Thesis on the international situation and the tasks of the International Communist Movement

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We document an English translation of “Thesis on the international situation and the tasks of the International Communist Movement”.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Thesis on the international situation and the tasks of the International Communist Movement
Report of the V. meeting of marxist-leninist-maoist parties and organisations of Latin America

“Imperialism will not last long because it always does evil things. It persists in grooming and supporting reactionaries in all countries who are against the people, it has forcibly seized many colonies and semi-colonies and many military bases, and it threatens the peace with atomic war. Thus, forced by imperialism to do so, more than 90 per cent of the people of the world are rising or will rise up in struggle against it. Yet imperialism is still alive, still running amuck in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the West, imperialism is still oppressing the people at home. This situation must change. It is the task of the people of the whole world to put an end to the aggression and oppression perpetrated by imperialism, and chiefly by U.S. Imperialism.”

Chairman Mao Tsetung, Interview With A Hsinhua News Agency Correspondent
September 29th,1958

Since the beginning of the epoch of imperialism the different imperialist powers and superpowers have intensified their exploitation and oppression against the proletariat in their own countries and the plundering and submission of the proletariat, the peasantry and the popular masses in general in the colonies and semi-colonies, all with the purpose to ensure the plundering of the natural resources, secure the markets for their capital and commodities and the maximum profit. This plundering and exploitation resulted in two World Wars and unspeakable misery and harm for the proletariat and the people of the world and stirred up the class struggle to greater heights, that culminated in the most heroic revolutionary experiences in the history of humankind – the conquest of power by the proletariat (dictatorship of the proletariat) and the beginning of the socialist construction on the path to abolish classes and every form of exploitation, the golden communism.

With the emergence of imperialism the world has been divided between a handful of oppressing nations and an immense number of oppressed nations, the conditions for the world revolution ripened. With the victory of the October revolution the era of the proletarian world revolution was initiated, which is the principal historical and political tendency. The struggle between revolution and counter-revolution in the era of imperialism and the proletarian world revolution gave us the most important experiences in class struggle – the victories of the great revolutions in Russia and China, the impulse for the struggles for national liberation and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – and with the People’s War in Peru the strategic offensive of the proletarian world revolution was initiated. In this way, the scientific ideology of the proletariat, the only scientific ideology, was developed to a new, third and higher stage: Maoism.

Carried by the contribution of Gonzalo-Though, the result of the application of Maoism on the revolution in Peru, we reaffirm, that being a communist today means being Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist and that the task of the communists is to hold high, defend and apply, principally apply Marxism-Leninsm-Maoism in order to impose Maoism as command and guidance of the proletarian world revolution, for let it increasingly lead the New Great Wave of the proletarian world revolution.

Chairman Mao told us again and again, that we as communists, have the duty to apply the Marxist conception, the Marxists point-of-view and the Marxist method to study the objective world with the sole purpose of transforming it. And in the study of the objective reality we must strive to understand the principal contradiction in every moment, that we principally have to centre on the class struggle and the two-line-struggle, for which we must analyse the fundamental relations between classes and the correlation of the forces of classes.

We reaffirm, that only by being carried by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the universal contributions of Gonzalo-Thought we are capable to find a way in comprehending the developments of the fundamental contradictions, to understand the principal contradiction in the current world, in order to correctly define the politics and tasks that results from the objective situation, to be on our guard for subjectivism, superficiality and one-sidedness and to distinguish the contradictions between us and the enemy from the contradictions in the lap of the people.

The fundamental contradictions in the current world

First contradiction: between oppressed nations on one side and imperialist super powers and powers on the other.

This is the principal contradiction in the current world. On one hand, there is a large number of oppressed nations that are colonial or semi-colonial countries, that are economically, politically and culturally subjected to imperialism, even though the latter formal count as sovereign or independent; On the other hand, a handful of imperialist powers, be it powers or superpowers, anyway oppressing nations.
In the camp of the imperialist powers Yankee-imperialism is the only hegemonic super power, Russia is an atomic superpower and there is also a handful of secondary imperialist powers.

