Committees for the Foundation of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria: Declaration on the Assassination of Chairman Gonzalo

Translation of statement by the Central Leadership Committee of the Committees for the Foundation of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!


– Declaration of the CLC on the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo, 11/12 September 2021-




“The Reaction knows, why it wants to take away our leaders: it is not easy to produce leaders. And a People’s War, like the one we are waging, needs a leadership that presides over this movement, represents it and guides it unbendingly.” – Chairman Gonzalo


“However, everyone dies, but the death of one is weightier than Tai Mountain, the death of another has less weight than swan’s fuzz. If one dies for the interests of the people, death is weightier than Tai Mountain; if one is in the pay of the fascists and dies for the exploiters and oppressors of the people, death has less weight than swan’s fluff.” – Chairman Mao



Chairman Gonzalo, greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist in the world, was assassinated on September 11, 2021, at 6:42 in the morning, at the Callao Naval Base, where he had been imprisoned for 29 years under isolation and torture, yet never gave up carrying on the great and heroic struggle! The international proletariat, the oppressed peoples and nations of the world, the International Communist Movement, will never let this crime go unpunished. Generations of communists will forge themselves in the face of this crime, they will continue to order their ranks and advance, placing the great red banner of Chairman Gonzalo at the forefront. Chairman Gonzalo gave his life for the Proletarian World Revolution, he designed the great plan for the reconstitution of the glorious Communist Party of Peru, created its unity base and masterfully and completely carried out this plan in the service of the Proletarian World Revolution, in which he went down in it as its leader, directing the World Army of the Proletariat and its red battalions like no other. We repeat: with Chairman Gonzalo the undisputed greatest marxist-leninist-maoist in the world was murdered by the fascist dogs of reaction! Chairman Gonzalo made universally valid contributions to the only scientific, all-powerful because true ideology of the proletariat and through the Gonzalo-Thought he enriched Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in all essential aspects by his theory and expositions. It was him who summarized Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in a systematic form, thus completing the work that was snatched from the proletarian forces of the left in the Chinese Communist Party after the death of the great Chairman Mao by the counterrevolution in 1976.




The assassination of Chairman Gonzalo shakes the communists and revolutionaries all over the world. The plan of the reaction is to carry with this act of fascist barbarism, with this unimaginable crime of animal savagery, confusion, depression, indiscipline and capitulation into the ranks of the communists and revolutionaries. This is what they want to achieve with the finalization of their long-developed dark plans, which is why they celebrate their low and shameful act. But the communists, that means today the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, are armed with the teaching of Chairman Gonzalo, who underlines the revolutionary optimism and synthesizes it with the necessity of the Communist Party, a fundamental question of the attitude of the communists, that we are never ready to abandon: “…because Chairman Mao teaches us that only the revisionists and opportunists are pessimists. The proletariat and we communists are always optimists because the future is historically defined. It belongs to us and politically it goes in this direction. The masses will not fall into pessimism. They never have. To say otherwise is absurd and means to slander them. The masses are struggling. But for the masses to struggle, they need a leadership, a party, because no movement of the masses can develop, sustain and advance without a party.” (Chairman Gonzalo)


