Honour and Glory to the TKP/ML!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Honour and Glory to the TKP/ML!

Long Live the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation of our Vanguard in Turkey!
Eternal Honour and Glory to Ibrahim Kaypakkaya!
Long Live the 50 Years of Hard and Heroic Combat, eternally inscribted in the Memory of our Class and the People in Turkey!

“Turkey’s future is kneaded with steel; Maybe it won’t be us, but this steel won’t forget the water it
took.” – Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

The heroic combatant, TKP/ML, celebrates its 50th year of establishment and struggle, with the honor and pride of being the bearer of communist ideology and society model, within the period of new revolutions Proletarian Worldrevolution has entered, marked by evermore rottening of imperialism in its general and final crisis, decomposing and reaction all along the line. Half a century has passed since the TKP/ML was founded on the territory of Turkey as part of the Worldrevolution of the international proletariat. Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, who adopted the developments of the titans of theory and practice Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse-tung as reference and guiding, built the TKP/ML as a synthesis of this whole of values, as a child especially of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

“Our party is the product of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” – Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

The insistence on maintaining and carrying out the established line has also led to uncompromisingness
in the face of the warmongering, genocidal, fatherland-selling ruling classes, its butcheres and tortureres, and all kinds of revisionist aggression.

The TKP/ML upholding, defending and applying Marxism has embodied to “go against the current”. The tradition created by this consciousness has been the key to being the unwavering bearer of an unwavering faith in our cause of communism for fifty years.

TKP/ML also adheres to Chairman Mao’s “Political Power growas out of the barrel of a gun!”
and “If there is no People’s Army, the people has nothing!”, constructing and leading People’s
War, inwhich unemeasurable numbers of leaders, militants, combatants and masses sacrificed their lives and spelled their precious blood, always insisting in the Marxist priciple “Violence is the obstetrician of a new society” – armed struggle is the principal form of struggle and it is done by People’s War, until our ever golden shining goal – communism.

The TKP/ML is aware that the necessity to realize the communist line is essential not only for itself, but also for mlm parties and organizations to be embodied in creating a communist world. It guides international field relations within the framework of these principles.”

“Thousands and tens of thousands of martyrs gave their lives heroically for the benefit of the people before us. Let’s raise their flag, let’s move forward on the path drawn with their blood” will continue to be the TKP/ML’s combatative spirit and it will continue to uphold the red flag with hammer and sicle of the international proletariat. The People’s War is invincible. The TKP/ML will triumph over all its enemies inside and outside its ranks.

Long, long live the TKP/ML and its great leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya!
Long live Proletarian Internationalism, the spirit of communism!
Unite under Maoism!
People’s War until Communism!