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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Long live the Day of Heroism!

On 19 June 1986, the prisoners of war – communists, combatants and masses of the Communist Party of Peru – transformed the concentration camps of El Fronton, Lurigancho and Santa Barbara into the shining trenches of the People’s War in Peru against the cowardly planned genocide by the fascist APRA regime headed by Alan Garcia.

The prisoners of war fought with determination and indomitable courage against the police and armed forces sent to complete the reactionary genocide and end the rebellion with the use of ground troops, naval and aerial bombardment, dynamite, flamethrowers and all kinds of weapons. At the risk of their own lives, the more than 300 prisoners won a great political, military and moral victory for the class and the Communist Party of Peru, with indomitable courage and heroism that only the people’s war can produce.

On the other hand the fascist government of Garcia Perez, his ministers and the highest civil, military and ecclesiastical authorities, as well as the revisionists were bloodily beaten and proved once again that the reaction against the revolution will not hesitate to resort to the most horrible genocides and violate all its own laws and international treaties in order to save its system of oppression and exploitation.

The genocide was committed by the Peruvian reaction with the advice, support and complicity of the Yankee imperialists, the Russian and Chinese social imperialists, the German, French and Spanish imperialists, the Zionists of Israel and with the special and extraordinary support of the social democratic parties of that rotten and increasingly rotten “Second International” headed by Willi Brandt, which was celebrating one of its international conferences in Lima these days. These wretches were once again the bloodthirsty chain dogs fed with the blood of communists and revolutionaries, as in January 1919 in Germany with the murder of Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and other communists loved by the people and the international proletariat. But as the experience of the world revolution and the Peruvian one shows: Blood cannot drown the revolution, it nourishes it.

What does the day of heroism give us?

Morale and freedom. An invincible morale, as a result of the embodiment of the ideology of the international proletariat – today Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, with the universal contributions of Chairman Gonzalo. No matter how deep and dark the dungeons, no matter how heavy the chains, this proletarian morale shatters them.

The shed blood of the heroes testifies that and how insight into necessity is real freedom and how by handling this, our freedom, reality can and will be changed, how the impossible becomes possible, how we can and will conquer the heavens.

This freedom is diametrically opposed to the bourgeoisie, which knows nothing higher than individual need, one’s own ego, at the centre of which must be personal existence as a basic requirement. This break with the old is decisive.

The new must assert itself, in us, in the communists, in those who have sworn to unhinge this world, who will bury this old society and build the new society. That is why the day of heroism is of such immense importance to us. Obviously, in the people’s wars being waged today by Communist Parties, in Peru, in India, in Turkey and in the Philippines, where every day Communists and masses are giving their lives in struggle, even more so where new people’s wars are being launched, where Communist parties and organisations are already waging armed struggles, but especially where the old one threatens not only corruption, torture and death, but rather the lure of a quiet life in peace, promising a supposed way out to those who are receptive to it.

Long live the day of heroism!
Unite under Maoism!
Forward to the Unified Maoist International Conference!