ARAB Maoists September 24, 2021: Glory and Eternity to Chairman Gonzalo The son and the Great leader of the world proletariat!

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Proletarians of all countries, peoples and oppressed nations, unite!

Glory and Eternity to Chairman Gonzalo

The son and the Great leader of the world proletariat!

*      We are living historic moments, each of us knows that this is the case, let us not fool ourselves. In these moments we must strengthen all forces to confront difficulties and continue carrying out our tasks. And we must conquer the goals! The successes! The victory! That is what is to be done..

*      We are here in these circumstances. Some think this is a great defeat. They are dreaming! We tell them to keep on dreaming. It is simply a bend, nothing more, a bend in the road. The road is long and we shall arrive. We shall triumph! You shall see it.

.(Speech by Chairman Gonzalo, September 24, 1992.)

 On September 11, 2021, Chairman Gonzalo gave his life to defend Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. On September 11, 2021, this great proletarian communist leader who spent the last 29 years of his life in total isolation. He was a prisoner of war in the cellars of the enemy prison of the reactionary Peruvian comprador state puppet of American imperialism in the midst of leading the New Democracy Revolution and the Peruvian People’s War and as part of the world proletarian revolution, on that day Comrade Gonzalo fell as a martyr, destroying all plans of imperialism and reaction and all the counter-revolutionary forces which sought by his isolation to deal a severe blow to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and to liquidate all the great contributions of Gonzalo’s thought.

Chairman Gonzalo was martyred days before the commemoration of the 29th anniversary of his inspirational speech he gave behind bars in his captivity the day after his arrest in September 1992. This speech was a torch that transcended all the darkness of reactionary, revisionist and opportunist propaganda. It was a weapon of combat and guide for all communists of the world, for all Marxist-Leninist-Maoists of the world and revolutionaries and oppressed masses and peoples to persevere and insist on the struggle until the bright future of humanity is reached: Communism.

Today we commemorate this speech just as we bid farewell to comrade Gonzalo as a martyr … but if the Communists die, Communism will never die!

We commemorate this inspiring speech and which is a guide and a combat weapon in the hands of the Communists to overcome the difficulties and obstacles of this period of the counterrevolutionary attack carried out by class enemies of all types, to break the siege of the enemy, liquidation attacks and capitulation. To crush all attempts to hinder the achievement of the essential tasks entrusted to us: to build (or rebuild) the Communist Parties – as Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties, mainly Maoist and inspired by the luminous contributions of Gonzalo thought, and to build the three magical weapons, tools of the revolution to start and wage the people’s war the only way to impose the power of the proletarian dictatorship through the new democratic revolutions in the colonial / semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries and through the socialist revolutions in the imperialist countries, and the continuation of the revolution until the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat and to defend it by cultural revolutions, arms in hands, until reaching the ultimate final goal of humanity: communist society.

Comrade Gonzalo’s speech represented the fruit and the result of the long and tenacious struggle against the class enemies: imperialism, the comprador and feudalism, as well as against the current of modern revisionism. The speech is the result of the two-line struggle waged to impose the reconstruction of the Communist Party and to start and guide the people’s war, to crush the rotten power of class oppression  and to build on its ruins the new state of new democracy by the creative application of the laws of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism on the concrete and specific conditions of Peruvian society, showing to the whole world the universal validity of Maoism as a new and superior third stage of Marxism, and from leading the fight to the international scale against modern revisionism in all its forms and colors after the revisionist coup in China after the death of comrade Mao and after the betrayal of Hoxha in Albania, as well as against the counter-revolutionary attack launched by imperialism, reaction and opportunists of all types, and the crushing of reactionary ideological propaganda against the Communism in the 80s and 90s of the last century.

Marxism has not taken a single step forward without making enormous sacrifices, passing through obstacles and engaging in a bitter struggle. The great leaps in the development of Marxism and the world proletarian revolution have been revered by the struggles, sacrifices and contributions of the great proletarian communists. Marxism took a step forward only in the midst of the class struggle and the struggle against revisionism as one of the main fronts of the class struggle. This was the case during the Great October Revolution and Leninism, when, under the leadership of Comrade Lenin, the revisionists of the Second International were confronted, exposed and crushed. The same happened with the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and Maoism, when Comrade Mao Zedong led the struggle against modern Khrushchevite revisionism which ended the first proletarian dictatorship after the death of Comrade Stalin. Today, the struggle to impose Maoism as the leader and Guide of the world proletarian revolution in its two types: the new democratic revolutions in the colonial / semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries and the socialist revolutions in the imperialist countries, and what Comrade Gonzalo has constantly pursued and strived for.

