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"Government of Rondonia threatens new massacre in the Hacienda Santa Elina", located in Rondonia in the Western Amazon, Brazil.

New Section

We have a new Section: "New Brazil"
There you find recent articles on the development of the situation in Brazil.


The Peru Peoples Movement, an organism generated by the Communist Party of Peru for the party work abroad, calls on the Peruvians in Peru and abroad not to vote and to boycott the upcoming reactionary elections 2021, General Elections of the old Peruvian state, landlord-bureaucratic in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, which will take place this April 11.

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Notes on the dispute about Nord Stream 2 Articles

Notes on the dispute about Nord Stream 2

How the world situation occasionally concentrates and concretises itself in one point can just be seen in the regards to the inter-imperialist contradiction at the project “Nord Stream 2”.
Marxism on Women’s Question Articles

Marxism on Women’s Question

.PDF here .docx here Proletarians of all countries, unite! Marxism on Women’s Question We consider it being of utmost importance that the Internationa…
A NOVA DEMOCRACIA BRASIL: Editorial – Wolves without disguise Articles

A NOVA DEMOCRACIA BRASIL: Editorial – Wolves without disguise

The struggle of the deaf in the snake pit between the so-called "economic wing", linked to Paulo Guedes, and the "military wing", headed by the generals of the Planalto, won in the non-renewal of the current president of Petrobras, Roberto Castello Branco, and his replacement by another militiaman, an unprecedented episode.

A NOVA DEMOCRACIA BRASIL: Editorial – Why hasn’t Bolsonaro fallen (yet)? Articles

A NOVA DEMOCRACIA BRASIL: Editorial – Why hasn’t Bolsonaro fallen (yet)?

More than once, since January 2019, bourgeois analysts have set a date for the end of Bolsonaro's government. The highest point was reached at the beginning of the pandemic, last year, when the openly genocidal policy of Captain-of-the-Jungle (imitating his master, Donald Trump, who has already succumbed) resulted in the explosion of the number of infected and killed in Brazil, while there were several coup demonstrations organised by the Planalto Palace.

The Coup d’Etat in Myanmar Articles

The Coup d’Etat in Myanmar

The media is full of articles regarding the current development in Myanmar. Especially in western media a picture is drawn of Aung San Suu Kyi, “democratic” role model and “hero” (even awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize), as a victim, brutalised by a coup staged by the military fiends. But what really goes on in Myanmar lies behind a curtain of silence – ongoing armed struggle (ever since colonisation by the British), led by various factions, ethnicities or groups against the reign of succeeders of British colonialism. This is of our very interest, because this once again proves the unevenly developing revolutionary situation in every country and on world scale and that the oppressed nations are storm-centres of world revolution.
The Masses Explode Articles

The Masses Explode

The rapper Pablo Hasel was admitted yesterday morning, Tuesday, to the penitentiary centre of Ponent, in Lleida, after being arrested by the Mossos d'Esquadra. He has been sentenced by the Audiencia Nacional to two years, four months and fifteen days in prison for the crimes of glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown.
On Frontwork in the Process of the Reconstitution Documents

On Frontwork in the Process of the Reconstitution

Today we publish an important document that was released by the maoist review Classposition (Klassenstandpunkt) No. 18. This document is a preface in which the important question of the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany and in this sense the question of the front in an imperialist country is handled. More concrete: How the front should be in the process of the reconstituiton?
Some Notes on War in Africa Articles

Some Notes on War in Africa

Africa, along with Asia and Latin America, is part of the Third World: oppressed nations. It is a zone of conflict and division. Main contradiction and local wars. Africa is part of the Base of the world revolution as the main tendency.