas who laid down their lives in the past one year. One hundred and thirty-two comrades became martyrs all over the country in a period of 11 months. It hopes that the comrades injured in the guerrilla actions will recover soon.

The central and the state governments initiated the counter-revolutionary ‘SAMADHAN’ strategic offensive in 2017 May with a time limit of 5 years to eliminate the Indian Revolutionary Movement. With the objective to defeat the offensive PLGA took up People’s War-Guerrilla War in the leadership of our Party all through this period. The central government reviewed the offensive last September and another action plan was adopted for one year.

We cannot separate the participation of people and people’s militia in this war. With the objective to defeat the counter-revolutionary ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive the heroic PLGA took up People’s War-Guerrilla War in the leadership of our Party all through this period in Dandakaranya, Bihar-Jharkhand, East Bihar-North East Jharkhand, Andhra-Odisha Border (AOB), Telangana, Odisha, Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh (MMC) and Western Ghats.

The main, secondary and base forces (militia) of PLGA held above 1300 small, medium and big kind of guerrilla actions basing on the active participation of the people. Out of these, 65 are big actions and 105 medium type. In these incidents, 429 policemen of various kinds of police, Para-Military and Commando forces of the central and the state governments were wiped out and 966 were injured. 85 modern arms and thousands of rounds of ammunition was seized. The PLGA eliminated 40 diehard enemies of the people, political leaders of parties of exploitive class, 409 enemy informers, 51 murderers of people of Salwa Judum, Sendra and other such counter revolutionary organisations and campaigns and 46 anti-people forces/people’s enemies.

The main, secondary and base forces of PLGA together with people burnt and destroyed the properties of the imperialist Multi-National Companies, Comprador Corporate Companies and the central and state governments in 300 places. The people and militia arranged hundreds of booby traps and thousands of spike holes with bamboo sticks and iron rods. Hundreds of police were injured and few were eliminated in these. They seized supplies such as ammunition and other such military equipment, electronic equipment and food material of the police, Para-military and Commando forces. 26 comrades became martyrs in various tactical counter offensive actions of the PLGA in the past 5 years to defeat ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive.

Coming to the past one year, PLGA held nearly 200 guerrilla war operations in the various guerrilla zones, red resistance areas all over the country. Through these actions 31 police, Para-military and Commando forces were eliminated and 154 were injured. 7 modern arms and hundreds of rounds ofammunition and other war material were seized. 69 police informers, 7 political leaders of exploitive parties, 6 people’s enemies, 6 traitors were eliminated. Properties of the government and comprador bureaucratic capitalists were destroyed.

On the whole, our PLGA forces made deliberate and opportunity ambushes, sniper actions, booby trap, remote actions, sabotage actions on the armed forces of the enemy, seized their supplies, eliminated informers, counter revolutionaries, people’s enemies, shelled the police camps with improvised artillery and dug spike holes.

When compared with the TCOC and resistance actions of the past years we achieved less results in the elimination of enemy forces and seizure of arms. Since last June few CCMs were arrested or were martyred. Few members of various levels of party committees and party members and various levels of PLGA Commanders and fighters were martyred that caused severe losses to the Party and PLGA. However, our resistance could contain the enemy’s objective to an extent. This helped to protect the leadership of our Party, PLGA forces, revolutionary people’s organs and people from the attacks of the enemy in a few places. Guerrilla war actions stood as a support for mass work and people’s struggles.

There are large scale people’s struggles in Dandakaranya and Bihar-Jharkhand for the past two years against police camps, mines, roads-bridges, dams, police massacres and on the whole, against the imperialist companies, comprador bureaucratic capitalist companies, against the central and the state governments, against their local compradors and against corporatisation-militarisation. Thousands of people are mobilising in these struggles.

People are struggling against the imperialist Multi-National Companies, the domestic comprador capitalist corporate companies, the several kinds of basic infrastructure that the central and the state governments propose to build such as roads, dams, mines, power plants in many areas of the country apart from the areas of movement. There are agitations for the release of political prisoners imprisoned in conspiracy cases such as Bhima Koregaon and to withdraw fascist Acts such as UAPA.

Solidarity movement is growing in around 30 countries against the fascist offensive of the comprador ruling classes on our party and revolutionary movement and in support of the People’s War in India in the leadership of ICSPWI.

The central and the state governments deployed more than six and a half-lakh police, Para-military and Commando forces in the areas of the movement. Since the beginning of 2020 to March 2021, CRPF established 23 Forward Operational Bases (FOB) in the country and 35 from 2021 March to 2022 March. The state had been using various kinds of drones for surveillance. It is organising lumpen youth into informers in the name of employment schemes.

In this period our Party, PLGA, Revolutionary people’s organs/United Front organs and revolutionary people faced severe loss. These losses are a result of shortcomings in implementation of secret method of functioning, rules of guerrilla war, in our style of study, style of work, style of struggle and life style. Since we did not adopt political and military tactics according to the changing social conditions in the respective areas and to the changes in enemy offensive and since we did not properly implement those we adopted the revolutionary movement faced losses. Therefore we have to stand firmly on our fundamental line and policies, apply them to the concrete conditions of the respective areas and mobilise the people widely and actively in class struggle-guerrilla war. We have to rectify the shortcomings in the style of study, work, fight and life. Then we can not only defeat the counter revolutionary ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive but can also overcome the temporary setback in the Indian revolutionary movement and advance it to a higher stage.