The international bourgeois press, bought and at the service of the imperialist monopolies, celebrates the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo, whom they call a “terrorist” and whose so-called “crime” was that he put his life completely at the service of the proletariat and the people’s masses, more than that, who made the interests of the proletariat and the people’s masses his own and merged with them in thought and action – but still stands out, just as marxism teaches about the role of personality in history. Thereby, Chairman Gonzalo is a great example of what it means to put one’s life completely at the service of the liberation of the proletariat, to give one’s life for communism. The reaction thought they could get relief by killing Chairman Gonzalo, because Chairman Gonzalo was a danger to them until the end, because they were unimaginably afraid of him until the finalization of their sinister plan. But with their jubilation they only prove how far Chairman Gonzalo in truth surpassed them all, that he stood on the summits of the highest heights and had wide, clear view, while these reactionary dogs in the mud and muck of exploitation, lies, torture, oppression, opportunism and deceit eke out their miserable and useless existence as reactionaries and clerks in the service of the bourgeoisie. The Peruvian press, completely in the service of imperialism, reports: “With Gonzalo dies also the Gonzalo-Thought”. This is their dream, a reactionary dream that has already failed before it has begun and therefore will never be realized. This reactionary dream is extremely unmasking, because implicitly they admit that the Gonzalo-Thought, the concretization of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to Peruvian reality, exists and that they cannot free themselves from its existence. Their reactionary dream is doomed to fail, because the Gonzalo-Thought is true, and even the most furious and raging bourgeoisie cannot assassinate the truth, as Chairman Gonzalo himself pointed out. And while on the one hand it shouts out its black dreams, on the other hand the reaction says that Chairman Gonzalo must not be given a grave, because otherwise it would become a “place of worship.” Well, but if the Gonzalo-Thought died with Chairman Gonzalo and it is not rooted in the people, as the reaction claims, where would the feared tributes at the grave come from? It is perfectly clear: even through his assassination, Chairman Gonzalo loses none of his terror for the bourgeoisie; despite his assassination, reaction has no peace – and it finally proves this to the world through its own statements. The fear of the bourgeoisie is corresponding to the fear of international opportunism of Chairman Gonzalo and the party he forged through his leadership. It is the opportunist fear of his teachings and the example he gave to communists and revolutionaries around the world. The opportunists, especially those that concretize themselves in Peru in the form of the Right Opportunist Line, continue to fight Chairman Gonzalo even after his death, because his work does not let them rest. Thus, the opportunists, in whatever form they appear internationally, confirm once again that their miserable political existence consists in nothing more than carrying the harmful influence of bourgeois ideology to the proletariat and the people and trying to spread it there.


The international campaign in defense of the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo has produced powerful and lively actions in many countries, including Austria, and it expresses the struggle of communists for reunification on an international scale. It is necessary to emphasize here the great role of Chairman Gonzalo as leader of the left in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), with which Chairman Gonzalo further confirmed himself as the greatest proletarian internationalist and gave indispensable lessons to the international proletariat. We expressly welcome each of these actions of the current campaign, understanding them as outstanding examples of proletarian internationalism and as an expression that the recognition of the universally valid contributions of Chairman Gonzalo to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is growing and is being expressed in more and more countries. “To sum up, the struggle of the proletariat, of the oppressed peoples, of the parties and organizations faithful to Marxism is the first and most concrete aid of proletarian internationalism. The greatest support, however, is the imperishable theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the ideology of the international proletariat, produced by the working class worldwide in the decades of struggles. This is the light that guides us and enables us to see and act. Only through this progress can be guaranteed.” (Chairman Gonzalo). And in this progressing, it is as stated by the leadership of our committees in a letter about the international campaign: “Today we see more parties, organizations and groups worldwide upholding the universally valid contributions of Chairman Gonzalo to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism than ever before…”


The Communists of the world, that means also their section in Austria, will establish justice for Chairman Gonzalo. The proletariat will not demand this justice from the old state and not from the bourgeoisie, because the demand for justice for Chairman Gonzalo, is first a demand of the proletariat and its Communist Party to itself. The proletariat will establish this justice itself by constituting and reconstituting its Communist Parties, by, where this has already happened, initiating or waging the people’s wars, or otherwise preparing it. Thus, fired by irreconcilable class hatred, many red waves will break over the bourgeoisie, finally burying it under itself, smashing its old order and establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat. Communists everywhere in the world will draw even more inspiration than before from Chairman Gonzalo, they will base themselves even more firmly on his teachings, they will carry them to the masses and take them up even more deeply. The communists will continue their campaign in defense of Chairman Gonzalo’s life and health, but they will transform it, under the impact of the happenings, into a great campaign for upholding, defending and applying the Gonzalo-Thought and the universally valid contributions of Chairman Gonzalo to marxism-leninism-maoism, whereby his great leadership will be defended and highlighted even more. This will mean the leap for the communists and revolutionaries that is objectively necessary, and wherever they advance, the bourgeoisie will have to recognize that Chairman Gonzalo is marching at their top, until communism.


