Celebrate the 42nd Anniversary of the People’s War in Peru!

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Celebrate the 42nd Anniversary of the People’s War in Peru!

Today, the International Communist Movement celebrates the anniversary of the beginning of the People’s War in Peru on May 17, 1980. A historic moment. A milestone in the epic of the international proletariat, which marks the beginning of the strategic offensive of the proletarian world revolution.

We reaffirm that the glorious Communist Party of Peru is the Red Faction of the ICM and Chairman Gonzalo – more brilliant than ever – is a guarantee of victory, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist of the present epoch, continuator of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse-tung, master of masters, great philosopher and strategist, forger of the iron legions, which today are rising again in the new period of revolutions, which we are entering, forging a very red unity.

On this occasion we emphasise the weight and importance of the new people’s wars that are to be launched, igniting the spark that will set fire to the whole prairie that will burn the old to ashes, and finally, like the pure and glorious phoenix, communism will arise.

Comrades, we are living in a time of war, no honest man can deny this simple fact. Get rid of petty and mediocre restrictions. Especially in the imperialist countries, smash the comfortable life of the parasites. Attend to the need. You cannot stand on the sidelines and watch. Decisions must be made, taken and executed with all the strength and determination and horror they may bring.

It is unreasonable to storm the skies, but that is what we are doing and will do. Again and again, the limits of the feasible, of the attainable, of the uncomplicated must be crushed and trampled by our steady step. Whoever stands in the way, we will pass over.

Being communists, we are not afraid of anything. Why? I believe that fear and fearlessness form a contradiction. The point is to embrace our ideology and unleash the courage within us. It is our ideology that makes us brave, that gives us courage. In my opinion, no one is born brave. It is society, the class struggle, that makes people and communists brave, the class struggle, the proletariat, the Party and our ideology, as Chairman Gonzalo said.

We are condemned to be victorious. That is a fact. Encouraging and shocking at the same time. Glorious and beautiful.

Eternal honour and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!

Long, long live the Communist Party of Peru!

Long, long live the People’s War in Peru!

United under Maoism!

People’s war until communism!