During these five years, starting from the members of the Central Committee to revolutionary people 753 people sacrificed their lives facing the counter-revolutionary war. In the process our Party, PLGA and United Front organs achieved several valuable and new experiences in mass work and military work. On the whole, class struggle relatively expanded and intensified. In the process, various kinds of United forums are being formed leading to increasing participation in revolutionary movement and support from friendly forces. This is the base and basis for the advancement of revolutionary movement. With the negative experiences of class struggle-guerrilla war in the past five years, our Party and PLGA forces are confident that they can fight back and defeat the coming enemy offensive.

In the international plane, although there are slight flexibilities in the economic crisis, imperialist financial and economic crisis in intensifying. World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated that the world economy is going into the mire of depression. COVID and Russian war on Ukraine are seen to be the immediate reasons for depression but in fact the main reason is the anti-people imperialist globalisation policies of the respective countries for the past three decades.

With the implementation of imperialist globalisation policies, the contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people is intensifying daily. As a part of implementing these policies the comprador rulers of the backward countries issued permissions to the imperialist Multi-National Enterprises to mint profits and shift them. As a result exploitation and oppression of the imperialists and their comprador bureaucratic capitalists rose in the backward countries.

Outdated semi-feudal exploitation is still continuing in all these countries. This caused financial, commercial and foreign exchange deficit in Panama, Tunisia, Ecuador, Kenya, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Argentina, Afghanistan, Peru, Ghana, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Philippines, India and other such countries. All these countries are caught in high prices, inflation, poverty, unemployment and burden of loans. Thus the lives of the people of these countries are turning to be terrible. Since Russia and Ukraine exporting 30 percent wheat and 20 percent Maize and cooking oil are in the mire of war, there is heavy food and oil shortage all over the world leading to decline in world markets. As a result there is heavy blow on Latin America, Africa and South Asian countries.

With the implementation of imperialist globalisation policies, the contradiction between the bourgeoisie and proletariat in capitalist-imperialist countries is intensifying day by day. COVID pandemic and the influence of Russia- Ukraine added to this. This led to rise in essential commodities, prices of food material, petrol, diesel, electricity and other charges in various degrees in all those countries. Workers and middle classes are facing the burden of cost of living with the breach between monthly salaries and income. In this situation workers started strikes in Britain since 2022 June. Railway, Telecommunications, postal, judicial, health sectors witnessed strikes of workers and employees. Worker and employee organisations started a movement ‘enough is enough’. The ongoing Ukraine war is a reflection of the intensifying inter-imperialist contradiction.

In India, in the past 8 years BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi is making severe attempts to transform India into a ‘Hindu state’ by 2047. As a part of it, all the oppressed classes are under deep attack.

The existing labour laws were amended and 4 codes were formulated in favour of the exploitation of imperialists and domestic corporate enterprises on the workers. It sold 26 public sector enterprises to the comprador capitalists at dead cheap rates in the past 8 years and listed 61 more. It is going to partial or total privatisation of defence sector institutions, Life Insurance Corporation, Railways, Ports, banks, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Nagarnar Steel Plant, coal mines, electricity companies and other such things in the coming times. It has the target that there should not be any public sector enterprise by 2047.

The Indian peasantry who achieved the withdrawal of the three anti-farmer, pro-corporate Agriculture Acts with their historic agitation for one year had to once again start struggle. The Prime Minister Modi gave a written assurance last December none of it have been implemented for 9 months. But there is no Act legalising Minimum Support Price for agricultural products. The government did not withdraw the wrong cases foisted on the farmers.

There are intensified attacks on religious minorities such as Muslims and Christians. Attacks intensified on the Dalit people. It made the new Forest Conservation Regulations totally depriving the tribal people’s right to forests. It made Acts banning Cow slaughter, the Love jihad Act, Transformation of religion (Prevention) Act and other such acts and tried to Hindutvise the judiciary.

In the name of one nation it is trampling the federal nature of Constitution and curbing the powers of states. It annulled Article 370 in Kashmir. It is building Ram temple in Ayodhya. It saffronised the education sector of the country and is corporatizing it through the domestic and foreign corporate educational institutions. It formulated a New Education Policy that slaves the corporate companies with Hindutva religious ideology. Through all these, it tried to restore social relations of reactionary traditions and culture, superstitions and values and to stabilise the exploitation of imperialism, comprador bureaucratic capitalists and landlords in the cover of modernity. However, its objective failed with the resistance of the vast masses.

Revolutionary-democratic forces, oppressed classes, oppressed social communities and oppressed nationalities must take up united, organised resistance movement and people’s war. This is the foremost, utmost important, main and immediate task of the Indian people. Tribal people, farmers, students and youth, women, unemployed, social activists must intensify and expand militant democratic movements and must also become armed and build a strong People’s War so as to stop corporatisation of forests, water and lands.

Conditions are turning favourable to revolution as a result of the sharpening main and prominent contradictions in the international and domestic planes. This would lead to a spate of people’s struggles in the world and the country in the coming days and there shall be a third line of revolutions all over the world. We must consolidate and strengthen the Party, PLGA and United Front in order to utilise these conditions. However much the revolutionary condition is favourable and there is a spate of people and revolutions, if the vanguard Communist Party does not politically enlighten the broad masses with initiative and courage through conscious and planned effort and dare to develop into an invincible force by widening and intensifying class struggles and guerrilla war, it cannot achieve state power. We shall only thus defeat the counter-revolutionary ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive of the enemy and advance the revolutionary movement. We shall achieve the final victory.

On the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of PLGA, hail the victories of the PLGA in the leadership of our party in the past one year. Hail the invincibility of the revolutionary movement that sustained resisting the counter revolutionary ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive. Recruit youth into PLGA in a big way.