Yankee-imperialism, more than than the other imperialists, is weighted down by its hegemonic position even more. Due to its own imperialist nature and in order to uphold its hegemony, it is forced to fight multiple wars simultaneously and for this must maintain military presence on all continents. This creates enormous economical costs, that also include the maintenance of its military and espionage machinery, costs for the credits of its past and ongoing wars, support for veterans, and not accounting the social costs required in its own country and the disregard of life and dignity of the masses, the genocide they conduct in their subjugation what earned it the hatred of all people of the world.

Yankee-imperialism is the main exporter of capital on world level, which is expressed in the enormous imbalance in its economy. Yankee-imperialism is a giant standing on feet of clay, with an immense external debt, budget debts and business debts as well as a huge trade deficit. He is the principal monopolist, the principal parasite and is undergoing greater decay than any of the other imperialist countries.

On their side, the oppressed countries concentrate the huge majority and the poorest of the world population subjected to the oppression of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism they live in conditions that are not at all in accordance to the level of development of humankind, suffer under the worsening of their living conditions, the environment and are the target of the systematic wars of conquest of imperialism and its local lackeys.

In the oppressed countries bureaucratic capitalism is developing on a semi-feudal, colonial or semi-colonial basis, creating its corresponding political and ideological forms and systematically hindering the national development, exploiting the proletariat, the peasantry and the petty bourgeoisie and restricting the middle bourgeoisie. The worldwide crisis is continuing to being offloaded on the oppressed countries that are kept in this condition and we stay a part of the spoils of each redistribution.

Contrary to what the representatives of imperialism and their revisionist lackeys declare the so-called “economic liberation”, the “globalisation”, the “new world wide division of labour” etc., everything the imperialists pushed forward together with the ruling classes of this countries, have not changed their character, but rather preserved and evolutionised it. Those upholding the euphemism of imperialism – that the (imperialist) foreign investments are in areas where there are alleged “comparative cost benefits” that result in progress and development – is nothing more than a masquerade to camouflage exploitation. The result of many decades of the “opening for foreign investments” is that there has been no real national development in the oppress countries. The promise that increasing prices for natural resources will lead to greater profits for the countries where the sources of the natural resources are located in, was refuted absolutely by reality. The facts prove that the greatest part of the benefits, the profits during the period of high prices of natural resources, went to the “multinationals”, meaning the imperialist countries.

By means of this so-called “foreign investment” imperialist export of capital, the competition between the monopolies for dominance of markets and countries, is manifesting. The power getting ahead in this race is able to increase it monopoly position, its power and hence its parasitism, its existence as “rentier”, by which also its own decay, its down fall deepens.

Far away from increasing the economic development in the oppressed countries, imperialist investments create a deformed development, an economy strangled by financial capital, the highest concentration of capital in the big monopolies and the subjugation of all productions, finances and the national consumption under their interests. Under these conditions the proletariat has the task, by means of its communist party in alliance with the peasantry as the principal force, to assume leadership of all revolutionary forces in the democratic revolution against imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism.

The policy of the imperialism of the USA towards the semi-colonies is great submission and great national subjugation or war. The plan of the imperialist is the partitioning of those countries and their redistribution, based on the strength of its military and its unfolding in combat positions. They do not seek peace, but subjugate the people once again by means of capitulation, by means of so-called “peace agreements”, that only formalises what was won on the battlefield.

To not recognize the semi-feudal character of our countries and, additionally, the necessity of the agrarian war to solve it, ends with negating the necessity of the democratic revolution in the oppressed nations, the necessity to develop People’s War as a unified war – principally in the countryside and necessarily complementary in the city – to put an end imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism. Hence, without seeing the semi-colonial and semi-feudal character on which the bureaucratic capitalism in the so-called Middle East is developing, one is not capable to understand the character of the role of the struggles for national liberation of the people against the different imperialist powers, the character of the resistance, the just war, mainly against Yankee-Imperialism, but without neglecting the atomic superpower Russia, independent of the forces of the classes that currently wage their armed struggles in absence of a communist leadership.

