Against imperialist aggression, raise high the banner of peoples war!

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Against imperialist aggression, raise high the banner of peoples war!

This 24th of February the full scale Russian War of Aggression against Ukraine will have lasted for a year. This unjust war have generated hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded and millions of refugees. Through the heroic defense of their homeland by the people of Ukraine, in spite of the national traitors regime headed by the Yankee lackey Zelensky, the Russian aggressor have not been able to fulfill its war aims.

The convergence of a number of contradictions and interests currently at stake in Ukraine have generated not little confusion among some communist and generally anti-imperialistic forces, some even seems to believe that we are on the verge of a new World War. Hence it is necessary to establish an clear position on behalf of the International Communist League.

The main contradiction is that between Ukraine, a country oppressed by imperialism, and Russia, an imperialist country. Regardless of the class character of the Ukrainian regime and its service to the interests of other imperialist powers, mainly the Yankee superpower, any confusion on this point leads to deny the Ukraine its right to independence and national sovereignty, and hence, to, at least indirectly, support the interests of Russian imperialism.

The inter-imperialist contradiction also comes to sharp expression. The long term plan of the Yankees to encircle and ultimately defeat its only nuclear equivalent and the Russian counter measures to retake lost positions, is the key factor leading up to the war. The openly stated interest of the Yankees is that Russia get tied up in an “endless war”, wasting its scarce resources and having to bind the main bulk of its conventional forces on its Western Front, that Ukraine in this sense becomes a utterly militarized bulwark and that its European “allies” in the NATO are forced to get in line with its strategic plan which have Chinese social-imperialism as its main focus. The interests of the other imperialists – foremost among them Germany, Great Britain, France and China – in this context contradicts those of the Russian and Yankee imperialists, but they have no alternative as to align with either one of the nuclear superpowers. None of these imperialists today have an interest of unleashing an World War. Even the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia would not trigger an nuclear response of the Yankees, as there political representatives repeatedly have stated. Hence, to focus on the danger of World War – a danger that always will be present as long as imperialism continues to exist – is a political error that leads up to the same conciliation with the interests of Russian imperialism in the name of “preventing the War”.

It is Conditioned by these external contradictions that the internal contradiction of the Ukrainian Nation unfolds. The Zelensky regime stands in acute contradiction to the interests of the overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian People, trafficking with their justified patriotic feelings, applies absolute centralism and there are no democratic rights what so ever for the People. The rights of opinion, assembly and organization is suppressed by draconian and chauvinist repression and the regime relies on open Fascist military formations to smash every expression of popular discontent. It sabotages the independent armed resistance of the People by relying on the weapons, eagerly given by the Yankee led NATO, fearing the armed People who are the only one who really defends the Nation. At the same time it is selling out every inch of the country, enriching themselves and their cronies, while the population carries the burden of the War. It is truly a regime of national traitors, mercenaries of Yankee imperialism. The only way forward for the People of Ukraine are to rely on its own forces and to defend the Nation, against the foreign invader and the country selling traitors. In this the key factor is the leadership of the proletariat, as the center of the pole of the people, through its vanguard, the Communist Party guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Only under the leadership of the Communist Party can the war of resistance of the people be transformed into a real People’s War by which the invader, all imperialist and their marionettes can be expelled from Ukrainian soil. Today there is no such a Communist Party, but there are communist in formation, revolutionaries and consequent anti-imperialist who must be supported by the communist of the world so that they can advance in grasping the only ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Without the ideology there are no Communist Party. Without the Communist Party there can be no democracy for the people, no national liberation and no revolution. The most advanced revolutionary forces must be supported ideologically, politically, morally and materially, so that the can advance, under the great hardships they are facing, in the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party; this is the key task.

We must also do everything we can to promote the friendship of the Ukrainian and Russian Peoples. two Peoples who once were united as one in the great Soviet Union under the red banner with the hammer and sickle of Lenin and Stalin now are driven against each other on the battle field due to the intrigues of the imperialist. The communist in formation, the revolutionaries and all consequent anti-imperialists, have a particular responsibility to increase the propaganda against the imperialist war of Russia, raising their struggle to new heights against the imperialist State and its war of aggression, by all means at their disposal, also struggling against imperialist war mongering and weapon sending in the respective imperialist countries. The Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in Russia must advance boldly in the struggle for the reconstitution of their Party and overcome all difficulties to unite more with the communists of the world so to be more able to fulfill their historical mission of restoring the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the lands which once was the Socialist Fatherland.

As Chairman Mao thought us we communist do not fear the world war, we do not fear the nuclear war, we are against it and will do everything to prevent it by developing the revolution, to fight the reactionary war with people’s war. While condemning the imperialist aggression and the war mongering of the imperialist, we must never forget this. Imperialist aggression must be defeated with people’s war.

Russian imperialist out of Ukraine!

Long live the struggle of the Ukrainian People!

Down with Yankee imperialism and all its cronies!

Forward in the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Parties in Ukraine, Russia and the whole world!

International Communist League

8th of February, 2023