Brazil: Peruvian Reaction Wants to Investigate LCP for Honoring Chairman Gonzalo

Brazil: Peruvian Reaction Wants to Investigate LCP for Honoring Chairman Gonzalo

Editor’s Note: The following is an unofficial translation of an article by Brazilian democratic newspaper, A Nova Democracia: Reação peruana quer investigar LCP por homenagem ao Presidente Gonzalo

By Jailson da Souza

The National Defense Commission of the reactionary Peruvian Congress approved investigating a peasant homage to Dr. Abimael Guzmán Reynoso, Chairman Gonzalo, organized in Rondônia [state in Brazil, -Ed.], as a “pro-terrorism” practice. The activity, organized by peasants and published on video by the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People’s Rights (FRDDP, Frente Revolucionária de Defesa dos Direitos do Povo), took place after the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo on orders from the Yankee CIA and carried out by the Peruvian Navy and the government of opportunist Pedro Castillo, with the support of former leaders of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Perú) who surrendered and betrayed the revolution. The execution of Chairman Gonzalo took place after 29 years of imprisonment in solitary confinement and being subjected to inhumane conditions.

The Peruvian press monopoly (America Television), through the program “Cuarto Poder” showed the images of the peasant march in Brazil almost in their entirety and invited “Senderologists*” to comment on the images. One of the “experts”, Pedro Yaranga, stated that the march expressed “uniformity” and that it will take place again in several countries.

The investigation was requested by Fujimori deputy Jeny López. “I ask the respective information to the intelligence agencies and even to the Foreign Relations Commission to know who is behind this group that distorts reality,” she said in her request. The former general of the Peruvian genocidal army, José Williams, also a deputy, said that, “we must make known what this group is,” referring to the Communist Party of Peru, which was led by Chairman Gonzalo, “and also warn that it is a risk for Brazil.” The investigation is also directed against the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres).

A Campaign to Satanize

Since the execution of Dr. Abimael Guzmán, a veritable campaign to demonize the revolutionary struggle in Peru and its uncontested leader, Chairman Gonzalo, has been driven by the Peruvian reaction. A campaign that always had the dedicated and subservient support of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist Right Opportunist Line (ROL), former leaders of the PCP who prostituted themselves politically in exchange for better conditions in prison and to end the Revolution and the People’s War started in 1980. These former leaders, who sold their honor and dignity to their tormentors, organize themselves in the “Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights” (Movadef) with the traitor “Miriam” (Elena Iparraguirre) at their head, who spent years renouncing Gonzalo Thought and seeking to demoralize President Gonzalo’s leadership and who now seeks to present herself as his “legitimate heir” in politics.

While true democrats, revolutionaries and Maoists around the world denounce the execution of Chairman Gonzalo, pointing against the opportunist and corporate government of Pedro Castillo and the entire old reactionary state, the traitors of Movadef have given this same government support after support since the elections and after taking office, even occupying different posts in this opportunist government with fascist leanings.

The Movadef revisionists, seeking to end the People’s War led today by the PCP in its General Reorganization, abandon and attack the revolutionary line of the 1st PCP Congress and collaborate as a fifth column for the counterrevolutionary campaign aimed at Chairman Gonzalo.