AND Special Editorial – The ‘report’ of blackmail

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Editorial Staff of AND

11 November 2022

Special Editorial – The ‘report’ of blackmail

Fascist thugs during a roadblock in Santa Catarina, after the result of the second round of the elections. Reproduction/Twitter

The reactionary Armed Forces have issued their so-called “report”. There it says, fundamentally, that there is no proof of fraud in the elections, but there is also no proof that the elections are totally safe. Then – in a flagrantly illegal act – the commanders of the three Armed Forces issued a statement, in which they criticise the STF for meddling with other powers, and at the same time, call these fascist gangsters “democratic protesters”.

Appeasement. The High Command does not want to add fuel to the fire of the fascist gangsters – who until yesterday closed highways across the country with impunity and greeted each other in the Nazi style – but, at the same time, wants to bring this gang together to reinforce it, and take advantage of the chaos created to continue imposing itself as the “moderating power”.

In all military corridors, the “concerns” of the high-ranking officers with morals, customs, the Amazon… Now, come on, gentlemen! In short: who are you to speak of civility, national spirit and the surrender of the Amazon? You are the boot licker of the Yankee military, to whom you answer “yes, sir”, yielding to the hegemonic superpower the only complete mapping of Amazonia, the presence of advisors, espionage and the complete submission of the Nation.

It is you who have acquired abundant salaries until now, during the Bolsonaro government – with the former Minister of Defence, General Braga Netto, having earned in two months an amount exceeding R$ 900,000, accumulating pension, salary and the devil. Is this the morality and civility that you want to counter the corrupt Congress and the “petty thievery”?

It was you who, less than 35 years ago, governed the country handing it in tatters, given the debt from head to toe and the rampant corruption in which you wallowed, creating these monstrosities that are the same monopoly contractors that the “Lava Jato” revealed enrich and survive operating in “Gérson’s Law”: take advantage in everything. What do you want, gentlemen? The fat paychecks are not enough, do you want more to besmirch yourselves?

What these coupist and corrupt generals want is to blackmail the Nation and impose their power of decision, keeping behind the scenes. The generals use the demoralisation of bourgeois democracy to gain space and power, they want to restrict democratic liberties to increase the exploitation of the people and impose on them the peace of the cemeteries. They tremble with fear of possible popular uprisings and move their counterrevolutionary offensive pre-emptively by using the Bolsonarists. But it is certain: they have arrived late.