On the “criticism” of the Italian comrades

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

On the “criticism” of the Italian comrades

We noticed the remarks from the CPm Italy called “Ukranie’s war – A critical note of PCm – Italy”. Unfortunately we are lacking of capacities regarding Italian language and the published translation into English is even worse than ours are sometimes, therefore we can not guarantee that we did not misinterpret some parts of the text and kindly ask our Italian comrades to point our possible mistakes in these regards. This will be a very short answer, but we emphasize the necessity of international two line struggle and the comradely, openly and honest discussion of differences of opinion and we express our pleasure and joy to do that.

The criticism is divided into two aspects. One, we agree upon, is the question of “insufficiency of indications for the masses and proletarians”, this was solved by the publication of the five slogans for the ICM to apply in the recent moment on March 7, but the document in question lacked of this, except the utmost important quote by Chairman Mao that gives good and correct orientation for our class and the masses in Ukraine: “When imperialism launches a war of aggression against such a country, all its various classes, except for some traitors, can temporarily unite in a national war against imperialism.” So we partially accept this criticism but ask for the position of the Italian comrades in question of the five slogans.

The other thing is the alleged “erroneous basic analysis”. We reject the insult that our document “implicitly accredit the bourgeois accusations of the “forced collectivization””, i.e. what anticommunist slander calls “Holodomor”, and call upon our Italian comrades to be careful with their words. It is correct to criticise the handling of the contradictions among the people in the USSR and how the construction of socialism was conducted, but this insult absolutely lacks of a material basis. We do not deny the democratic and socialist revolution that took place in Ukraine, but after the coup of Khrushchev and his gang the interrelations between the republics of the USSR changed (remember the Crimean gift Khrushchev gave to Ukraine in order to maintain order there). The process of restoration of capitalism within the social-imperialist Soviet Union led to the victory of the demo-liberal faction (a demo-liberal superstructure serves the development of imperialist economy best) within the ruling class, the bankruptcy of revisionism and the liquidation of the USSR – a determined process that all revisionism in power will follow sooner or later. The interrelation between two countries in the imperialist world are always based on violence and subjugation, there is no and cannot be a somehow side-by-side peaceful coexistence. This became more obvious after the collapse of the USSR and the imperialist scrabble for the predominance over the third world countries in Europe, including Poland. We totally reject the anti-marxist thesis of the so called “new imperialist countries” and convergences like our Italian comrades exposed by stating: “Ukraine is therefore an independent capitalist country whose ruling bourgeoisie autonomously decides…” We understand that an analysis of how exactly the process of restoration of semi-feudal and semi-colonial relations and the emergence of the bureaucratic capitalist economy came about is lacking, but these relations existed in Tsarist Russia and could therefore be restored and anyone can feel what happened on the economic base in the superstructural expressions of these oppressed countries, expressions of centuries of backwardness as products of restoration. This deficiency is first of all a problem of the uneven development of subjective forces and secondly our deficiency, but we struggle to overcome it. The solution lies with the communists in those countries who have the unpostponable task of reconstituting their Communist Parties, as militarised Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties of a new type.

Finally, we ask, why do our Italian comrades define the Putin-regime as “social-fascist”? It is not demo-liberal, for sure, but what proves it is fascist, and further “social-fascist”? We do not agree. And we reject the thesis of a Third World War ante portas, repeat the possibility but emphasize the communist stance: Either revolution makes the reactionaries disappear or the war strokes up the revolution and nukes are paper-tigers. We are not afraid of anything and our Italian comrades should neither tremble nor scare someone. But the most serious problem of our Italian comrades is their political orientation. Russian imperialism has unjustified initiated a war of aggression against Ukraine, broken even the bourgeois international law and is invading another country. This has to be denounced and struggled against at the first place. To state that the government of Ukraine “has attracted the winds of war on its own country” is in this sense wrong. Russian imperialism is the aggressor. This needs to be clarified.

The position of the comrades of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is quite clear in this regard and deserves to be highlighted on this occasion: Russian imperialism made a war of aggression on Ukraine which is the result of the imperialist contention between US-EU and Russia in former Republics of Soviet Union. The people of Ukraine are giving stiff resistance with the spirit of anti-imperialism to this aggression.”

Editorial staff of CI-IC