Day of Heroism – Common International Declaration

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We have prepared the following Common International Declaration for the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations for the Day of Heroism in the current year, with the intention that they adhere to it. Due to the current difficulties in the ICM, which are obvious, we have taken the initiative to publicize the declaration hereby and await the prompt communication of the comrades from the different countries to the following email:

Editorial Staff of the Magazine El Maoista, June 2020

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



Common International Declaration

The inexhaustible bosom of the people nourished them with frugal food and made them walk; class struggle shaped their minds; and the Party, as the primary and highest social form, raised their political conscience, arming it with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Guiding Thought, empowered their combativeness by organizing them in the People’s Guerrilla Army and, smelting them with the masses of the poor peasantry, steeled their bodies and souls in the inextinguishable forge of the People’s War. Having become prisoners of war, they never knelt down and, persisted in fighting, mobilizing and producing amid fiery struggles. They converted the sordid dungeons of the decrepit and rotten Peruvian State into shining trenches of combat.”.

– Chairman Gonzalo

Today, 19th of June, we, the communists and revolutionaries of the whole world, celebrate the Day of Heroism, commemorating the rebellion of the Prisoners of War of the Communist Party of Peru 34 years ago. Prisoners of War who rebelled in defense of the revolution and their lives against the plans of the reaction to annihilate them and to give an unerring blow to the People’s War. The monstrous and infamous genocide ordered through government mandate by the fascist García Pérez crashed against the unyielding, fierce resistance of the comrades, combatants and sons and daughters of the masses who upheld ideology, valor and heroism, audaciously displayed in a fierce challenge of war expressing the monumental trilogy of the Shining Trenches of Combat of El Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao. It is a historical milestone that further proclaimed the greatness of the Day of Heroism, conquering a great political, military and moral victory for the Communist Party of Peru, for the class, for the Peruvian people and the peoples of the world. It is a historical milestone that we celebrate all over the world.

Imperialism is in decomposition, its general crisis deepens. Today, it is in “double crisis”, which it unloads on the masses of the respective imperialist countries and those of the oppressed nations, which means greater hunger and misery, greater exploitation and oppression. The mass in the whole world is submitted to a greater genocide, that is directly against both their health and their life. It is millions of sick abandoned to their own luck and hundreds of thousands of dead, even in the United States themselves. This situation spurs on the deepening of the class struggle, more and more the masses have the necessity to combat and resist. It is expressing itself in the entrails of the imperialist beast itself, now lastly in the United States themselves. The racist assassination of George Floyd by the police acted as the trigger of an uprising with powerful protests in more than 600 cities of the United States and in many others of the whole world. These are powerful protests of the masses in daily struggle against the state, its police, its system.

The masses actively reject the states of emergencies imposed under the pretext of the so called “health crisis of the Corona Virus”. In spite of all their measures to repress them, the imperialists and reactionaries can not stop the protests and the struggle of the masses that, throughout the world, lend themselves to the defense of health, rights, liberties and benefits that have been cut or suppressed. They are demonstrating that the times of the expropriation of the exploiters is approaching and that they will be destroyed, that they are in decomposition. The world reaction takes notice of its situation, it is more and more cornered, therefore it defends itself more desperately and is inclined to sink the world in disaster, in defense of its power.

As yesterday so today, in Peru, we denounce that the fascist, genocidal and country-selling government of Vizcarra – under the direction of the Yankee-CIA – continues applying the plan of assassinating Chairman Gonzalo, with his absolute and perpetual isolation for now close to 28 years. The situation of Chairman Gonzalo, in these days aggravates through the danger of contracting the disease of Corona Virus. Because of his age and state of his health he is highly vulnerable to the Corona Virus. The authorities of the old state act with blind hate and perverse homicidal fury against the most important revolutionary political prisoner in the world, keeping himcaptive in inhumane conditions, exposed to greater danger in the face of the lack of anyoversight onany level overthe health measures taken by his jailers.The civil and military authorities of the old Peruvian state intentionally resort to, according to the doctrine if the penal code, an execution by premeditated murder against Chairman Gonzalo.

In the face of Chairman Gonzalo’s fierce unyielding, iron resistance in defense of the Great Leadership of Party and the revolution, the government’s plan to assassinate him continues to be covered up through the theater of the judicial authorities and the enforcement authorities (Judicial Power, Navy and INPE) to delay the resolution of his situation in order to put an end to the certain and imminent new threat to his life.

We denounce the miserable revisionists and capitulants of the ROL in the service of the pack of lies of the CIA-reaction against Chairman Gonzalo, who now present themselves as the defenders of his health and his life. It is themselves, who repeatedly denied the assistance of internationalist lawyers to Chairman Gonzalo from the year 93 going forward, later starting from 2000 onward they put forward through the means in their reach, that the campaign in defense of the health and life of Chairman Gonzalo was unnecessary and they ended it. According to them the genocidal State would guaranteed it.

These same rats of the ROL, continuing their service within the plan of extermination of the Chairman, in January of 2003 renounced to present the action of habeas corpus to put an end to the confinement of Chairman Gonzalo and the prison of them themselves, trusting in the promises of the reaction that they would get out with the “new trials”.