Second Contradiction: Between proletariat and bourgeoisie

The enormous socially produced wealth is increasing without limitations, but this wealth is appropriated privately by a handful of imperialists and the big bourgeois and landowners in the countries of the third world. The result of all this are even sharper crisises with shortened cycles within the general and final crisis of imperialism, that push the imperialist states towards triggering new wars of conquest for the redistribution of the world. All this is stirs up the contradiction between proletariat and bourgeoisie in the imperialist nations themselves.

On one hand, the economic crisis that is continuing since 2008 – what started with the financial crisis in the USA – is being offloaded on the masses, which also impacted the proletariat in the imperialist states, especially in Europe, stirring up sharper struggles to defend the accomplishments won in the struggles during the whole 20th century.

On the other hand, the contradiction between proletariat and bourgeoisie unfolds also in the emergence of waves of immigration of thousands of refugees of war and poor people in general, that flee from the imperialist wars and the tremendous exploitation and oppression in the half-colonies and that increase the rows of the proletariat in these countries. The wave of migration and the “human tragedy” is also a necessity for the monopolies in the respective imperialist countries that must decrease costs of production and wage level – for example, the reaction of German imperialism estimates that they have to strengthen their working forces with 500.000 immigrants per year – so they simultaneously spread the fear of “terrorism” all over the media and promote chauvinistic hysteria, racism and nationalism. They enforce the reactionary policy of splitting the class in domestic and foreign workers in order to prevent the unified class-conscious action of the proletariat, so that it will not organize itself as a class with its own interests and communist ideology, politics and party. Here, the contradiction is also between revolution and counter-revolution and not between fascism and the democracy, the “left” or the “right”. It is not about this or that political regime or form of government of the bourgeois dictatorship, but about putting an end to this dictatorship of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat and the people in this imperialist countries by means of the socialist revolution, which must be carried out through People’s War.

This contradiction within the imperialist nations is sharpening, too – and this is the character of the current phase of decay – because all the abominations committed by those imperialist states, especially the Yankee-imperialism, against the oppressed nations reverberate more and more in those imperialist countries. The merciless killings of the masses by means of airstrikes, the use of drones against the civil population and attaching the stigma of “terrorism” to all the forces fighting against national subjugation are a common part of the imperialist war. This is being done in countries which they declared war on, but which armed forces is not given this status and the Right for war is not granted, as well as in countries in which they have not declared war or covertly wage war like in Yemen and Pakistan. And they do it with impunity, because there are no international judges or courts against them that count. This imperialist war must necessarily come back home.

Further, in their own countries a systematic and continuous killing of the members of the poorest masses continues, for the forces of repression of the Yankee-state this is a part of the war against the proletariat and the North-American people, especially the black population and the immigrants of the third world. In the face of this oppression, the masses rise in rebellion and turn the weapons, given to them to massacre the masses in the oppression nations, against their own oppressors.

In summary the main aspect is, that the movement against the imperialist war will increase, together with the rebellion against the exploitation and oppression of the class and the increasing misery of the masses. This happens in all the imperialist countries, especially in China, France and the United States, where the exploited and oppressed mass of the proletariat consists of around 50 million proletarians coming from countries in Latin America. Through this poor mass the development of the class struggle with the People’s War in Latin America also influences the development of the class struggle of the proletariat to conquer the power in the United States.

Third contradiction: Between imperialist powers and superpowers

As Lenin taught, imperialism is not one, but there are different imperialist countries. This means, that there are imperialist power and superpowers that divide the world amongst them in regards to the balance of power – economically, politically and military – a balance of power that changes in every moment and unfolds through conspiracy and conflict.

The United States are in this moment the only hegemonic superpower. With the decomposition of the social-imperialist USSR in 1991 the economical weight of Russia shrank to a level comparable to the Italian imperialism, while its character as atomic superpower prevails. There are also other imperialist power like Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan, China, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Spain, etc. that compose a handful of oppressing countries. Since the 1990’ies a redistribution of the oppressed countries, formerly subjected to the social-imperialist Soviet Union, has taken place. All events of significance that have since then taken place in Eastern Europe and the so-called Middle East, the Persian Golf and Afghanistan, with or without war, are part of this redistribution.

