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Proletarians of all countries, unite!



The People’s Movement Peru, the organism generated for party work abroad, expresses its full, complete and conscientious subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the party and the revolution, continuator of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse Tung, centre of party unity and guarantee of triumph that leads us to communism, leader of the proletarian world revolution; to our all-powerful ideology, all-powerful because it is true, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought; to our heroic fighter, the Communist Party of Peru and its entire leadership system, which has been leading the task of the General Reorganisation of the Party; to all the events and party documents, to the 1st Congress, which has given us the Basis of Party Unity (BUP) with its three elements: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, the Programme and the General Political Line with its centre the Military Line, to the III. Plenum of the Central Committee, historic and transcendental which approved the victory plans and to the Speech of our Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, on 24 September 1992, which calls us to continue with our tasks for what we are, communists in formation.

We salute the international proletariat, the peoples and the oppressed nations of the world and likewise we fervently salute the Peruvian proletariat and people, heroic people who from their inexhaustible creative force are pushing forward in the terrain of the class struggle their fierce struggle against the sinister plans being developed by this outdated bureaucratic landlord state which is falling to pieces, today with its “second round” of its electoral farce for the replacement of reactionary authorities and its “new constitution” for the new restructuring of the state, a necessity of imperialism and reaction. All within the reactionary plan of the “Bicentenary”. We salute the communist parties and revolutionary organisations that, against all odds, have been fulfilling the historic task of reunification of the International Communist Movement (ICM) by fighting for the realisation of the Unified International Maoist Conference (UIMC) and to give life to the New International Organisation of the Proletariat.

On May 17, 1980, the PCP under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo initiated the armed struggle (“ILA 80”), developing since then the People’s War, which has never stopped, despite the difficult and complex situation due to the arrest of the leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, and the treachery of the revisionists, both the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL), of the so-called “letters and peace talks” structured in the prisons with the help of the Yankee CIA-Peruvian reaction, and the rats of the VRAEM headed by José. The People’s War has not stopped nor can it ever be stopped because the life of the party that leads it cannot be stopped nor will it ever stop until we enter communism.

The People’s War is a revolutionary war, a just war, as only and only a Communist Party can lead it; lead it because it is led by the masses, the Party is the light that tears the shadows, the mass is the force, the sap that transforms and changes everything, generating the dawn forever. The mass without a Party gropes around, incessantly fighting, shedding its blood because it has never ceased to do so, as is shown by the long and heroic struggle of the people of Palestine occupied by Zionist colonialism, who despite lacking the leadership of the communist party persist in shedding their precious blood in torrents, because that is what the mass is. But without a party, all this struggle of the masses, of the people and of the glorious international proletariat, without this axis, which leads, which guides, nothing will be done, because if the masses have the strength, the party has the direction, it is the axis. It is the party that arms the people, arms their minds and generates their inexhaustible fighting arm. The party with People’s War carries forward the new democratic revolution as part of the proletarian revolution in the world.

It is this path of People’s War, which the PCP led by Chairman Gonzalo, solemnly pledged to develop until we enter communism, without ever laying down our arms: “We wanted, want and will want the People’s War; no one will take us out of it, with the seizure of power. This is the way it will be, with more time, with less time, and the time has already begun to run for this conquest, it seems that it is not so, but if we go deeper into things, it is so; but the People’s War will continue to accompany us, because with it we will defend the new state and with it we will ignite the parts of the world that are still imprisoned and we will not stop until we see, party-wise, the legions of iron converge in a red, armed sea that will wave over the earth, shake it and turn it upside down and turn it upside down. This is how it shall be. This is the promise of the Chairman and the communists at the 1st Congress and it is fulfilled, because nothing is impossible for the Party.

The MPP expresses its greetings to the leaders of the party, cadres, militants, fighters and heroic masses close to the party, who, developing the class struggle and the two-line struggle, are fighting for the GENERAL REORGANISATION OF THE PARTY IN AND FOR THE People’s War IN PERU, irreconcilably and inseparably fighting imperialism, reaction and revisionism.