Nothing else will be the justice that the communists will establish for Chairman Gonzalo and it cannot be less. We are in the midst of the period of “50 to 100 years” in which great storms and decisive class struggles will emerge, in which the face of humanity will fundamentally change and the revolution will be reaffirmed as the main tendency of history. In this process, communists are faced with many questions and extremely complex situations; to some of them, the objective circumstances seem brilliant, but the problems seem equally great. Let us tell them that we must take the problems seriously, but not overestimate them, and understand how to keep our orientation even when the road bends. The fact that questions and problems arise is not a bad thing, because firstly they arise in the class struggle, and secondly we can solve them, as Chairman Gonzalo shows us: “For us, the question is what is the key to the solution. It is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, because the problem is to have a correct and proper political and ideological line. There can be no correct and proper line if there is no correct and proper ideology. Therefore, we are convinced that the key to everything is ideology: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, with emphasis on Maoism.” (Chairman Gonzalo) This is how communists will solve their questions and overcome their problems. This is how Chairman Gonzalo lives in the struggles of the international proletariat, oppressed peoples and nations, and communists, not in the sense of the idealism of the bourgeoisie, but in the fact that communists forge themselves according to his teachings and in his example. If they take this path and follow it firmly and without wavering, then undoubtedly great successes will come, the problems will be overcome and the questions will be solved: “We will march forward, even if we begin to take steps like a blind man. In the process, we will find temporary solutions or only solutions for moments until we find the final ones, just as Lenin taught us when he stated that no revolution can be fully grasped from the very beginning, and often it takes steps like a blind man. It gropes as if in the dark. Temporary solutions or even momentary solutions are found, but that is how things progress. We assume this also because we think that the fundamental weapon is our ideology. We start from Marx. He said that it would be very easy to make a revolution if you knew with absolute certainty that you would win it. That would be easy, but the revolution doesn’t happen that way. The crucial thing is to start it and push it forward, no matter what the cost. It’s about the effort we have to put in and about the masses making history.” (Chairman Gonzalo) Equipped with these insights, countless communists will forge themselves, expanding and enlarging the ranks of those struggling to destroy the old order and build the new. They will learn from the example that Chairman Gonzalo gave them when, through his struggle, he defeated the revisionists, opportunists and capitulators and exposed their miserable role before all the world.


The International Communist Movement is shaken by the dastardly murder of Chairman Gonzalo, and all revolutionary forces of the world understand that an immeasurable loss has been inflicted upon them. If we speak about Chairman Gonzalo, we speak about red, proletarian leadership, leadership that was torn from our midst with the cowardly murder. And so it was, because the reaction never managed to break him, but he transformed his cell, even under the conditions of isolation and torture, into a luminous trench of combat, using the rotten trial against him as a stage in a brilliant and outstanding way, as Dimitroff once did, presenting the great strategic plan to the international proletariat. Through this heroism and example, Chairman Gonzalo consolidated his place among the communists outside the prisons, among the masses. This great leadership is now succeeded by the forged, red leadership of the left in the International Communist Movement, which will continue this work, further prove the universally valid contributions of Chairman Gonzalo and direct the reunification of the communists on a world level, the path of which Chairman Gonzalo set.


The communists in Austria, with all their class hatred, all their efforts and all their work for the reconstitution of the Austrian Communist Party, assure that they will raise high the great red banner of Chairman Gonzalo, defend it with their lives and apply its teachings. We take up the struggle, will make even greater demands on ourselves to make leaps and to concentrate our past experiences and lessons under the example and great leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and hand them over to the International Communist Movement. The present moment is a difficult moment. But as Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, we will master this moment as well, so let us conclude confidently and our view directed to the future with Chairman Gonzalo, as he put it in his luminous and victorious speech on September 24, 29 years ago, “We are living through historic events. Each of us knows that this is the case. Let’s not fool ourselves. In these moments, we must strengthen all our forces to face the difficulties, continue to complete our tasks and conquer the goals! The successes! The victory! This is what must be done.”


We salute the international proletariat, the oppressed nations and the International Communist Movement!



Eternal glory, eternal honor to Chairman Gonzalo!


Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, which includes the universally valid contributions of Chairman Gonzalo!


Long live the glorious Communist Party of Peru!


Long live the glorious People’s War in Peru!


Long live the Proletarian World Revolution!


Long live the reunification of the Communists at the world level!


Long live the International Communist Movement!


Down with opportunism and revisionism, death to imperialism!



Central Leadership Committee of the

Committees for the Foundation of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria



11/12 September, 2021