The old struggle between the two superpowers, the USA and the social-imperialist USSR, has changed. The current situation in the world is marked by the plan of Yankee-imperialism to develop its War of Aggression with blood and fire with an immediate target – Syria –, a medium-range target – Iran – and a strategic goal, to strip Russia of its characteristic as an atomic superpower that still exists, for which alliances with the other imperialists like Germany, France, England, etc. are being used when they serve the purpose of overthrowing the order of the areas of influence with greater strategical significance for Russia. On its side, Russia is struggling to maintain these areas, especially Ukraine, Syria and Iran.

In the current situation the hotspot is located in the so-called Middle East, because the control over this region, especially Syria and Iran, is of great importance for Yankee-imperialism, not only because it means to snatch areas of influence from Russia, but also because it would allow assuring its hegemonic status by gaining strategic control over the key areas of the world when it comes to the supplies of oil of all the other imperialist powers, getting a clear advantage in the inter-imperialist competition. It is exactly that aspect, what makes it hard to make all powers to turn against Russia.

When the imperialists, alone or in coalitions, act against one or multiple oppressed countries of the third world, this moment is not only marked by the principal contradiction, but also by the third contradiction, the one between the imperialist countries. And with this they break their own agreements, their own international law, the principal of non-aggression, because the law exists for to be obeyed by the others. It is because of this, that the peace, the harmony between the imperialists are only newly told old fairy tales, like those of “Superimperialism”, “Ultraimperialism”, “Neoimperialism”, “Neoliberalism”, “Neocolonialism” – old theories directed against the democratic revolution and the struggles for national liberation.

The imperialist scramble for the biggest slice of the pie is absolute and the conspiracy amongst them is relative, that is determined by the conditional and transient character of imperialist alliances; There are no “imperialist blocks”. The secondary imperialist power struggle to become new superpowers and by this strive to achieve world hegemony, to take the place of Yank-imperialism and to force a new order and redistribution by means of a new World War. The European Union is no “European imperialism” but an alliance of Western-European countries under the leadership of Germany to struggle for distribution of the world.

Also, there is no “Russia-China Block”, amongst them there are also disputes. Momentarily social-imperialist China has no position of greater significance in the redistribution, because it has limited offensive capabilities compared to the other imperialist powers. With China containment and first conspiracies are undertaken, it has its place as a factory for products of consumption and room for capital of the different imperialist powers such as the USA, Japan, Germany and others.

Regarding the contradiction between socialism and capitalism, that corresponds to the whole era of the proletarian world revolution, this contradiction is currently unfolding in the area of ideology and history. In the camp of the reaction this contradiction is marked by the general counter-revolutionary offensive, that enters its down fall and in this situation is directed against the struggle for national liberation with its means of the so-called “War on Terror”, against which we direct the counter-offensive that developes by the means of People’s War. In the camp of the revolution the contradiction between socialism and capitalism is expressed in the struggles of the proletariat and the people of the world, in which socialism lives as an idea. The call of the masses for reconquering the power rises especially in those countries where there was socialism, a perspective that is expressed by the veterans of the USSR that fought in the second world war and that march with posters of comrade Stalin and the workers and peasants in China, that rise in the name of Chairman Mao. All these struggles are part of the complex process between restoration and counter-restoration. Socialism will surely be established there and it will be by People’s War, in order to continue the construction of socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Chairman Mao, who analysed the development of class struggle on world level, understood that imperialism enters a phase of the sharpening of the general crisis, that initiated the age of the complete sweeping-away through the proletarian revolution, highlighting that this will take place in the period of “the next 50 to 100 years”. Chairman Gonzalo developed this comprehension. He showed, that around 1980 the strategic offensive of the proletarian world revolution was entered, in which the delayed strategic task, according to the situation, is the constitution or reconstitution of the communist parties on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, in order to develop People’s Wars in all countries on earth and to develop them as a World People’s War. We must reaffirm ourselves in all those important tasks and resolutely struggle agains all attempts of the reaction and revisionism that spread confusion, serve the dispersal of the Communist Movement and try to separate the Communist Movement from the struggles for national liberation.