We reaffirm what was stated in the Declaration of the 18 Maoist Parties and Organisations for May Day 2021, on the international situation:

“The prevailing social order, the imperialist world system which develops amidst collusion and strife, and as part of it, US imperialism, the common enemy of the peoples of the whole world, is outdated and rotten to the core, it is sustained by the bloody bayonets of mercenary armies which will be powerless before us, the oppressed and exploited, when we organise our common power under the leadership of the proletarian vanguards, the Communist Parties, and rise up all over the world with arms in hand, destroying the old and building the new. Anyone who takes a look at the world today will see that we are facing a situation where the world proletarian revolution is the only way out, the only road for humanity and that the development of the objective and subjective conditions in the world are favourable for revolution; in this situation, it is up to us to break through with new People’s Wars into the new period of revolutions that the world has entered. (…)

The increase of exploitation and oppression, hunger and misery, repression and genocide leads to the necessity to struggle because oppression generates resistance, the masses cannot go on living under the present conditions, therefore they rise up to fight everywhere. Imperialism has increased the exploitation of the world during the last three decades, trying to escape from the general and ultimate crisis that is besetting it, pushing for the further accumulation of capital, so it is provoking a great explosiveness of the masses that is going to explode everywhere. The explosions we have seen in the last two years are only a promulgation: with the advance in the reconstitutions of the Communist Parties they are announcing that the world is entering a new period of revolutions.

The masses have increased their activity as never before, despite all the measures of social isolation to stifle them. It is up to the communists to lead them to the revolutionary way out, because the masses are the arena of struggle between revolution and counter-revolution. (…)

The masses all over the world are crying for revolution. It is up to the communists to organise and lead them so that they express their full transformative capacity and so that there will be no force in the world capable of containing them.”

The uprisings of the masses in Colombia confirm what was expressed in the May Day Declaration about the clamour of the masses for revolution and for the leadership of the communist party. We express our greetings and solidarity to the proletariat and the masses of the people of Colombia who are fighting for the defence of their rights, liberties, conquests and gains achieved in hard struggle against the exploiters and their apparatus of repression, the old state, organised violence of big bourgeoisie and landowners in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism, who are clamouring for the leadership of the Communist Party of Colombia (CPC) to rise up in a powerful revolution of new democracy to sweep away with People’s War the old society and the old state that sustains it, following the road of encircling the cities from the countryside to culminate the democratic revolution with the seizure of power and to pass immediately and uninterruptedly to socialism to continue with proletarian cultural revolutions until we reach golden communism. We salute the communists of the red faction who, in the midst of the class struggle of the masses and the two-line struggle, are striving to advance by leaps and bounds in the task of reconstituting the CPC, taking advantage of the excellent conditions provided by the heroic struggle of the masses.

Our internationalist solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement of Brazil, especially with that of the Western Amazon and very particularly of Rondônia, which is facing the armed counter-revolutionary campaign of the old Brazilian landlord-bureaucratic state in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, of the de facto military government, the ultra-reactionary government headed by Bolsonaro; a campaign that is carried out jointly with the force of the landowners with their gunmen and henchmen and of the state governor and his minister of the interior. We are an active part of the international campaign of solidarity with the revolutionary movement of the peasants and we support all the actions that are being carried out, because as the Declaration of Mayday states:

“The struggle against semi-feudalism is also developing powerfully in the Latin American countries, the conquest and defence of the land against the great dispossession is the order of the day and in countries like Ecuador and Brazil the armed peasant, armed with a proletarian mind, are systematically working towards a great leap towards the realisation of the democratic revolution. The immense struggle of the peasants in India has shaken the country and unmasked before the eyes of the whole worldthe plans of the old landlord-bureaucratic state to promote bureaucratic capitalism through the ruin of millions of peasants in order to further concentrate the land in the hands of the biggest landlords and thus increase semi-feudal exploitation. The importance of the struggle of the peasants, who are the most numerous class in the world, is increasing more and more because of the dispossession of the peasants’ lands, of the ancestral communities, of these territories for the big mining, energy, touristic, etc. projects of imperialism, the big bourgeoisie and landowners; dispossession of the peasants’ land and of the territory of the minorities. The armed conflicts in Africa, which the imperialists and their lackeys use to drive masses against masses, are directly linked to the struggle for land and territory.”