To wage the bitter struggle between Marxism and revisionism and all the opportunist theses is not “a bad thing” or “harmful” or a “destroyer of rank unity” or “luxury of intellectualism”, as some demand it, on the contrary, it is the opposite and this is precisely what is required and the duty of genuine communists for the advancement of the wave of international proletarian revolution and the development of Marxism itself. This is exactly the path to be taken and the fight to be waged in order to realize the true unity of the communists at the local level and on the world scale and for the victory of the proletarian revolutions. This struggle is being waged today, even among the ranks that raise the banner of Maoism, as emerging theses that attempt, openly or in a camouflaged manner, to revise the principles and laws of Marxism at the time of counter-revolutionary attack and in the face of the local and international situation and at the time of the structural crisis experienced by the imperialist system and the accentuation and intensification of the fundamental contradictions in the world today (the contradiction between imperialism and the peoples and oppressed nations, the inter-imperialist contradiction and the contradiction between capital and labor), in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolutions.

In order to be able to lead the struggle to accomplish our strategic tasks and defeat the reactionary comprador and feudal imperialist enemy campaigns, we cannot let ourselves be carried away by the imperialist propaganda which only serves its class profits and its purpose and to drown the revolutionaries in the tide of despair, surrender and betrayal.

Chairman Mao warns us that during the important stages and moments of the revolution, we must understand all things and events, from our own point of view, from the point of view of the proletariat, never to forget the class struggle, in applying the law of contradiction to practice. And if we fail in the firm application of this, revisionist ideas and theses hostile to M-L-M will spread and be expressed through multiple tactics and appearances.

Chairman Gonzalo was well aware of this basic truth of the danger of the lack of materialist and dialectical understanding of important events and obstacles that arise in the course of the revolution. This is what his immortal words alert us to when he describes the situation at the time of his arrest and the reactionary attacks against the Communist Party of Peru and the glorious People’s War by imperialism, he declares and repeats it loud and clear: ” We are here in these circumstances. Some think this is a great defeat. They are dreaming! We tell them to keep on dreaming. It is simply a bend, nothing more, a bend in the road ! “.

Despite the harsh attacks, encirclement and annihilation, despite capitulationism and liquidationism, despite the weakness of the subjective factor and its uneven development or even its absence of action or completely in some countries, revolution is the main tendency. So, in analyzing and trying to realize an understanding of the development of the class struggle at the local national and international level, we must take as a premise what Lenin said when he considered imperialism to be a parasitic and dying monopoly, and this is the highest and last stage of capitalism, and matures the conditions for revolution.

Commenting on the Suez Canal incident in 1956, Chairman Mao Zedong said: “The pressure imposed by the United States was great, and they (British imperialism) had lost their leadership in their quest to dominate the Middle-East and push back the United States”. Then he concludes: “By this incident, we can accurately determine the center of conflict in the world today … The imperialist countries compete to dominate many regions under the pretext of confronting communism. Which regions they compete to dominate? These are the regions of Asia and Africa with a population of 1000 million people. Currently, their conflict revolves around the Middle-East, a region of great strategic importance, in particular the region around the Suez Canal in Egypt. In the Middle-East there are two kinds of contradictions and three kinds of conflicting forces. The two kinds of contradictions are: First, the contradiction between the imperialist powers, the United States and the Great Britain – the United States and France. Secondly, between the imperialism and oppressed nations. The three types of power are: First, the United States, the greatest imperialist power, second Great Britain and France, imperialist powers of second degree. And third, the oppressed nations. National liberation movements are spreading in these regions. The methods the United States uses are violent and non-violent, and that is the game they are playing in the Middle East. ”

This situation which prevailed in the middle of the last century that Comrade Mao commented on is still valid to describe the current situation. The only change is the identity of which competing imperialists and the motives (pretext) for their maneuvering. Thus, today’s inter-imperialist competition in this region is essentially between: Russian imperialism and the ascending Chinese social-imperialism on the one hand, and mainly American imperialism and the rest of the imperialists on the other… This inter-imperialist struggle is aimed at securing the seizure and control of the energy corridors and the oil and gas energy resources of the region and the control of this strategic area of the world. The contradiction: world imperialist powers on one hand, and the masses of peoples and oppressed nations (the Arab nation, Afghanistan…) on the other hand, is intensifying. The form of their inter-imperialist struggle – that is, between the imperialist powers – remains at the direct, peaceful and non-violent non-military level. And due to the economic situation of recent years characterized by the general crisis of the capitalist system which is accentuated, and after imperialism has exhausted its resources in its wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq mainly and in other countries of the world, she (the imperialists) is changing tactics and slogans. The imperialists today wage their wars of aggression and oppression under the banner of “promoting democracy and political freedoms, and citizenships”. On the ground, and as weapons of combat of reactionaries of all types, opportunists, NGO’S, the Zionist entity, ISIS and Nosra, are manipulated to lead the violent form of this inter-imperialist struggle and aggression against the oppressed people and nations under the form of “civil wars” as well as by imposing the embargo and sanctions by means of its international “diplomatic” tools (UN., EU …), against any rebel force by alternating military force by their puppets on the spot and military violence (air strikes, naval bombardments, etc.) against the masses and forces in the region who refuse to submit to the dictates of the oppressor and slavery. However, in this war of aggression imperialism does not have a free hand to implement its policies and plans, as it faces the stubborn resistance and steadfastness of the forces and masses of this region of the world – and the Arab people are waging a valiant struggle and resistance even being under the command of non-proletarian class forces which struggle according to their vision, class limits and class interests and marked weakness or lack of genuine proletarian organization: a communist party, to lead the struggle according to the strategy and tactics and interest of the proletariat.