The situation that presented itself was, that the Constitutional Tribunal (CT) annulled the sentences and the trials since 1992 that went on in front of Military Tribunal and the “judges without faces”, under which Chairman Gonzalo and all of them remained in prison without court order nor valid penal code. The CT resolution de-facto, without expressively saying it, recognized the arbitrary character of their confinement. De-jure, everything done since his arrest lacks validity. The old state, took this measure through the CT to “comply” cheatingly with the norms of the Interamerican Treaty of Human Rights.

But, the very same CT, chaired by the genocidal Alva Orelandini, instead of ordering that the judges stipulate the immediate release of Chairman Gonzalo and the other prisoners – in the same resolution – ordered their stay in prison, violating their “constitutional rights”, prohibiting the judicial admission and processing of habeas corpus so that the violation of the freedom of the prisoners ceases immediately.

How did the ROL lawyers act in this situation? They kept procedural silence in complicity, trusting in the reactionary offers of freedom for everyone else but the Chairman. They did not file any appeal against the violation of the rights of the Chairman and other illegally detained persons. By their silence, they legitimized the decapitation of habeas corpus in defense of the freedom of the Chairman, in defense of his right to due process, of the non-retroactivity of substantive, procedural and penitentiary norms to the detriment of the Chairman and, because of their complicity and confidence in the enemy, of themselves.

The lawyers and heads of the ROL, acted in the knowledge that by filing the action for constitutional guarantee and having it rejected by the judicial instances of the Peruvian State, the supranational jurisdiction of the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights was expedited. Moreover, it is possible to appeal directly, per saltum, to the IACHR, dispensing with the domestic route (art. 46, sec. 2 of the Pact of San José on when there is a delay).

Moreover, precedents exist, Case 11,166 IACHR, in response to a complaint filed on April 22, 1993 for the separation of charges and prohibition of protection by Judge Vásquez (Decree-Laws No. 25423 and No. 25454), which ended with the acceptance of the recommendations formulated in the Report No. 94-98 of December 9, 1998 by the IACHR by the representatives of the state. The report concluded that in the case, amongst other “…the right to equality before the law and the right to judicial protection were violated in the case, said contraventions equally constituting violation of the generic duty of the state to respect and guarantee the rights of persons under its jurisdiction”. In the Chairman’s case there was a more serious violation, that of his freedom. Therefore, according to the IACHR, any prohibition to exercise a constitutional guarantee action has absolute nullity. But, even more, one of the ROL’s lawyers declared at that time to Caretas magazine, that the Chairman did not want his freedom but that of the rest of his “co-defendants.”.

For all these reasons, we denounce this proceeding of the lawyers and heads of the ROL, they have never done anything for the defense of the health and life of Chairman Gonzalo, but rather as we have established they have opposed his just and correct legal defense and the national and international campaign. Now they want to present themselves as the Chairman’s supporters. In the name of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world we call on them to cease their complicit attitude with the CIA-Peruvian reaction plan to assassinate and infame him.

In Peru, the fascist, genocidal and country-selling government has failed in its three reactionary tasks; the old society is in an advanced state of decomposition. The supposed measures of combating the pandemic and the biggest economic crisis so far have failed. Abandonment of public health, collapsed hospitals, thousands of sick people suffering the unspeakable and others dying without even the slightest sanitary attention.

There is no oxygen for medical use, because the market is monopolized by two Yankee companies that are authorized to produce medical oxygen and the government does not allow companies that produce industrial oxygen to produce oxygen for medical use (bureaucratic capitalism and corruption).

The masses are desperate and ready to do anything to fight for bread, their health, life, against the state and the system itself. The masses clamor for the leadership of the CPP and the necessity to develop the People’s War.

The government and authorities of the old state, against their own national and international norms and recommendations on the release, relaxation of conditions, due to the pandemic, and on the treatment of prisoners in general who are in the high risk group due to illness, age, etc., maintains unchanged the inhuman conditions of confinement with absolute isolation for more than 27 years of Chairman Gonzalo, exposed to imminent contagion by his jailers and authorities. All with the endorsement and complicity of the “defenders” of human rights and the organizations they represent, both from Peru and from the rest of the world.

We denounce, once more, this plan of annihilation of the Leader of the CPP and of the Peruvian revolution by the reaction and imperialism with the complicity of the heads and lawyers of the ROL. We call on the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, on the Parties and Organizations of the ICM to denounce with full rigor this reactionary plan and defend Chairman Gonzalo, Leader of the Party and the revolution, consequently and indefatigably. We denounce and condemn all those that act in complicity with this sinister plan of annihilation by the old state the and imperialist, Raise the campaign of the defense of the health and life of Chairman Gonzalo to greater heights!

On this solemn occasion, we reaffirm ourselves in the indeclinable commitment of following the shining example of the heroes of the people, the belligerent glorious death of these Prisoners of War with the blood already shed and in the face of it we, the communists of the world, assume the indeclinable commitment of following their luminous example, to initiate and develop the People’s Wars in our countries serving the world revolution until the everlasting light of communism is lodged on the whole globe under the undefeated flags of Marx, Lenin and Mao Tse-Tung, of the ever living Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.


Editorial Committee of the magazine “El Maoista”, June of 2020

Perus Peoples Movement

Red Wave – Denmark

Committee Red Flag – Germany

Maoist  Committee in Finland

Serve the People – Communist League of Norway

Proletarian Red Relief – Italy

Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico (NR-PCM)

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Committees for the Foundation of the (maoist) Communist Party in Austria

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