Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction: Repudiation to the coward murder of Comrade Oris of the CPP!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



Brazil, November 2021

To the CC of the Communist Party of the Philippines



Repudiation to the coward murder of Comrade Oris of the CPP!



The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction) addresses the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), their leaders, cadres and militants, to the heroic New People’s Army of the Philippines (NPA), its National Operations Command, all its commanders and combatants, as well as all the masses and revolutionary bases that struggle under its command, to manifest our deep and fraternal sorrow for the death of Comrade Oris (Jorge Madlos).

Comrade Oris was cowardly murdered by the reactionary army of the genocidal Duterte, between Impasugong city and the National Road, last October 29, when he was together with his medical assistant, Comrade Pika (Eighfel De la Peña). The reactionary regime now attempts in vain to set up a scenario of an encounter/engagement. Even though it is publicly known that both comrades were unarmed at that moment. In a communique, the Communist Party of the Philippines emphasized the responsibility of general Brawner, his men and officials of the 403rd Infantry Battalion in the murder of comrades Oris and Pika. They denounce that the bodies of the combatants were not handed to their families and stayed under the old state control.

As soon as we knew about the death of Comrade Oris, 74, it was possible for us to know a little bit of his history as a firm communist and we could be aware of the great loss that his murder represented to the Communist Party of the Philippines and for the Philippine people in the continuous revolutionary struggle.

Comrade Oris was a notorious leader and cadre of the Party, he was elected a member of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau at the 2nd Conference of the CPP, in 2016, and assumed important responsibilities in the Military Commission. In 2015 he was one of the main commanders of the National Operational Command of the NPA. And before that, during more than four decades, he handed over his life to the Party and the revolution leading the revolutionary forces through People’s War in the Northwestern region of Mindanao, always acting on an increasingly broader and deeper base of masses.

Comrade Oris was arrested in 1987 during the government of Corazón Aquino and spent five years in prison, keeping his oath to give his life for the Party and the Revolution. He served the people wholeheartedly, particularly the poor peasants and the people from the Lumad ethnic. He lived with them, struggled with them and led them for a long time.

The genocidal government of Duterte is brutally attacking the revolutionary movement in the Philippines since 2017. many arrests, tortures and murders of leaders, activists and supporters took place in the attempt to stop the continuity of the People’s War in the country. However, both the genocidal Duterte and the masters he serves – local reaction and imperialism – are wrong if they think they were successful in their attempt.


We are sure the enemy has failed in their sinister plans. Because Comrade Oris had already forged hundreds of successors within the development of thew People’s War due to his complete dedication to the Party and the Revolution and his unstoppable spirit of revolutionary resistance. The class struggle follows its course and the hatred of the oppressed against the oppressors will lead the Filipino people to triumph, guided by the almighty ideology of the international proletariat, marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism.

The blood shed by Comrade Oris, as well as of many other Filipino revolutionaries, will irrigate revolution even more. His life example will still be a rich source of inspiration for the new generations of marxistleninist-maoist revolutionaries of all countries. Specially in this epoch of new revolutions, when we enter in a situation of worsening of the general crisis of imperialism in all levels – economic, political and military – with the worsening in all contradictions, especially the principal contradiction between oppressed nations and imperialism.

We respectfully raise our maoist red flags in homage to the memory of Comrade Oris.

Eternal honor and glory to Ka Oris!

Down with imperialism and its genocidal vassal Duterte!

Down with revisionism, long live marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism!

Down with the imperialist war! Long live the People’s War!


Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction (P.C.B. FV)

Central Committee