1st of May Statement of the ICL

May Day 2023:

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

May Day 2023:



Hunger. Rampant misery and poverty. Wars of plunder. Fierce censorship and repression against those who dare to protest. Moral and intellectual degeneration, decadence and rottenness. Destruction of the environment. The list of malice that the dying imperialist world system brings to us is endless, because it is nothing more than reaction all along the line. This system is incompatible with the progress of mankind, it is at its end, it must be swept away and its stinking corpse reduced to ashes by the powerful bonfire of armed revolution, so that this plague never comes back to torment the Earth. And so it will be.

The imperialists are in profound general crisis and try to postpone their drowning with more exploitation and oppression of the working class and the People and the quest of redistribution of the booty, the oppressed countries, preparing the imperialist world war, without wanting to unleash it yet. Opportunism and revisionism, that sets themselves up to sow distraction and confusion among the masses behind a red mask, and the growth of the ultra-reactionary and fascist Parties and governments who promises to solve the crisis with an “iron fist”; are an expression of the deep political crisis of the imperialist order. The world situation is complex, all the fundamental contradictions are sharpening, particularly the contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed Peoples and Nations. The chaos increases day by day, there is great disorder. In Asia, Africa and Latin America, the revolutionary storm-centers, and also in Europe and North-America, the masses combat and resist in hard struggle to defend their rights, for their land, against reactionary measures, they topple governments and face the cruel repression spilling their generous blood. The situation is magnificent and the perspective is brilliant. From the chaos and disorder a new great order will rise. The international proletariat will lead the oppressed peoples and nations in the democratic and socialist revolutions, establishing the Dictatorship of the Proletariat on the whole Globe. With cultural revolutions we will march under the flaming red banners with the hammer and sickle to our final goal, the classless society, without States and armies, where there is no oppression nor exploitation, Communism.

Our founders, Marx and Engels, taught us that in the struggle for the Power, Organization is the most important weapon. That is why they founded the Communist Party, the political Party of the proletariat, whose objective is to Conquer the Power through revolutionary violence, leading the Class on the road to Communism. Lenin gave us the Party of a new type – the organized vanguard –, giving shape to the demands of the founders of a Party “distinct and opposed” to all Parties of the possessing classes, a proletarian war machine. Chairman Mao gave us a masterly comprehension of the interrelation between the instruments of the revolution: the Communist Party, the revolutionary peoples Army under its absolute leadership and the United Front as the Front of the revolutionary classes under the hegemony of the proletariat, based on the worker-peasant alliance.

The communists of the world, armed with our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, in which Maoism constitutes the new, third and higher stage, exactly as Chairman Gonzalo defined it, today, as yesterday and tomorrow, with highest optimism and with unbreakable faith, are struggling for the reconstitution of the Communist Parties, destroyed by the revisionist treason of the false leaders, and for their constitution where they have not existed before. Our great red beacon is the Communist Parties that, in the first line of fire of the proletarian world revolution, uphold the torch of the People’s War in Peru, Turkey, India, and the Philippines. Without the Communist Party we can not lead the Class and the People to make the revolution. We can, with our Party, that applies our ideology creatively to the concrete conditions under which we unfold, with revolutionary violence, with People’s War, transform the world, destroying the Old and rotten and, principally, constructing the New, vital, and powerful. With the mind armed with Maoism, with the gun in hand, under the leadership of the Communist Party, the proletariat will accomplish its historical mission of being the grave-digger of the bourgeoisie, and with it all its bureaucrat capitalist and feudal lackeys.

This is what has to be done. Be it in the lands of resistance in the south of Mexico or in the rebellious banlieus of France. Be it in Nepal to retake the path of the People’s War or be it in the United States to hit Yankee imperialism from inside its own guts, be it on the battlefields of Ukraine to defeat the Russian imperialist aggression or be it to restore Socialism in China. To struggle under the banner of Maoism against imperialism, revisionism and the world reaction, serving the world proletarian revolution, is necessary for the revolution to express itself ever more powerfully as the main political and historical tendency, as it is. That is what corresponds to the main contradiction between imperialism, on one side, and the oppressed nations, on the other, as the weight of the masses in the world revolution, today more that 70% of the world population live in the oppressed nations, and from this immense mass the large majority is made up of the peasantry.

That is precisely why we, fifteen Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and organizations, from fourteen countries, have formed the International Communist League (ICL), last year. With this new organization of the international proletariat we have made a leap with great importance and significance in the struggle for the reconstitution for the Communist International. We have started to overcome the dispersion in the International Communist Movement, firmly uniting under Maoism, combating revisionism as the main danger.

The founding of the ICL is the result of a large and complex process of more than four decades. It does not close the process of the struggle for the unity of the communists of the world, a lot is still missing to achieve this. All the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations that want to work for unity, and not to split, that shares the objectives to uphold, defend and apply Maoism, the struggle against revisionism and to serve the proletarian world revolution, are called upon to unite with our mission. The ICL is a tool of combat of the international proletariat and of all those who are exploited and oppressed by imperialism. It embodies proletarian internationalism, the spirit of communism. It allows us, communists and revolutionaries of all countries, to again start advancing as one sole world army.

This year has a special significance for the communists. In it we celebrate the 130 years of the birth of Chairman Mao. In this year the ICL and all the communists of the world have the obligation to unfold an extended campaign for the 130th birthday of Chairman Mao, spreading massively his theoretical and practical work among the broadest masses. That is why we call all communists, the proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world to celebrate his great and most vivid legacy, raising the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist banner to the highest summit, to sweep away imperialism and reaction from the face of the earth in struggle to death against revisionism and all opportunism.

In an international framework marked by a revolutionary situation in increasing development, amid the accelerated process of the going under of imperialism, we are in good conditions. This May Day we will march joyfully, defying all the challenges with absolute determination to crush the walls of the old society, knowing that it is condemned to disappear by the force of the masses lead by the Communist Parties. We know that to dare to struggle is to dare to win. Hence, as our anthem says, comrades come rally and the last fight let us face.




International Communist League

May Day 2023