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Proletarians of all countries, unite!


On the 23rd of this month and year, at 5 o’clock in the morning, air, sea and land troops of the Russian army in a lightning operation have penetrated into the territory of Ukraine and started their imperialist war of aggression against the country, today in their advance they are at the gates of the capital Kiev with the open purpose to overthrow the government of the country and to establish a puppet administration on all state levels and to impose the “demilitarisation” of the country, that is to put it under a protectorate of the army of the Russian imperialist state.

It might come as a surprise to some, that this war of aggression and occupation of the country by the Russian imperialist atomic superpower took place now when this atomic superpower and the sole hegemonic imperialist superpower, Yankee imperialism, as part of the development of their contradiction in collusion and struggle, had returned to the negotiating table to discuss a general agreement on strategic arms and other problems of “security” and, among these, on the expansion of the imperialist NATO alliance to the countries that formerly belonged to the so-called “Warsaw Pact”, the former semi-colonies of Soviet social-imperialism.

However, it is not a surprise, if one takes into account that since the end of January the Yankee imperialists had made it public that Russian imperialism was going to invade Ukraine regardless and that that was the purpose of the concentration of more than one hundred thousand soldiers on the common border of Russia with Ukraine, calling afterwards for all its diplomatic personnel, citizens, etc. to leave Ukraine immediately and that, a few days before the Russian attack, the genocidal president Biden and other senior representatives of the Yankee imperialism and its instrument NATO had categorically declared that “NATO will not allow Russia to touch a single piece of land of any NATO member country”, which they repeated on every occasion and that in case Russia invades Ukraine, the harshest economic sanctions will be imposed on it. It is well known that Ukraine is not a NATO or EU member. It was an oblique message, with which they sent a clear message that the Yankee imperialists would not risk any direct clashes with the Russian imperialists, thus giving the Russian imperialists carte blanche to unleash their war of aggression against Ukraine. The Yankee imperialists have seen their opportunity to take advantage of the desperate situation of Putin and the Russian imperialists to ease the way for them to engage in a war of occupation which they hope will have very similar consequences for the Russian imperialists as Afghanistan had for the Soviet social-imperialists.

The above facts confirm that the main contradiction in the world is oppressed nations – superpowers and imperialist powers, against all the attacks by revisionists of all stripes who deny the main contradiction in order to deny and attack the definition of Maoism. This oppressed nations-imperialism contradiction remains and will remain in perspective whatever the circumstances that could have repercussions by postponing it temporarily and then becoming the main contradiction again.

The fact that this war of imperialist aggression is taking place in Eastern Europe does not deny the importance of the oppressed nations, it might disorientate that Ukraine is in Europe, but it is one of the countries that were semi-colonies of the USSR. In those countries, no revolutions have taken place, but imperialist rebellion and revisionist decomposition which gave room for bourgeois rampage, for capitalist rampage, thus passing from one hand to another.

In the specific case of Ukraine, it temporarily came under the semi-colonial domination mainly of Russian imperialism, to whom it handed over its atomic weapons in 1993 in exchange for protecting its security. Then in this century the US, German, French and other imperialists in collusion and struggle began to shake the floor under the dominant pro-Russian regime in the country and there came the so-called “colour revolution”, then the re-establishment of the pro-Russian regime and later the “Maidan revolution”, through the indirect intervention of these imperialists using the so-called “low intensity warfare”, which brought about the change of regime to the one made up of different groups of the big bourgeoisie dependent on various foreign masters such as the current servant of the Yankees Volodymir Zelensky (since 2019).

In short, Russia ceased to be the main imperialist country oppressing Ukraine and yankee imperialism, in collusion and struggle with other imperialist countries, became the main imperialist oppressor of that semi-colony. In the face of this came the direct and indirect aggression (hybrid war) of Russian imperialism in 2014 with the occupation of Crimea, the establishment of two Russian protectorates in the Lower Don and the rest of the country remained as a zone of influence of U.S. imperialism and others.

Now, with its war of aggression Russian imperialism seeks to re-establish its rule, but no longer as semi-colonial but with a colonial character. This is yet to be defined at the present time.

Ukraine, an oppressed country, is the spoils of the imperialist dispute. Therefore in this situation there is being expressed not only the main contradiction but also the contradiction between the sole hegemonic imperialist superpower, Yankee imperialism (the fat dog) and the Russian atomic superpower (the skinny dog), with an economy the size of that of Belgium, and the contradictions, which are also developing in collusion and struggle, of each of these with the other imperialist powers such as Germany, France, etc. We refer to Chairman Mao’s quote on the Suez Canal incident in 1956 (see Chairman Mao’s speech of January 27, 1957).

These problems that we see since the beginning of the 90’s of the last century in Europe, unfortunately not in movement of the class or the people, but to pass from the hands of one imperialist to another, are pushing back borders to how they were before World War II and are stirring up nationalism. All this confirms what Chairman Gonzalo said about Germany after reunification, that from what was foreseen and is confirmed by all these events, its transition to superpower as they dream of, was not going to be easy. These developments from the 1990s to the present, these situations break the balances derived from World War II.

All that imperialist domination of the USSR in Eastern Europe broke up, the Warsaw Pact fell to pieces, basically imperialist rebellion and decomposition of revisionism. Therefore the problem was a new balance, a new confrontation and distribution of forces. These are the facts that are taking place up to now as is very well established in the Report of “The World Scene” of the newspaper Communist International.

What is it up to the Ukrainian people to do? Liberation struggle against mainly Russian imperialism, protracted war; it lacks of its political leadership but the Ukrainian proletariat and people have long experience of struggle, they have made the socialist revolution led by the great Lenin, they have defeated the Nazi invasion as part of the Soviet people and the Red Army in the Great Patriotic War led by comrade Stalin, so they will generate their political leadership, reconstitute their Communist Party as a militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party, in the midst of the armed guerrilla struggle against the invader developing war of resistance, war of national liberation as befits the revolution in an oppressed nation.

Chairman Mao calls us to:

Unite to overthrow imperialism, revisionism and world reaction, this is fully valid today. Let us march firmly and surely to the Unified Maoist International Conference to extend the birth certificate to the new international organization of the proletariat.

As long as there is exploitation on Earth there will not be a new world, therefore the problem is to destroy imperialism, revisionism and reaction, all systems of exploitation, and necessarily socialism will be built. It is enough to see the socialist experiences lived, in a few decades they swept away centuries of exploitation, obviously not totally and completely because time was lacking, but how was it that countries as backward as China or the USSR became a power or superpower. Only socialism is capable of developing the forces constrained by imperialism, revisionism and world reaction. Another thing is that in those processes they have been restored and have become revisionist, that they have shamelessly developed capitalism; it is because they abandoned Marxism, because they restored capitalism, it was because they abandoned the building of socialism, but there too the revolution will arise and socialism will be developed again.

As Chairman Gonzalo said: All of this further strengthens the main contradiction and leads us to reaffirm that the oppressed nations are the basis of the revolution as the main tendency in the world. I insist, to see that tendency as a historical tendency, as a political tendency and as an understanding that opens the way for the transforming action of the communists to achieve its clearer expression. It reaffirms, in synthesis, that the oppressed nations are the basis of the revolution as the main tendency of history.



February 2022