Actions carried out worldwide on the occassion of the announcement of the ICL (Update no. 24)

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Actions carried out worldwide on the occassion of the announcement of the ICL

All around the world actions have been carried out to mark the historical news of the foundation of the ICL, under the slogans:

Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism!

Down with the imperialist war! Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!

Long live the International Communist League – ICL!

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Slogans were painted and banners were put up in distinct places in the city of Medellin, Columbia.

A banner and a flag was put up in Bogota, Columbia, to celebrate the foundation of ICL.


The campaign of the detachment of members of the Communist Party of Ecuador, Sol-Rojo, ranges from painting graffiti, pasting posters, handing out flyers to the placement of a large banner.

Full report: https://pukainti.blogspot.com/2022/12/viva-la-liga-comunista-internacional-lci_28.html


A slogan was painted in Maule, Chile.

Full report: https://prensachiripilko.blogspot.com/

In the communities of the city of Chillán and the rural areas of the Ñuble region, a detachment of revolutionaries deployed an intense agitation and propaganda campaign for the founding of the Communist League.

Dazibao in a rural area
Flag displayed in a rural area
Graffiti in a rural area
Dazibao in the Vicente Perez neighbourhood, Chillán
Dazibao in the Vicente Perez neighbourhood, Chillán
Graffiti in the Vicente Perez neighbourhood, Chillán
Banner displayed in the El Roble neighborhood, Chillán
Banner and flags in the Nueva Río Viejo population, Chillán.
“To be a Marxist today is to be a Maoist, Long Live Maoism, Long Live Chairman Mao Tsetung!” – Graffiti in the city centre of Chillán

Action carried out by a detachment in the city of Talca, Maule Region:


In Austin, Texas, USA, on the morning of December 26, 2022, 10 flags of the newly established International Communist League were seen hanging from overpasses above highway I-35 in English and Spanish.

A mural in Austin, Texas, was painted with the slogan: “Unite under Maoism! Down with Revisionism!”


Flags of the International Communist League and a banner with the slogans of the campaign were put up in Tampere and Helsinki.

Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism! – Down with imperialist war! Long live the world proletarian revolution! – Long live the International Communist League – ICL!

The Political Declaration was published in Finnish:

Posters were distributed in Tampere:

The slogan “Long live the International Communist League – ICL!” was painted in Tampere.

Full reports in Finnish:



The Netherlands

The slogan ”Unite under maoism! Down with revisionism!” was painted in Den Haag.


The declaration was published in Turkish:



Actions were carried out in Trondheim, Kristiansand, Tromsø, Oslo and Bergen. Banners and flags were put up and slogans were painted.

Long live the International Communist League!
Long live Maoism! Long live Chairman Gonzalo!

Full report in Norwegian: https://tjen-folket.no/index.php/2022/12/27/aksjoner-for-internasjonalt-kommunistisk-forbund/


Dazibaos were put up and slogans were painted in the cities of Essen, Freiburg and Bremen.

Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism!
Down with imperialist war! Long live the world proletarian revolution!

Full reports:





Several Banners were deployed in different cities and paintings were carried out within 24 hours, for the anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao Tse-tung and the foundation of the ICL on 26th to 27th of December. In Paris, 19th district; in Caen; Lyon; Toulouse; Limoges, on the Bishopry; in St. Etienne; and in Le Havre.

In Brittany actions were done on the evening and days following New Year’s Eve, a night of traditional riots and revolt in the suburbs of France.


A banner reading “Long Live the International Communist League” and deployed in the hypercenter of Yerevan on the statue of Stepan Shahoumian erected in 1931 by the Soviet government.


The documents of the International Communist League were translated into Russian.


The Political Declaration was translated into Italian:

Spanish State

Paintings, banners and flag-waving actions have been carried out in front of the energy monopolies Repsol and Iberdrola, the banks Caixabank and Santander, some diplomatic centers, such as the Brazilian embassy and the Colombian consulate, and employers’ and business organizations in Madrid, València, Elche and Albacete.

Full report: https://serviralpuebloperiodico.wordpress.com/2022/12/30/acciones-por-la-fundacion-de-la-liga-comunista-internacional-en-el-estado-espanol/


There have been first actions in Austria. At the beginning of the new year 2023, shortly after midnight, in a busy place in Vienna, a banner was unfurled and a flag held high. “Long live the International Communist League – IKB!” was displayed with the banner in front of the eyes of hundreds of passers-by who watched the action attentively in the first minutes of the new year.


The documents of the ICL were translated to Danish.

IKF: Resolution af særlig anerkendelse til Formand Gonzalo og PKP

Flyers were distributed in Copenhagen and Aalborg.


In Ireland, slogans were painted.


Documents of the ICL were published in Swedish:




Actions were made in Solna and Uppsala for the ICL.

“Unite under Maoism!”
“Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism!”


Slogans were painted in the metropolitan region of Goiânia, State of Goiás, Brazil.

In the states Amazonas and Paraná, slogans and flags were put up in multiple places.

A flag was put up in a visible place in the center of São Paulo as the year changed.

Flags were put up in Norte de Minas Gerais.

Slogans were painted also in Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro. Flags were displayed in the center of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

Flags were hoisted in Rio de Janeiro and in Curitiba, Paraná.

