Notes on the recent development on the African continent

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Notes on the recent development on the African continent


„The prevailing social order, the imperialist world system, in it, US imperialism, the common enemy of the peoples of the whole world, is outdated and rotten to the core, it is sustained by the bloody bayonets of mercenary armies that will be powerless before us. Anyone who takes a look at the world today will see that we are facing a situation where the world proletarian revolution is the only way out, the only way for humanity and that the development of the objective and subjective conditions in the world are favourable for revolution.

The world is in chaos. Imperialism is a dying system. The peoples of the world are revolting against the death and misery caused by imperialism. All over the world – especially in Latin America (currently the weakest link in the imperialist chain), Africa and Asia – the people are massacred, tortured, disappeared and imprisoned because they have chosen to struggle.“

If we take a short look at Africa and sum up the recent struggles taken place there, we see tremendous popular uprisings against the misery imperialism burdens on the peoples. At the same time we have to consider that the shortcomings of the communist in Africa are as bad as in no other part of the world and this leads to a situation where the struggles for national liberation are being fought under reactionary banners generally. This is a situation unacceptable for the International Communist Movement.

We will hereby make an overview of recent struggles taken place: Following a trial and conviction of former president Zuma in South Africa – well known example how corrupt bureaucratic capitalism is – large scale riots erupt and continued for the last two weeks. Over 110 people died and 1200 were arrested. These unrests are the results of the unresolved legacy of the apartheid regime, that which neither Mandela nor anyone else was able to solve because of their character as representatives of the old order, which is not a matter of skin color, which was only an additional ingredient. The revisionist ANC-affiliated South African Communist Party supports the old order and the massacres of the old regime.

Lately four policemen were killed in an anbush in Northwest Cameroon. 13 policemen were killed in an ambush in the north-western state of Zamfara, Nigeria. On June 25 there was an attack on German occupation soldiers by a car bomb in Mali leaving twelve soldiers injured, three of them seriously. Slogans like “Death to France and its allies” are usual at demonstrations. A dozen officers were killed in an ambush in Burkina Faso, in the town of Yirgou in late June, just weeks after a militants attacked the village of Solhan by night, resulting in more than a hundred deaths. In the same time in Ivory Coast three Ivorian soldiers were killed and four soldiers were wounded on patrol near the northeastern town of Tehini close to the border with Burkina Faso when one of their vehicles hit an IED and the convoy was ambushed.

In Niger there was an attack in the Koure region, few months ago. Eight were killed, six French tourists among them. In Mid-May police official reported that seven soldiers have been killed and one missing in Kenya after a bomb and ambush on a squad on routine duty in the Baure area of Lamu county. In Senegal the people looted French factories, supermarket chains and destroyed construction sites of French companies in early March. French people living there were evacuated and the military moved in with tanks. The masses reacted to this by arming themselves and resisting with weapons and guerrilla warfare was launched against the military in the working class districts of Dakar. The French gas monopoly Total was forced to close its plant on the Afungi peninsula due to a large scale attack on the town of Palma, Mozambique, on 24 March, following more than 830 military actions of raids in the past three years, with more than 2,600 casualties.

This short and far from being complete outlook on Africa, along our article “War in Africa” shows to everyone who can see and wants to see, how the masses are crying desperately for the leadership that enables them to really get rid of semi-colonialism, bureaucrat capitalism and semi-feudalism, get rid of the burdens of imperialism, for the Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist militarized Communist Party, that initiates the People’s War as fast as possible to conquer and defend power.