The field for revolution and People’s War is opening. In Latin America the governments of Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, etc. started to discompose and taking down with them all sorts of opportunists and revisionist that supported and defended those alleged “anti-imperialist”, “progressive”, “revolutionary” governments. This defeat also is accurate for the Cuban revisionism, that supported all those governments that were far away from “left” – what opportunism, revisionism and rest of the reactionaries are spreading – it is the governments that in each country lead the bureaucratic fraction of the big bourgeoisie in service of imperialism, principally Yankee-imperialism. Additionally, the “peace-”agreements between armed revisionism and the Cuban government are an expression of this final decomposition in order do delegitimize the democratic way, the People’s War, through parliamentary cretinism and to march onwards on the bureaucratic path of the reaction and imperialism.

The military confrontation between revolution and counter-revolution in the world gives us the indispensable task to fight imperialism and reaction and to simultaneously fight the new revisionism in a fierce manner, to reject opportunism and parliamentary cretinism and to educate the masses in revolutionary violence and the distinction between friend and foe, so that they can unleash their forceful energy in revolutionary struggle. In order to do so, it is mandatory to achieve a full understanding of Maoism as the universal ideology, to embrace and embody it in the midst of two-line-struggle and to apply it on the revolution in each country, creating the guiding though and leadership of each revolution, all by utilizing the highest form of class struggle, People’s War.

The struggle against the new revisionism that attacks Marxism, the party, revolutionary violence and the dictatorship of the proletariat, which was structured in its most systematic form in Peru as the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist Line that franticly negates leadership, Gonzalo-Thought, People’s War and the democratic revolution is necessary. It must be fought against continuously in each and every form it presents itself, like the variations presented by the revisionists Avakian, Prachanda and others.

More People’s Wars are needed to make revolution and to confront imperialist war

The objective situation on world level develops and in each part the conditions for revolution ripen. As annotated by Chairman Mao in 1958, imperialism is still alive and Yankee-imperialism – as the only hegemonic superpower and counter-revolutionary gendarme – is the principal enemy of the people of the world; he still commits despotic and violent acts against Asia, Africa and Latin America; occupies semi-colonies with violence, erects military bases and forces wars of conquest on others; he still oppresses the people’s masses in its own country. And all this more fiercely then 60 years ago. But this situation will become more and more insupportable and inevitably more than 90 percent of the world population will rise against imperialism and the reactionaries and this already is happening, with hard struggle and uneven development, in a second great wave of the proletarian world revolution.

As Maoists we are supporters of Chaiman Maos thesis on „three worlds in formation”, which on one hand contains the basic distinction between imperialist and by imperialism oppressed nations and, on the other hand, that inter-imperialist contradictions exist, that they are in motion through conspiracy and conflict, with conflict being the absolute and conspiracy being the relative, because the conflict is about the imperialist redistribution of the spoils, which is us, the oppressed nation.

So we see, that the first world is in a redefinition, that is expressed in how it facilitates the down fall of the only hegemonic superpower, the Yankee-imperialism, in a long process with temporary blossoms and set-backs. We also see, how the atomic superpower Russia in the long run tries to recover and that the secondary imperialist power are on its heels, all within the process of being swept-away and down fall in which imperialism is due to the world revolution, which basis is the third world.

The current situation confirms the emphasis of Chairman Mao in regards to Asia, China and Latin America as zones of revolutionary storms and basis of the proletarian world revolution and also confirms what Chairman Gonzalo defined in regards of the third world now spreading to Europe.

