MPP: The opportunist strike-breaker Pedro Castillo is the president of the new reactionary government – Our problem is that the masses are not deceived!

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!


The opportunist, rondero and strike-seller Pedro Castillo Terrones has been sworn in as president of the old state, landlord-bureaucratic in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, on July 28 and as such is the head of the new reactionary government politically supported in the big bun of the “front for the second round” of the reactionary elections formed by Peru Libre owned by Cerron, the Frente Amplio of Cura Arana, Juntos por el Perú owned by the corrupt genocidal J Simon Munarro inside whose womb was the “Old Peru” of Nadine’s secretary, Mendoza, and the Partido Morado of the correlón Guzmán and trailing behind them the miserable rats of the right opportunist, revisionist and capitulationist line (LOD) with its MOVADEF. The disputes within each party and between all the parties and caudillojos within the government “front” over personal and group interests in appointing ministers and various positions of trust have delayed the appointment of the new ministers and therefore the formation of the executive until days after 28 July, the day of the swearing-in of the president. This paints a clear picture of the reactionary and rotten nature of the new government and augurs well for its future development.

The ministers of Economy and Justice have been appointed and sworn in after the fact and after all kinds of pressures and accusations, in order to calm down the faction of the comprador big bourgeoisie and “the markets”, which this government representing the interests of the bureaucratic faction of the big bourgeoisie, needs in order to rule. During this intermezo, according to the current legal order, any act of the president was invalid because it was not countersigned by the respective minister, because the president is irresponsible for his acts according to the fascist constitution of 1993 (the “Fujimori constitution”), the ministers are the ones who are responsible for his acts.

This new reactionary government of the old Peruvian state presided over by the opportunist Castillo is a big bun of worms and, as was the case with the first Council of Ministers of the government of the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling Humala (Captain Carlos), the posts of prime minister and almost all the others have been distributed among the groupings that supported the candidacy of the counterrevolutionary ronder Pedro Castillo Terrones, including one minister who comes from the rat hole of the opportunist right-wing line. But as Castillo Terrones has made it known “in confidence”, this first Council of Ministers will be a shock one, i.e. to confront the parliament where they are in the minority in order to shut it down and call new elections and thus bring out their “constituent assembly” to restructure the old state in order to confront the struggles of the people and the people’s war. Thus, taking advantage of the discredit that the parliament or better yet the pigsty of the Bolivar Square enjoys in order to close it with the usual “question of confidence”, he aims to trample on it, to put it even lower than the miserable role with respect to the executive that the 1993 constitution assigns it; but, it is not only a problem of not having a parliamentary majority, but mainly, it is a problem of his fascist conception, that is why he declared in the second round that “the state must control the economy and its citizens”. To close the current parliament in order to call new parliamentary elections where he will obtain a majority and get his “reform of article 206” of the 1993 constitution approved, thus facilitating the convening of his constituent assembly to restructure the old state by hook or by crook. It will be a new fascist and co-corporatist restructuring, as shown by the recognition of the “Federation” to seek to liquidate the struggle of the class-conscious teachers to restructure the SUTEP UNIQUE; to use FENATEP TO USE THIS GREGIAL BUROCRACY FOR CORPORATE PURPOSES AND SEEK TO CRUSH THE STRUGGLE OF THE CLASSIST TEACHERS AND OF THE PROLETARIAT AND THE PERUVIAN PEOPLE. Furthermore, taking into account, as the new Minister of Agriculture has declared, that what is needed is “the organisation of the peasantry” and that this is what he is going to dedicate himself to in his ministry, all this shows us that these are plans of corporativisation under fascist political direction and that, like all the previous ones, they will fail.

The reactionary president declared on 28 July after his swearing-in that this was not important because the state had good officials. This statement by Castillo more than anything else makes it clear that since there is no real governing party due to the crisis of the system, his government will continue like all the previous ones to administer the old state with the usual old members of the state bureaucracy and from the little he has said in his message, the role he assigns to the genocidal armed forces is very clear.

This government headed by the opportunist Pedro Castillo Terrones and the big bun of partisans that make it up, is a reactionary government that wants to act as a “transformer”, but all its leaders are well known, it will be according to the few announcements in the campaign and its message a government that will apply the three reactionary tasks, the necessity of imperialism and reaction.

Our problem will be that the masses are not deceived, that will be our problem.

For us the problem is reduced in synthesis to one: to persist in the people’s war by completing the general reorganisation of the CP to Conquer Power throughout the country and to continue developing it to continue serving the World Revolution, and we will fight with whomever, but we will serve the establishment of communism on Earth.

Defend the health and life of our great leadership, Chairman Gonzalo!

People’s Movement Peru

August 2021