The international context is marked by the greatest world crisis, as an expression of the general and ultimate crisis of imperialism. The intensified inter-imperialist collusion and struggle and wars of imperialist aggression against the oppressed nations, on the one hand, and the development of the revolutionary situation and the development of the subjective conditions for revolution, with wars of national liberation and People’s Wars like in Peru, India, the Philippines and Turkey, and the great explosiveness of the masses, show that we are in a new period of revolutions, on the other hand. It is in this context that the development of the situation in our country is framed.

The situation in Peru is one of greater crisis, in all aspects, of the outdated semi-colonial, semi-feudal society in which bureaucratic capitalism at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism, is developing. It is a general and ultimate crisis of bureaucratic capitalism and of the state that represents and defends it, and, therefore, a crisis of sweeping by the People’s War. It is this aggravated crisis and the further collapse of the old society that determines the development of the current political situation. This situation is marked by the general elections for the replacement of the authorities of the old and rotten Peruvian state, which are once again crucial for reaction, especially after the failure of the first round in April 2021 to elect the president and the representatives to the reactionary parliament. On April 11, the “parties” and candidates were rejected by the vast majority of the Peruvian people, neither the so-called winner of the first round, the “rondero” Castillo, nor Keiko Fujimori, the runner-up, got more than 10% of the electorate. The congressional lists and candidates do not even come close to those ridiculous results, it will be a parliament in which every winning list and parliamentarian has been rejected by the vast majority of those called to elect them. In other words, reaction has failed in its aim to “legitimise” the new representatives in the executive or in the reactionary parliament through the votes of the “citizen majority”. By the same fraudulent procedures and rules of their electoral farce, both the candidates for president and for parliament have been rejected by the majority of the votes. The second round will not be able to validate or “legitimise” by the vote whoever has to be appointed as the new president and head of the executive. As an analyst of the reaction in the newspaper La República (Mirko Lauer) has said, in the second round “what it is about is to turn the citizens’ hand”, that is, against the rejection expressed in the first round of the representatives, parties and institutions of the old state, to force the “citizens” to “give their vote” for “the least bad”.

This election of 2021, as it had to be, has been presented and developed as a defence of the outdated existing order and the evolution of Peruvian society; and they express a greater collusion and reactionary struggle between the two factions of the big bourgeoisie and between the groups that make up each of them. In all the previous ones, since the beginning of the present century, the collusion and struggle between these groups of the comprador faction for the leadership of the current regime, which began in 1992 with Fujimori’s so-called “self-coup”, has entered a crisis of survival in the second half of the last decade and has lasted up to the present, has been more prominent. Fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling regime of this old bureaucratic landlord state. These sharp contradictions must also be framed in the reactionary plan of the “Bicentenary” and the continuation of the application of the three counter-revolutionary tasks that they need to develop and that in essence has not changed (to boost bureaucratic capitalism, to restructure its state apparatus and to annihilate the People’s War definitively) once again we say; keep dreaming, because its realisation is a historical and political impossibility.

In this second round, the collusion and struggle is clearly expressed, on the one hand, between the comprador faction of the big bourgeoisie, headed by the daughter of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Fujimori, Keiko and her party Fuerza Popular (FP) and, on the other, the faction of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie of the big bourgeoisie headed by the Cerrón family-owned party, Perú Libre, “womb for rent”, which has as its “figurehead” an arch-opportunist, the “rondero” Castillo, a teacher’s strike-seller, a servant of the bosses (Ministry of Education).