It is a general attack because, in addition to being carried out by imperialism, revisionism and international reaction, it extends into the ideological, political and economic field. Despite this general character of the counterrevolutionary attack, some of those who brandish the banner of Maoism adopt out of conscience or “ unconsciously ” the imperialist theses and propaganda, so they adopt analyzes and positions which reflect this genre of theses, as during the evaluation of this so-called “Arab Spring”: this unchained reactionary imperialist attack is seen as a revolutionary tide and a historic victory !! .. without proletarian leadership .. without revolutionary program.. nor people’s war.. This position which can only sow illusion and confusion and attack the M-L-M line, aborting the process of its construction (or reconstruction) and prevents the masses from clearly distinguishing their enemies and allies and the true path for its emancipation, that is to say the people’s war, the most complete strategy, and the most superior for our class.

Some abandon the revolutionary program of the revolution of new democracy and the path of people’s war for a reformist program by adopting the tactic of the “program for the establishment of political freedoms: parliamentary competition, legalism …” as an essential condition to prepare for the revolution, under the pretext of realizing “the conditions of struggle, mobilization and training of the masses in practice and legality !!” in “peace” as they claim, the peaceful way to “seize” political power. A program of blatant reformism whose essence is to adopt the “parliamentary path”, a program of capitulation, a program to abandon the MLM and the way of People’s war the only way for the radical revolutionary transformation and the annihilation of the semi-feudal and reactionary relations and mode of production and the imperialist oppression and the conquest of political power.

Some, by theorizing and justifying ‘’spontaneism’’ under the guise of uniting with the mass movement separating the masses from their vanguard while neglecting the real role of this vanguard.

Other deviationist positions are manifested by revising the position on the nature of society – of the social structure and the negation of the domination of semi-feudal relations in the colonies / semi-colonies to say that the contradiction in this type of societies and the contradiction between capital and labor, and deny the role of the communists in solving the national question in the oppressed countries and nations (denying the existence of an oppressed nation: the Arab nation) and reducing this revolutionary task – in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolutions – to a simple “removal of traces of colonial intervention and the abolition of imperialist interests” or even to consider that these oppressed nations have become free nations and have had their independence!!

Other deviations which claim by the reduction of limits and distances with the revisionist, Trotskyist and anti-Maoist forces under the pretext “For the unity of the left” or to attack the thesis of guiding thought as result and product inevitable of the creative application of the general truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the specific reality of each country and the negation of this concept …

It is no coincidence that in tribute to Chairman Gonzalo, this great communist leader and fighter and beloved son of the international proletariat, that we take the opportunity to highlight some aspects of deviations that are manifested in the international communist movement and more particularly in the Arab communist movement.

The fight against Revisionism and the deviations that emerge throughout the course of the revolution side by side with the fight against imperialism and its lackeys is the path that comrade Gonzalo practiced while leading the process of reconstitution of the Communist Party of Peru and creating the foundations for the initiation and outbreak of People’s War in that country. He practiced it internationally in the face of revisionism and within the international communist movement and the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and urged us to lead it.

The history of the world proletarian revolution and the situation of the international communist movement today clearly highlight the need to lead the struggle against revisionism as a major danger, a struggle which, as we have said, emerges from the contradiction between revolution and counter-revolution, and it is at the center of the fundamental question of Maoism: the question of the conquest and the defense of political power. Although revisionism today has circumstantial successes in hampering revolutions and spreading mistrust and skepticism in M-L-M to hamper the advancement of the revolution – as assured by the right opportunist line (LOD) in Peru – Communists must cling to Marxist principles, adhere to the masses and reality, apply the principles of M-L-M, mainly Maoism, and rely on the contributions of Comrade Gonzalo, on the conditions of each country to accomplish the great task incumbent on all Communists: Parties, organizations and individuals, which is to combat and unmask the subversive role of the revisionist and opportunist forces which obstruct the task of building or reconstitution of the Communist Parties, and in order to prepare, launch and develop people’s war according to the concrete conditions of each country.

The struggle against revisionism and opportunism will only reach its full extent by uniting and leading the masses in the face of the reactionary imperialist oppression which is being waged against them.

On September 24, 1992, the imperialists and their puppet of the reactionary regime in Peru wanted to make the presentation of Comrade Gonzalo in a cage an opportunity to humiliate him and the international proletariat to claim victory over communism. However, his cry shattered their black dream. Comrade Gonzalo cried out to the whole world with a raised fist, pointing out the power of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and showing the only way to achieve emancipation from class slavery: protracted people’s war.

Glory and eternity to Chairman Gonzalo!

Let us raise high the flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism!

Let’s apply the luminous contributions of Comrade Gonzalo!

People’s war until communism!

Long live communism, crush revisionism, opportunism and liquidationism!

ARAB Maoists

September 24, 2021