On the situation in Peru

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Peru. Presidential self-coup, administrative coup, masses on the streets, repression and more ruin, such is the scenario of this country where for several years now the big bourgeoisie can no longer rule as before and where the people no longer want to live as they have done until today. Bureaucratic capitalism is in deep crisis, both because of its inability to develop itself and after the beginning of the people’s war in 1980, when the PCP under the guidance of Chairman Gonzalo condemned the joint dictatorship of the landowners and big bourgeoisie. After this new episode of the collapse in the superstructure of the old state and the protests, in which the most recalcitrant reaction but also opportunism and revisionism such as the rats of the Movadef have mounted, waving slogans such as. “no to communism in Peru”, “state of emergency”, “freedom to Castillo”, “new elections, constituent assembly or new constitution”, respectively, leave a wide breeding ground for the confrontation between people and people where the current toll is 19 people murdered and at least 569 wounded. As we can see, the people continue to shed their blood under the illusion of false solutions that do nothing for their own emancipation but for the restructuring of the regime; reactionaries and revisionists are working for the same purpose. The task for democrats, revolutionaries and communists is not an easy one, because they have to row against the tide in the midst of a turbulent and confusing scenario where every day the people’s eyes are being thrown into the dirt. As the comrades of the Peru People’s Movement rightly say… ” Everything that is taking place in the country are the conditions that make it possible to develop the revolution, to make a leap in the process of the general reorganisation of the PCP, to give a new great impulse to the incorporation of the masses into the people’s war. That is the most important thing about the current developments in the country. That is the need that is crying out like a child at the moment of its birth”.

(Original: Current of the People Red Sun, Breves iniciando semana, 19 December 2022, Our translation)