AND Weekly Editorial – Mobilize the masses to fight the coup plotters

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Editiorial Staff of AND

November 22, 2022

Weekly Editorial – Mobilize the masses to fight the coup plotters

The increase in extreme right-wing political attacks is a wake-up call for the democratic and popular forces. Just in the last few weeks, news of attacks with fire against a property of the Liga dos Camponeses Pobres (LCP) in Norte de Minas, and a training center of the MST in PE; shooting at the editorial office of a newspaper in Rondônia (which was not sympathetic to the roadblocks), against a restaurant, in the capital Porto Velho, and still in the same state the burning of trucks belonging to a company, whose owners are opposed to the roadblocks; among others, such as robbery with long arms followed by fire at a toll plaza in MT, roadblocks with incendiary bombs in SC, etc.

These actions, among all those that have occurred since the elections, are always carried out by groups of military or ex-military, police or ex-police, hired killers in the pay of landowners or “militiamen”, shooting range owners, CAC’s , vagabonds, Bolsonaro-style moralistic professionals and scoundrels, among others organized by local “right-wing movements” or by professional, territorial or family relationships; financed by multi-millionaire criminals, who call themselves “successful businessmen” (as already pointed out by ongoing investigations).

This mob is the operational leadership of all major coup mobilizations, it is the dung scum, quite convinced that the poor and the blacks should live like dirt, as long as they can get some benefits; and equally convinced that only a military regime can save the country. Their actions have this objective: to beat the organized people and intimidate opponents, on the one hand, and to destabilize the regime in order to force the generals to a “military intervention”, on the other.

There must be no mercy for this politicized lumpen. To strike relentless blows wherever it dares to intimidate the masses is the minimum task of revolutionaries. It is also urgent to denounce to the four winds the hypocritical and anti-communist generality, the luxury soldiers of the Yankees, who wind up the extremists in an attempt to control them, to use them to reinforce their blackmail against the liberal right. The medium term strategic objective of the High Command is to be recognized by the other institutions as the “Moderating Power” and last voice of the republic; and its objective is, with this, to impose the maximum restriction of rights and liberties, and the maximum exploitation of the people and surrender of the nation to imperialism, mainly Yankee, with a grimace of “liberal democracy”.

This political situation of the country is a consequence of the historical and political bankruptcy of the “new” (old) Republic inaugurated by a coup d’état in 1988. The bankruptcy of this political regime, in turn, was inevitable: it arose from the capitulation of the left to the gorillas of the military regime, who imposed the “rules of the democratic game”, and were never punished for torture and executions. Now, this regime is incapable of resolving the crisis of decomposition of bureaucratic capitalism and of stopping the development of the revolutionary situation, given the degree of demoralization it has reached in the face of the masses. Today, this class pact is attacked by those from below in their spontaneous mobilizations and conscious revolutionary struggle, and harassed by those from above with the extreme right and their “military intervention now” and with the generals through their “slow, gradual and certain” coup d’etat.

Moreover, the coup spirit would not be such if it were not for the years of anti-communist and anti-people hysteria of this reactionary liberal right, including editorialists and columnists of the press monopolies, certain ministers of the high courts and the electoral opportunists themselves with their cowardice towards the extreme right. Still today they demand and work for exceptional criminal laws against popular protest and against the poor of the countryside and big cities. In 2018, almost all “liberals” openly campaigned for Bolsonaro, praised the Armed Forces and their interference attempts and, in the following four years, did nothing in the face of the coup preparations of their president and the reactionary interference of Army generals. active in political life. And now, behold, they pretend to be perplexed before the Bolsonarist “savagery” and the “lack of democratic spirit” of the Armed Forces, as if they were champions of freedom and democracy! He who sows the wind, gentlemen, reaps the storms, and your harvest has only just begun.

It is not surprising that this extreme right has established its anti-communist mass movement. There, too, there are ordinary, deluded people, who allow themselves to be swept along by the daydreams of the extreme right. This is because they have to decide, in each lawsuit, who deceives them better and who serves them as revenge against the previous deceiver; because they trust more in the “Zap shot” than in the “democratic” institutions which, in the last 34 years, have been very competent in the art of deceiving them while massacring them. These masses, educated for decades by official reactionary politics and brutal daily media bombardment and sophisticated anti-communism, long ago mobilized, politicized and organized into anti-communism by Christian fundamentalist sects, fit like a glove into the bolsonarista leadership that ascended with the 2018 elections. They may or may not free themselves from fascist ideological slavery, but in the short and medium term they will only free themselves from this dark ballast on one condition: with the advance of the revolutionary struggle, which will show them in facts that the way to find what they seek is not the coupist reaction of Bolsonaro or the generals. As for the obstinate anti-communists, those who accumulate blood debts with the people, the settling of accounts will be in the long term.

The fact is that there is no institution in this bankrupt republic or government of the day that can stop this counterrevolutionary preemptive offensive led by the highest military authorities and fed by this Bolsonarist extreme right. Neither is there a “savior of the homeland” who can, elected in this system, eliminate the evils that weigh on the people and the nation or ensure democratic freedoms. Only the mobilized and increasingly organized people can defend democracy! In the fierce struggle for their most basic interests and rights, the people will build a new democracy that secures freedoms, consolidating and expanding them. The people can only rely on their own struggle, armed with the irrevocable decision not to allow themselves to be kept enslaved.