The dispute between the imperialists will increase even more and our countries are the spoils of this dispute. There will be increasingly fierce struggle between the monopolies of the financial capital, sometimes violently and sometimes non-violently, but principally violently, because Imperialism is war and reaction all along the line. The struggle for the markets for export of capital and extraction of natural resources and other raw materials and for the cheapest labour force is in the interest of the imperialist monopolies and in the interest of its states. That is the economic basis of the wars of aggression of the imperialists against the oppressed countries, their true character being wars of conquest for a redistribution and a huge stage for this – amongst other stages – reaches from Central Asia to the Sub-Saharan Africa and it will be even widened. Only by understanding this, it is possible to recognize the character of the imperialist wars of conquest against the oppressed people and nations, that we see in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Syria, Libya, etc. The very same war of conquest unleashes the rage of the people that is rising in powerful armed struggle and becoming the political, moral and through this, military, inferno for the imperialists that are, which must be seen in perspective as nothing more than paper tigers.

All this creates better objective conditions for the world revolution. Only the fiercest revisionist and opportunists can try to negate the great ripening of the objective conditions in all the countries, especially in the oppressed countries, that are the basis of the world revolution and the spoils of the undergoing redistribution.

Currently all main contradictions on the world sharpen, because mainly the historical principal contradiction is sharpening, the one between oppressed nations on one side and the imperialist nation on the other, as well as the third contradiction, the inter-imperialist one.  Nonetheless, the imperialist war of aggression echoes back in the corresponding imperials countries as it already does, by sharpening the class struggle between proletariat and bourgeoisie. So one can grasp, that the storm-centres of revolution are in the oppressed countries, but that Communist Parties in the respective imperialist countries must be constituted or reconstituted and that People’s Wars must be initiated and developed.

The masses rise in rebellion all over the world, there is great decay of imperialism and linked to a number of complex wars, that will definitely be swept-away by the world revolution in the period of the 50 to 100 years. This is the stage of the strategic offensive of proletarian world revolution, that advances with a new great wave formed by the wars of resistance and People’s Wars, amongst whom the latter are the principal ones in perspective.

Only through what was given to us by Chairman Mao, we can understand the current situation of the countries within the so-called Extended Middle East like Syria, where two contradictions sharpen and three forces act. The two contradictions are: 1) the contradiction between oppressed Nations and imperialist nations, the principal contradiction, and 2) the inter-imperialist contradiction, the secondary contradiction. The three forces are: 1) USA-Imperialism, the sole hegemonic superpower, principal enemy, and its temporary allies; 2) the atomic superpower Russia, and its temporary allies; 3) the attacked country, Syria, that includes all national classes and minorities, except a handful of treacherous disciples of the theory of national subjugation.  Even though the just struggle for resistance is being fought heroically by the masses and must be supported by the revolutionaries, it is still a week force. To strengthen it and to ensure the effective liberation of the masses in the future, a proletarian leadership is inevitable. This calls for the communists of Syria to reconstitute their Communist Party in the midst of the crucible of armed struggle in order to construct the united front of national resistance against the imperialist aggressors under the slogan “Death to the occupants!” and, after the expulsion of the external aggressor, to leader the national democratic revolution to its culmination, all through People’s War. The communists of the world must also firmly adapt the slogan “Down with the imperialist war of aggression! Death to the occupants!” and applied by People’s War, in order to show the way of serving the development of the proletarian world revolution.

The glorious People’s Wars in India, Peru, Philippines and Turkey threaten to ignite the whole prairie. The People’s Wars, despite thousand difficulties, show that the true terrorists are the imperialist bandits and that the people’s masses are the true heroic creators of a new world. The ongoing People’s Wars are part of the mighty east wind that continues to blow in order to wipe away imperialism from the face of earth and they must be supported decisively.

In order to develop proletarian world revolution we need more People’s War, People’s War to withstand the imperialist wars, to make the democratic revolution and to make the socialist revolution. For this, in each country the communist party must be, conditionally to the country,  constituted or reconstituted, the teachings of Lenin applied to go to the deepest and broadest masses to educate them in revolutionary violence, to sweep-away the gigantic pile of trash and to relentlessly struggle against opportunism and revisionism.

