On the Brexit Vote

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We find this short but clear statement by the editors of “Rot Front” (Austria) and “Klassenstandpunkt” (Germany) regarding Brexit very important and post it here as we believe it should be discussed widely.

The vote in Great Britain is cast and has resulted in a slim victory of the pro-“Brexit” camp, even though the numerous economic and political links will  mean that it will not a complete exit but merely a modification of the political ones. For the imperialists of the EU, and especially Germany and France, it means that an important rival has been pushed back. In the medium term this will benefit German imperialism the most, which will lead to a sharpening of the contradiction between German imperialism and the peoples of Europe and the world.

The result of the referendum prove that the means of parliamentary cretinism cannot provide a single step for the liberation of our class. All the self-proclaimed “revolutionaries” and “communists” that called for a vote against remaining in the EU have now used up all their ammunition, since the result that is the one the called for. Now they stand there having to meekly admit that their participation in the vote did not move the British proletariat one step forward but merely aids a certain section of the British bourgeoisie and some of Britain’s rivals in the EU. Instead of developing the independent forces of the people on the basis of active boycott they took part in the spectacle of the bourgeoisie. Now their cluelessness regarding the way forward shows the lack of perspective of revisionism and parliamentary cretinism. Because of this the firm, internationalist statement  of the Communist Party of Italy (Maoist), which makes clear that the popular masses will not free themselves through the means of the ballot box and parliamentary cretinism, is an important contribution regarding this event. The referendum in Britain clearly shows that the bourgeoisie can less and less rule as it has done. This is the general situation, not only in Great Britain, which is why in future the bourgeoisie will increasingly resort to referendums and other tricks. The communist forces have the great duty to use this situation and, firmly based on the masses, fight to deepen this political crisis of the bourgeoisie. To be able to walk this path standing tall it is necessary to break with parliamentary cretinism and wage a ruthless struggle against revisionism. Even though during the course of the vote revisionism raised its head across  the EU, it was the red forces of the communist movement that made important steps in this struggle.

Death to Imperialism!

Long live the proletarian world revolution!

Editors of Rot Front (Austria)
Editors of Klassenstandpunkt (Germany)