More actions were made in Guarulhos and Campinas in the state of São Paolo, in Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul and in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul.

Full report: https://www.anovademocracia.com.br/noticias/18567-acoes-celebram-fundacao-da-lci-no-brasil-atualizado-12-01


LLL 2023: “Long live the International Communist League!”

This year again the LLL demonstration took place in Berlin in January. While this annual event is primarily a showdown of the various forces of the revolutionist movement in the FRG, this year the Maoists had a different message: the International Communist League – ICL was founded! A manifold international contingent proclaimed this historic message at the demonstration, fulfilling the demand that had been made in the previous years at the same demonstration – also in the struggle: For the new organization of the international proletariat!

LLL Demonstration 2023 Internationaler Kommunistischer Bund 1

This message was not only powerfully spread, but also joyfully accepted by many masses. Several times masses asked for the flags of the ICL, which were carried on the demonstration in four languages – Spanish, English, Turkish and German. Some even wanted to buy them on the spot. An excerpt of the ICL’s Political Declaration and Principles was distributed as a leaflet, and Partizan comrades handed out printed brochures with the Declaration in English and Turkish. Thus, the radiance that the LLL demonstration has in the FRG and parts of Western Europe was used to celebrate and spread this success of the Maoists.

LLL Demonstration 2023 Internationaler Kommunistischer Bund 2

The participants of the contingent look now full of joy and proletarian optimism into the future to develop under new, better conditions the work for the goal of the communists – the communism – and the unification of the International Communist Movement to push further.


Dazibaos were distributed in Kristiansand and a flag was put up in Vennesla.



The slogan ”Unite under Maoism!” was painted in Tampere.



More actions were made in São Paulo in Campinas, Guarulhos and the West Zone of São Paulo, in São Cristóvão and Rio de Janeiro, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


TKP/ML militants greeted the martyrs of revolution and communism with banners they hung in Linz, Austria, and the establishment of the EKB they hung in Basel, Switzerland.

TKP/ML militants greeted the establishment of the International Communist Union (EKB). They hung a banner on the road “Avcılar Metrobüs yolu” where they saluted the establishment of the EKB. TKP / ML militants congratulated all the components in the EKB and called for a tighter embrace of duties and responsibilities.

The full articles:

TKP/ML militanları Enternasyonal Komünist Birlik’in kuruluşunu selamladı (including party-statement)

TKP/ML militanları Parti şehitlerini ve EKB’yi selamladı


A video was published of this year’s LLL-demonstration:


More actions were made in the states of Minas Gerais, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro.


Actions were made in the city of Medellin, at the University of Antioquia to celebrate the founding of the ICL, as well as to commemorate comrade Sison and to express greetings to the Communist Party of the Philippines and the people’s war it leads, and to join the Commemorative Week of the Martyrs of the Party and the Revolution called by the TKP/ML.


Revolutionaries in Eugene, Oregon gathered for a presentation and celebration for the founding of the ICL,
including speeches and discussion about the significance of the announcement.


Actions realised in the province of Curicó, in the peasant areas of the Maule region, Chile:



On Friday the 27th the 105th anniversary of the Workers’ Revolution of Finland was celebrated with an event at the red memorial at the Malmi graveyard in Helsinki. In the songs, poems and speeches the memory of the sacrifice of the red class heroes and the loyality to the tasks continuing their work in Finland in service to the world proletarian revolution as part of the efforts of the international communist movement. This was potrayed by the flags of the International Communist League, the slogans of the banners (”Long live the International Communist League- ICL!” and ”All without power is illusion! 105 years of the revolution!”) and the message for the Martyrs’ Week of the Turkish comrades – ”Martyrs present in struggle, long live TKP/ML!”.



In Austria, multiple actions were made for the ICL in four states (Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Tyrol), in proletarian neighbourhoods, at universities, industrial centers and in events in small and big cities. With thousands of flyers and posters and different actions the message was taken to the masses.

Full report in German: https://www.dervorbote.at/%C3%96sterreich-Zahlreiche-Aktivit%C3%A4ten-zur-Gr%C3%BCndung-des-IKB#wbb1


Actions for the ICL were made in the Commune of Estación Central, Santiago and Commune of San Ramón, Santiago.


Posters with the slogans of the ICL have been posted in English and Spanish in Austin, USA.


Flags were put up in Goiânia, state of Goiás.


In several proletarian neighbourhoods of Copenhagen on the occasion of the founding of the International Communist League posters “Long Live the International Communist League!” have been put up by proletarian revolutionaries.

full report: https://socialistiskrevolution.wordpress.com/2023/02/07/kobenhavn-plakater-leve-internationalt-kommunistisk-forbund/


Banners in support of the International Communist League were found in Kazan.



A series of images portraying actions in celebration of the founding of the International Communist League (LCI) in Brazil.

The photos record the hoisting of the LCI flags and graffiti with the slogan:  Long live the International Communist League! Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism! Down with the imperialist war! Long live the World Proletarian Revolution! , with hammer and sickle symbol.



Rio de Janeiro


Mato Grosso do Sul

Rio Grande do Sul




Minas Gerais


São Paulo