This is a struggle rich with strokes of fate within the struggle for live and death between Marxism and revisionism, between left and right. Revisionists, rightist and all other sorts of agents of reaction seek to negate the progress of Maoism, the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution and the current stage that is the offensive of the world revolution to serve their reactionary interests. It is necessary to crush all those points of view that try to negate the existence and sharpening of the three fundamental contradictions on international level and especially the principal contradiction, the one between oppressed Nations and imperialist nations.

People’s War is necessary in all countries and on all continents in order to accomplish the revolution in each country and to wipe away imperialism from the face of earth by means of World People’s War. And because People’s War is the war of the people, all-roundly led by the communist party, it is the central and principal task to, conditionally to the country, constitute or reconstitute the communist party on the firm basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism where People’s Wars was not yet initiated and to strengthen the marxist-leninist-maoist bases, in order to develop People’s War for the conquest of power, as the only guarantee to overcome the difficulties and to finish the revolution, where they has already been initiated.

The historical experience of the International Communist Movement demonstrate with each break out of revolution in an oppressed country anew, that the big bourgeoisie and landowners of those countries are not simply standing against desperately, but unify with the force various imperialist forces and strive to crush the revolutionary movement by means of an alliance with the local and foreign reaction and revisionism. This demands proletarian internationalism firmly anchored in practice, supporting the struggle of brethren Parties and intensifying the Two-Line-Struggle within the International Communist Movement, to foreground the urge for unity on the basis of criticism and self-criticism, ensuring that in each moment the revolutionary line prevails. The steps taken by the participating parties and organisations of this V. Meeting of the marxist-leninist-maoist parties and organisations of Latin America in this regard are important and are concrete parts that contribute to the necessary task to reconstitute the Communist International on the basis of Maoism and People’s War.

Additionally, we must continuously deepen our comprehension and application of Maoism as our sole guarantee for victory, in midst of the class struggle and the two-line-struggle and in the light of the historical experiences of the International Communist Movement. Only then we can carry on the struggle against the deviation of the right and the “left”, give orientation to the revolutionaries so that the fundamental contradictions are not “between bourgeois dictatorship and fascism” or “between revolution and reforms”, but rather reaffirm the principal teachings of Marx that he drew from the glorious days of the Paris Commune: That the people is not served by simply changing the government, that participation in the old state will be of no use, but to win great victories and to overthrow the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and it reactionary allies and to construct the dictatorship of the proletariat, as the great Lenin and Chairman Mao masterfully summarized as: “Everything is illusion, but the power” and “All power comes from the barrel of a gun”.

Comrades, in 1848 Marx and Engels formulation this great call: “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”. Since then this slogan inspired the struggles of the proletariat on the whole world and led it to the way of emancipation.

When the historical stage of imperialism began, Lenin formulated this great call for the new historical conditions: “Workers of all countries and oppressed nations, unite!” that united the proletarian movement for the construction of socialism with the national struggles for freedom in the colonial and semi-colonial countries.

Today, Yankee-imperialism, the principal enemy of the people of the world,  still sows chaos on the whole planet and is earning the hatred of the people of the world, that want their liberation and rise in resistance. As communists we have the duty to fulfil our tasks even firmer to direct the potential force of the people of the world against this giant on clay feet, uniting all anti-imperialist forces with the call of Chairman Mao Tsetung himself: “People of the world, unite and defeat the U.S. Aggressors and all their running dogs! People of the world, be courageous, dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people. Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed.”

Long live the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution!
Down with imperialism and all its lackeys! Crush revisionism!
Long live the People’s Wars!
Glory and honour to the communist heroes!
Defend the live of Chairman Gonzalo!

V. Meeting of marxist-leninist-maoist parties and organisations of Latin America

Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)
Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun
Popular Movement of Peru (Reorganisation Committee)
Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile
Revolutionary Front of the People of Bolivia MLM
Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Columbia
Committee Red Flag – FRG

Other signing parties and organizations:
Committees for the Founding of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria
Current of the People Red Sun – Mexico