Resolution to defend the revolutionary political prisoners and prisoners of war and those disappeared by the reaction

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Resolution to defend the revolutionary political prisoners and prisoners of war and those disappeared by the reaction
III. Meeting of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations in Europe

We, the Parties and Organisations participating in the III. Meeting of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organisations firmly take position for the revolutionary political prisoners and prisoners of war throughout the world and send our warmest revolutionary greetings to them. Them holding high the position of our class, their the determination to not succumb to rotten betrayals and their unconciliable stance in the struggles that brought them into the sights of the enemy are a true inspiration for the revolutionaries of the world.

Those combating imperialism on the side of the exploited and oppressed necessarily become targets for persecution by the counterrevolutionary forces. By any means possible, the reaction attempts to subdue all forms of revolutionary struggle. Through imprisonment, forced disappearances, torture, threats or the denial of basic rights, the reaction strives to break or kill the revolutionaries and lock them away in their prisons.

All over the world, we can see examples of comrades wagering their freedom and health to combat exploitation and oppression. In Norway as well as in France, we see how young antifascists are being hunted and persecuted for their unrelenting struggle against fascism. In the United States, emerging revolutionaries are being covered within a plethora of charges, for the state hopes to discourage them to advance further in firm strides. In Mexico, false and political motivated accusations are manufactured to lock away popular leaders and activists, who dedicated their live to serving the people, such as Dr. Ernesto Sernas García, vanish without a trace from one moment to the next, through the common state practice of forced disappearances. In the famous case of the 23 in Brazil the state strives, with trumped up charges, to make an example out of 23 young demonstrators, activists and revolutionaries that stand accused for the whole rebellious and combative youth, that combats the hardships imposed on the Brazilian people in service of imperialism. Defending the revolutionary comrades attacked by the reaction, we also want to express our disgust towards all those who use the „solidarity“, especially with the 23, to spread confusion in the International Communist Movement and the People’s Movement in order to mask their own capitulation. The Turkish government, notorious for its massacres of imprisoned revolutionaries, in collaboration with the German state, goes as far as to hunt down and persecutes democratic and revolutionary activists even abroad, as the imprisonment of the ten revolutionaries in 2015 has yet again shown. In the Philippines, the rotten old State uses martial law to illegally detain and kill democratic rights activists and revolutionary leaders of the Lumad indigenous people. The case of Indian Prof. GN Saibaba is synonymous with the crimes committed by the reaction to all those imprisoned the cells for the democratic work in this prison house of people. Communist militants like comrade Ajith are hunted down and, if left alive, locked away in a farce of a justice system, where after one sentence has been served, immediately new cases are slapped on those released, so to prevent them to ever leave prison until their forceably accumulated illnesses make them die in a heavily guarded hospital bed.

And although the state, with all its strength, tries to break and struck a bargain with these revolutionaries and comrades they stand firm for their believes and not succumb to deals with the institutions of the state. The most shining example of this heroic position can be seen at the Naval Base of Callao, where Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Communist Party of Peru, is imprisoned now for more then 20 years, without breaking, but instead persisting in isolation to convert his high-security cell below ground in the most shining trench of combat.

There struggle outside and inside the prisons of the reaction is not in vain, but manifests and reverberates in the midst of our struggles. We consider it our duty to uphold their sacrifices, fight for their release and to defend their lives by defending, popularizing and participating in their just struggles, so they can be welcomed as soon as possible in the arms of their families, friends and comrades and rejoin the ranks of the revolution outside.

November 2018

Maoist Communist Party of France
Tjen Folket – Communist League, Norway
Red Flag Collective, Finland
Committees for the Founding of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria
Committee Red Flag – FRG
Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist
Peru People’s Movement (Reorganisation Committee)