The “rondero” Castillo (Perú Libre), defends the programme of the big bureaucratic bourgeoisie, behind him now lines up the Frente Amplio of the priest Arana and that “New Peru” that is for the old order, of the secretary of the Nadine, spouse of the genocidal Humala, who participated in the first round with “Together for Peru” (“the surrogate” of the genocidal Simons Munarro, ex-prime minister of the genocidal Alán García), but also behind Castillo is the revisionist and capitulationist ROL with its Movadef. All of them, promoting the restructuring of the old bureaucratic landlord state to “overcome the generalised crisis”, saviours of the collapse of the state through their vaunted “constituent assembly” and “new constitution”, how would it benefit the people and the nation? Obviously nothing, or have the proletariat, the mainly poor peasantry and the people in general ever benefited from the implementation of these “famous democratic proposals”? Never!

Various representatives of the bureaucracy, of various parties, plus the opportunists and revisionists of all stripes are sowing rotten constitutional illusions, there are also the capitulators of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL with its spawn Movadef and Fundep and the rats of the VRAEM of the mercenary “José” and company, the latter are seeking their enlistment through negotiations with so-called “reservist” spokesmen, agents of the army and the Dircote (sacha) for the sake of a supposed “national reconciliation”.

The “democratic proposals” of “new constitution” and “constituent assembly” seek to put the masses on the tail of the bureaucratic faction for their eagerness to gain positions in the management and control of this old reactionary state, but, these “proposals” also serve the infamous pretensions of the comprador faction in order to tidy up the constitution of 1993, as is the case in Chile where the constitution of Pinochet is going to be made up.

What the reaction so much feared was confirmed and with it the failure to “legitimise” the new reactionary authorities, which was announced as follows:

“Ultimately, what the polls anticipate (and the scrutiny will most likely confirm) is that there is a disdain among the citizenry for the country’s political class. That is to say, an absolute absence of hope in what the leaders of the parties that house them can offer Peruvians in these elections, regardless of their ideological origins or the convictions they claim to embody. It is no secret that, at present, most people perceive those who ask for their vote as individuals in search of privilege and willing to poke each other’s eyes out for a share of power, and not as people with a vocation for service and a particular vision of things that they would like to be perceived as. The outlook is therefore, in this sense, bleak” (Editorial: Contraste de Ideas, El Comercio de Lima newspaper, 09 March 2021).

What is at stake in this second round is to turn the hand of the citizens who have already expressed themselves in the first round (Mrirko Lauer, in La República).

Taking into account the data of the results of the General Elections of 11 April 2021 of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), disseminated to date, we have these results:

Eligible voters 24,131,686 100%

Non-voters 7,184 ,335 29.771%

Voters 16,947,351 70.229%100%



FUERZA POPULAR 1,862,562 10.990% 13.362%

Whites 2,122,842 12.526%

Null 885,646 5.226%

Opportunists and revisionists and other reactionary representatives of the bureaucracy in the 2021 elections:


EL FRENTE AMPLIO (“cura” Arana) 63,293 0.373% 0.454%

JUNTOS POR EL PERU (“sec. de Nadine” Mendoza) 1,096,153 6.468% 7.864%

DEMOCRACIA DIRECTA (Alcántara) 49,108 0.290% 0.352%

The very low vote of the first two candidates stands out, neither the rondero Pedro Castillo (Partido Político Nacional Perú Libre) nor the candidate of the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling Fujimori’s party (Fuerza Popular), Keiko Fujimori, reached even 16% of the votes cast; a far cry from the 50% plus one vote that their constitution demands for them to assume the presidency.

