MPP: Chairman Gonzalo lives in his all-powerful Gonzalo thought!

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Chairman Gonzalo lives in his all-powerful Gonzalo thought!

One year ago, 11 September, the vile assassination of Chairman Gonzalo was consummated. As the communists of the world pointed out:

“The black heralds of reaction claim that the man is dead and that he has already disappeared. But he is not, Chairman Gonzalo lives in the communists and revolutionaries of Peru, in the deepest bowels of the Peruvian proletariat and people; he lives in us, the communists and revolutionaries of the world, in the hearts and minds of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. Chairman Gonzalo is not dead because he is more than a man, he is a path, a thought, a luminous path which millions follow with unshakable faith, raising the red flags of communism with the hammer and sickle at the top, iron legions of workers and peasants are forged under the leadership of the Communist Parties to storm the heaven. As Chairman Gonzalo himself said at the moment he became a prisoner of war: they came too late, their thoughts remain with the others. Chairman Gonzalo cannot be disappeared.”

The People’s Movement Peru (MPP), the Organism Generated by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) for Work Abroad, the brainchild of Chairman Gonzalo, as red soldiers of Chairman Gonzalo, we established for all time:

“With the sacrifice of his own life Chairman Gonzalo has foiled the CIA-Yankee-Reaction-ROL plan to destroy him as leadership of the Party and the revolution, as the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth, seeking to infamous him as a revisionist and capitulationist, as a renegade of Maoism, the People’s War and the PCP. This monstrous and infamous crime against the most important revolutionary prisoner of war in the world as part of the genocide against the Peruvian people has been consummated by the governmental mandate of the counterrevolutionary rondero Pedro Castillo Terrones. The reactionary plan applied for nearly 29 years always crashed against the unbending, fierce resistance of the great proletarian leadership, the great communist, who, having become a prisoner of war of the old Peruvian state, transformed the concentration camp of the Callao Naval Base into the highest luminous trench of combat.

Chairman Gonzalo, like the communists, the fighting sons of the masses during these more than 41 years of people’s war in Peru, with ideology, courage and heroism boldly deployed in the fierce challenge of war, gave his life for the people’s war.

Chairman Gonzalo has won a great political, military and moral victory for Maoism, for the Communist Party of Peru, for the people’s war, for the democratic revolution on the uninterrupted march to socialism and communism, for the class, for the Peruvian people and the peoples of the world, for the international communist movement. September 11 will be remembered by all the communists of the world for this great historical significance of universal scope.“

Today we renew the promise we made on that occasion on behalf of the communists, fighters and masses of the CP:

“We take up the heroic example of the leadership, of Chairman Gonzalo, of the giving of the life for the people’s war, for the democratic revolution, for the socialist revolution and communism, we join it with the lives of all the heroes of the people’s war in Peru and of the World Proletarian Revolution, “we take those lives, that example, that blood, and let them enter into our own flesh, so that they may enkindle our own minds and make our will more and more tense, so that that path opened with an effort never seen here and which will be the astonishment [SIC] of the centuries, may be the path we continue to follow until we fulfil the task they set themselves. The best homage we can pay them and we are paying them today is to persist on that path, on that course and we will not stop, comrades, as a Party, as a class, as the masses, we will not stop together with the international proletariat, together with the Communist Parties and the immense masses of the people of the world, and we will not stop until communism. Let this be the serious commitment that we make today, once again, at this Congress in homage to the heroes of the people“. For the general reorganisation of the Party in and for the people’s war in the struggle to the death against the revisionist and capitulationist ROL.”

It is written in the blood of the heroes of the People’s War:

There is a logic. The reactionaries generate unrest and fail to their final ruin. The people also have their law: fight, fail,fight again, we can fail again. We will fight again until the final victory that calls us.

The blood shed are banners that summon all the people to achieve what we have so longed for: Power. We are condemned to triumph is a beautiful condemnation we were born to win. This is already a great reality.

Gonzalo’s thought forever illuminates the Peruvian revolution and the world revolution. Let the imperialists, reactionaries and revisionists dream of annihilating the people’s war. Dear Chief, the burning flame of the people’s war that you ignited on May 17, 1980, will never be extinguished, far from that it will inflame countries and countries, until it encompasses whole continents and inflames the whole earth, and so on until communism shines for all mankind.

The MPP, expresses its communist gratitude and recognition to the Communist Parties and Maoist Organisations all over the world and to the international proletariat and peoples of the world for the resounding campaign developed during the whole year all over the world in defence of Chairman Gonzalo’s leadership and his almighty thought.

Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo!

Chairman Gonzalo lives in his all-powerful Gonzalo thought!

Long live the 30th anniversary of our leadership’s speech of 24 September 1992, which shines victorious and powerful before the world as a combat weapon of communists, fighters and masses!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!

Long live the Communist Party of Peru!

Long live people’s war!

Down with the Right Opportunist Line, revisionist and capitulationist!

Peoples Movement Peru

September 2022