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New Brazil


With deep emotion, immense joy and revolutionary optimism at the top for the successful advance of the International Campaign for the Defence of Chairman Gonzalo and his Almighty Gonzalo Thought, we report on the video published by the democratic newspaper A Nova Democracia of Brazil of the great and impressive march of the peasants of […]

AND Editorial – Smokescreen

The denunciation published in "O Estado de São Paulo" caused a huge fanfare last week, according to which the Minister of Defense, Walter Braga Netto, would have threatened the president of the Chamber, if he did not guide the PEC of the printed vote.

AND Editorial – Great Dangers, Great Prospects

Great Dangers, Great Prospects I The demonstrations that took over all of Brazil on June 19, successors to those that took place on May 29, indicate a potential rise in the movement of the masses. This possibility is a factor of extraordinary importance, when the crisis is aggravating the confrontations between the most immediate interests […]

Despite Evidence of Innocence, Judge Denies Freedom to 4 Political Prisoners of Manoel Ribeiro

Despite Evidence of Innocence, Judge Denies Freedom to 4 Political Prisoners of Manoel Ribeiro Continuing the unfounded campaign of criminalization against those who fight for land, on June 29, in Vilhena, in the southern cone of the state of Rondonia, there was a hearing where Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefane, and Ricardo, political prisoners of Camp […]


IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR THE FOUR ACTIVISTS IMPRISONED IN RONDÔNIA THE POLITICAL PRISONERS OF THE CAMP MANOEL RIBEIRO The four activists arrested on the 14th of May 2021 are in jail in the city of Vilhena/RO. The accusation against them is that they had allegedly ambushed a road and were “guerrillas” armed with slingshots and rockets. […]


AND Editorial 2 June 2021

More than 150 democratic institutions and personalities express their support to the League of Poor Peasants of Brazil (LCP)

The most diverse expressions of solidarity with the Poor Peasants League (LCP) and repudiation of the attacks by Bolsonaro and generals against the peasant movement are growing exponentially. More than 150 progressive and democratic entities and personalities, including renowned artists and intellectuals, have positioned themselves alongside the just struggle for land.

Successful start of the International Solidarity Campaign with the Revolutionary Peasant Movement of Rondônia and Western Amazonia

The following are the main pronouncements and events programmed as part of this great International Campaign in response to the call to all revolutionaries, to all the revolutionary, all progressive and democratic organisations, people, artists etc. to express in a big wave of international solidarity their protests against the preparation of the new massacre against the poor and landless peasants, to create public opinion for the struggle of the peasants and to develop different actions in solidarity, the main statements and actions programmed as part of this big international campaign are given below, under the slogan: Down with the criminalisation of the struggle for land and the new massacre that is being prepared in Rondônia!

Editorial – AND – On the march

The Brazilian crisis has already reached the point of unbearability, where a rupture is not only possible, but even inevitable. The resurgence of the pandemic, with the open catastrophe that plagues all units of the federation, associated with famine, hunger and record unemployment isolate Bolsonaro and his extreme right-wing entourage, an effect that the resignation of Pazuello - the butcher - will not be able to mitigate.

Editorial – AND – Annulation of the sentence of Luiz Inácio and coup d’Etat

Edson Fachin's decision to annul Moro's sentences against Luiz Inácio is a mixture of an attempt to remove the misleading image of the institution "guardian of the legal order" with a sinister concoction of the struggling establishment.


Government of Rondonia threatens new massacre in the Hacienda Santa Elina", located in Rondonia in the Western Amazon, Brazil.

A NOVA DEMOCRACIA BRASIL: Editorial – Wolves without disguise

The struggle of the deaf in the snake pit between the so-called "economic wing", linked to Paulo Guedes, and the "military wing", headed by the generals of the Planalto, won in the non-renewal of the current president of Petrobras, Roberto Castello Branco, and his replacement by another militiaman, an unprecedented episode. ...

A NOVA DEMOCRACIA BRASIL: Editorial – Why hasn’t Bolsonaro fallen (yet)?

More than once, since January 2019, bourgeois analysts have set a date for the end of Bolsonaro's government. The highest point was reached at the beginning of the pandemic, last year, when the openly genocidal policy of Captain-of-the-Jungle (imitating his master, Donald Trump, who has already succumbed) resulted in the explosion of the number of infected and killed in Brazil, while there were several coup demonstrations organised by the Planalto Palace. ...

The current situation in Latin America

Today we start publishing some important editorials of AND from Brazil. We report on the current political development in the countries of Latin America with the own voices of the people's newspapers and the publications of the Maoist parties and organisations. In the future, we will publish the most important documents from these sources here. We plan to do the same with Asia. Likewise, the development on the other continents will follow.