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"Government of Rondonia threatens new massacre in the Hacienda Santa Elina", located in Rondonia in the Western Amazon, Brazil.

New Section

We have a new Section: "New Brazil"
There you find recent articles on the development of the situation in Brazil.


The Peru Peoples Movement, an organism generated by the Communist Party of Peru for the party work abroad, calls on the Peruvians in Peru and abroad not to vote and to boycott the upcoming reactionary elections 2021, General Elections of the old Peruvian state, landlord-bureaucratic in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, which will take place this April 11.

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On the Brexit Vote Uncategorized

On the Brexit Vote

We find this short but clear statement by the editors of “Rot Front” (Austria) and “Klassenstandpunkt” (Germany) regarding Brexit very important and p…