Greeting from the Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction for the 50th Anniversary of the TKP/ML

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

To the Communist Party of Turkey – TKP/ML

Dear Comrades,

We address the Central Committee, the General Secretary of the Central Committee, all the leaders, cadres and militants of the TKP/ML, the commanders and combatants of the heroic TIKKO, as well as all the people’s masses that struggle under your leadership in order to develop the Revolution of a New Democracy through the invincible People’s War, and to transit uninterruptedly into Socialism and through successive Proletarian Cultural Revolutions, into the forever golden Communism, to greet the 50 years anniversary of the foundation of your Party.

The 50th anniversary of your Party is a great event for the International Communist Movement and the World Proletarian Revolution! The struggle between marxism and revisionism, between revolution and counterrevolution is expressed in a condensed way through the glorious path of your Party in the last decades, and it is a rich heritage for all the communists of the world.

The historical experience of the international proletariat taught us that great revolutions were preceded by great two line struggles, through which Marxism was strengthened and developed, arming the proletariat with its almighty scientific ideology.

Your Party emerged 50 years ago as a result of the tempestuous struggle between marxism and revisionism of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Within it, the great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya established the Party of the proletariat in a fierce struggle against revisionism, defined the character of the Turkish society as being semi-colonial and semi-feudal, the fascist character of kemalism, he established a proletarian line on the problem of the oppressed nations, and established the strategy of encircling the city from the countryside and, principally, heroically opened the path of the People’s War to realize the Revolution of a New Democracy as part and serving the World Proletarian Revolution – a glorious red flag that once hoisted was never lowered. The great Comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya showed what was defined by Chairman Mao that in order to make revolution it is necessary to dare.

The sacrifice of successive generations of leaders, militants, commanders, combatants and masses for the cause of the Party and Revolution – represented by the heroism and selflessness of your four general secretaries surmounted by the Great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya – are an imperishable example that teaches us that “whoever is not afraid of being cut into a thousand pieces, defies the emperor”. The example given by comrades Nubar, Rosa, Özgür, Asmin, Deniz, Muharrem and Şerzan show the great communists forged by your Party, ready to give their lives for Maoism and the People’s War. The communists of the whole world must learn from these valuable lessons from your Party

The hard struggle between marxism and revisionism, which the International Communist Movement is going through, found a concentrated expression of it in the heroic proletariat of Turkey.

Your party played an active role, from the very beginning, in the struggle against the Right Opportunist Line in Peru, in defense of Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP. When Prachandaism and Avakianism raised their heads, your Party closed ranks against the new revisionism and in defense of People’s War.

When revisionism tried to assault the headquarters of the revolutionary proletariat of Turkey in order to liquidate the Party and the People’s War, your Party, like an iron fist, swept them away into the thrash bin of history.

The struggle developed by the true marxist-leninist-maoist communists of the TKP/ML against revisionism in its liquidationist, anti-Maoism, anty-Party, anti-People’s War form by the gang of renegades grouped in the “TKP-ML” and others summarizes important problems of the World Proletarian Revolution and it is, thus, a decisive part of the whole struggle of the international proletariat for putting Maoism at the command and guide of the World Proletarian Revolution.

The Revisionism of “TKP-ML” is one of the top expressions of new revisionism, the other side of the coin of the Right Opportunist Line of Peru, Revisionist and Capitulationist, and the wrecked Prachandaism and Avakianism. Therefore, taking a clear and unequivocal position on the two line struggle within Turkey is also a demarcation line between marxism and revisionism in the International Communist Movement.

Lenin has warned that revisionism consisted on advocating the revision of the fundamental principles on every small change. The revisionists, just like ROL of Peru, again need to negate the theses established by the great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya on the semi-feudal and semi-colonial character of the Turkish society, negate the role of the peasantry in the Revolution of a New Democracy by advocating “deep structural changes”. True structural changes can only result from the triumph of revolution of a New democracy with People’s War, and not from the policies of imperialism.

The revisionists attempt to lower the flags hoisted by the great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in order to lower the red flag of Chairman Mao, to put the proletariat and masses under the leadership of the bourgeoisie and to advocate the rotten reactionary, constitutional, path and to annihilate the People’s War.

Based on the fundamental principles established by the great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, your Congress has reaffirmed the maoist principles of the construction of the three fundamental instruments of Revolution in order to develop People’s War as the only path to carry out the Revolution of a New Democracy, the only one able to realize the right of self-determination of the national minorities as the Kurdish people; it reaffirmed that the People’s War develops in Turkey, just as in the other oppressed countries, as a peasant Guerrilla warfare, following the path of encircling the cities from the countryside. Your Glorious Congress is a striking defeat for revisionism and a great victory for the international proletariat.

This is why we greet with joy and optimism the great leap that is represented by the expelling of the revisionist and liquidationist gang of the “TKP-ML” and the realization of the Historical First Congress. Your First Congress is the culminating point of these 50 years of hard struggles and it arms the proletariat and masses of Turkey to develop the Revolution of a New Democracy as part and serving the World Proletarian Revolution with People’s War.

Dear Comrades,

The world is changing and in great turbulence. Imperialism is going through an unprecedented general crisis of decomposition and universal history is entering a new period of revolutions. The revolutionary situation develops unevenly throughout the world, opening a new moment of the World Proletarian Revolution, which is within the “50 to 100 years” foreseen by Chairman Mao. In the following years and decade, Maoism will advance even further in leading the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution, facing world counterrevolution, preparing and unleashing more and more People’s Wars, leading this new great wave to the heights in order to prevent a new world war, and if it sparks it will transform the People’s Wars into World People’s War, which we already indicate as a powerful slogan of combat.

In this historical moment, the communists of the whole world inexorably march toward a new leap in its reunification and to realize a Unified Maoist International Conference and to found a New International Organization of the Proletariat with a leap in the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist International.

CIMU is a powerful flag, a combat order for the communists of the whole world in order to sweep away imperialism and all the reaction from the face of earth, combating them inseparably from revisionism, which is still the main danger. Your Party and the People’s War it leads, together with the People’s Wars in India, Peru and the Philippines are the red pillars of this grand work.

On March 25th, 100 years since the foundation of the Communist Party of Brazil were completed. Also this year will be 60 years since the reconstruction of our Party, as a marxist-leninist communist party. In this important date, shoulder by shoulder with your Party and the whole international proletariat, our Party is launching itself into the center of the storm of the new period of Revolutions that is opening in the world. In this crucial moment of revolution in our country, the example of your Party pushes us forward and reinforces the certainty of triumph.

We are sure that in this new period our revolutions will merge into an enormous bonfire of People’s War which will sweep away imperialism, the reaction, and all revisionism – and illuminate the path of the proletariat and oppressed peoples of the whole world.

Long live the 50 years of TKP/ML!

Down with revisionism! Long live marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism!

Honor and glory to the great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya!

Long live the invincible People’s War!

Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction

Central Committee