Chairman Gonzalo lives in his all-powerful Gonzalo thought

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Chairman Gonzalo lives in his all-powerful Gonzalo thought

Celebrate the one year of the campaign for the Defence of the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought.

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s speech that shines victorious and defiant in front of the world as a weapon of combat of communists, combatants and masses.

One year ago the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) together with the Communist Party of Brazil (P.C.B.) issued a call to the parties of the International Communist Movement, to the revolutionaries and the people of the world, which stated as an introduction:

“With the deepest class hatred we crush, condemn and reject this horrendous and unfathomable crime against Chairman Gonzalo consummated by mandate of the President of the old Peruvian State Pedro Castillo Terrones. This reactionary government headed by opportunism has taken off all disguise to cover itself with counter-revolutionary genocidal infamy, which none of its predecessors wanted to assume, emulating only its master the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling Alberto Fujimori. The people and only the people with people’s war will apply the due punishment for the immense and ignominious crime to all these miserable imperialist reactionaries and traitorous rats of the ROL.

… (Chairman Gonzalo) transformed the concentration camp of the Callao Naval Base into the ultimate shining trench of combat.

With his heroic sacrifice, Chairman Gonzalo has crushed the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line, headed by the rat Miriam. ROL, who called to end the people’s war, renouncing Chairman Gonzalo, Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, the Basis of Party Unity approved at the 1st Congress of the PCP, all in exchange for better prison conditions crying on their knees for amnesty to serve the plans of imperialism and reaction to destroy the Party Leadership and Gonzalo Thought, serving the absolute and perpetual isolation of the Chairman for nearly 29 years.

Chairman Gonzalo, like the communists, the fighters and the sons and daughters of the masses during these more than 41 years of people’s war, raising ideology, courage and heroism boldly unfolded in the fiery challenge of war, gave his life for the people’s war.

Chairman Gonzalo has won a great political, military and moral victory for Maoism, the Communist Party of Peru, the People’s War, the democratic revolution on uninterrupted march to socialism and communism, for the class, for the Peruvian people and the peoples of the world, for the international communist movement. September 11 will be remembered by all the communists of the Earth for this great historical significance of universal scope, which is the closing of a period and the seal of the opening of the new period of revolutions.”

And called for: “a celebration of the political, military and moral victory of the People’s War in Peru won by Chairman Gonzalo. His heroic death illuminates and shakes the world, giving us a great victory for the world proletarian revolution, the defence of Maoism, the people’s war and the Party and a resounding blow against imperialism, reaction and its lackeys of the new revisionism”.

This campaign was initiated with the international demonstration in Hamburg on 18th of September 2021 and reached its highest point with with the march of thousands of peasants in Brazil. One year of hard struggle which the left of the ICM culminates with the demonstration in the french capital on the 24th of September 2022. A demonstration that makes the enemy tremble and the ICM, our class and the peoples of the world jubilate. But the task of the defence of the great leadership of Chariman Gonzalo and of his all-powerful Gonzalo thought continues and is inseparable from the campaign for Maoism.

We are on the march to the Unified Maoist International Conference (UMIC) and to give life to the New International Organisation of the Proletariat (NIOP) which will be another historical victory that will be won by Chairman Gonzalo. No one can doubt this fact. This will be a turning point and a milestone for the ICM, which will strengthen and reinforce the campaign For Maoism!, that has lasted for over four decades now, and the campaign for the Defence of the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and His All-Powerful Thought.

Eternal Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!

Unite under Maoism!

People’s War until Communism!