It is also very clear that absenteeism, the non-concurrence to vote, has increased notably, reaching 29,781% of the eligible voters; that is to say, the one who achieved the highest vote obtained approximately 14% less votes than the absenteeism (non-participation) and was below the blank and invalid votes which added up to 17,752%. This is the much celebrated triumph of the opportunist sell-out Pedro Castillo, behind whom the revisionist and capitulationist right-wing opportunist line (ROL) with its Modavef and Fundep is trailing.

If we put together all the opportunists and revisionists and reactionaries who raise the programme of the bureaucratic faction of the big bourgeoisie, together they do not even reach 23%. That is to say, all these together who, in collusion and struggle, are for the programme of the bureaucratic faction in the General Elections 2021, together have been crushed by the very ballot boxes they adore so much, now together they do not even reach the percentage of non-voters, what a great triumph they can crow about. For their part, the representatives of the buying faction have reaped one of their worst electoral failures, Keiko is 7 points below the results she achieved in 2016 and her other two contenders and cronies who follow her in location.

The “rondero” Castillo, who defends the programme of the bureaucratic faction of the big bourgeoisie, now appears as the head of this faction by a fraudulent trick of his opponents, as everything in reactionary elections; As the losing candidate of Acción Popular Lezcano Ancieta has pointed out in his own way (La República newspaper, April 14, 2021), that Keiko with López and De Soto (the trio making common cause in these elections) have pushed Castillo up because it is easier to beat him; according to Lezcano himself, they have moved a lot of personnel and resources to push Castillo through the social networks, which is why he appeared in the polls shortly before April 11. That is what parliamentary cretinism, revisionism, opportunism and betrayal of the class and the people are for. Of course with Lezcano himself (who was running between the two factions) and Mendoza, they considered this miserable unprincipled opportunist Castillo weaker because as you can see he didn’t even think he would be in the second round. But it would not be strange if in the end he turns out to be the “cover cock” of the reaction.

The dispersion of votes and the lack of definition mark the General Elections in April; the second round is presented as the most sinister farce to manipulate the masses by both the comprador faction and the bureaucratic faction of the big bourgeoisie to serve the same objective of trying to drag the masses along to designate a new President, “twisting the hand of the citizenry” to present him as “anointed by a majority of votes” (“legitimised”) for that they will resort to instilling fear to call to vote for the “least bad” in the face of the rejection of the masses. They need “legitimised” authorities in the face of their further collapse to continue to apply their “low intensity war” to seek to annihilate the PCP and the People’s War, to prevent the general reorganisation of the Party in and for the People’s War.

Whoever is elected in the second round will not have a majority in the parliament, and with the dispersion of seats, a more aggravated collusion and struggle of groups and factions of exploiters will develop. Moreover, these benches have been elected by percentages of votes far below 10% of the votes cast, which deprives them of claiming the “legitimacy of the citizens’ vote”. And they will not be benches of parties but of individuals, each of whom represents himself or herself in the vast majority of cases. The contest between the new president of the landlord-bureaucratic state in the service of imperialism, mainly US imperialism, and the parliament is thus programmed in advance and will be resolved by impachament or by the closure of the parliament. Moreover, as always, the ghost of the coup is haunting and the genocidal armed forces are the arbiter and guarantor of these elections and their results.

In conclusion, everything shows that the Peruvian state has become weaker in its bases and will have to rely more and more on its armed and repressive forces; and it will become clearer for the people that the armed forces are the backbone of the state and that this state is nothing but organised violence for the maintenance of the slavery of the Peruvian people and that it only serves to be swept away.

Against the general elections apply the boycott; continue to push forward the task of the General Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Peru, firmly subject to the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Gonzalo Thought, in and for the People’s War, fighting to the death the revisionist and capitulationist ROL in whatever guise it presents itself.

The Party guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought guarantees the course of the revolution!

Long Live the 41st Anniversary of the People’s War in Peru!

Honour and glory to the Peruvian proletariat and people!

The policy of boycott applied according to the present conditions in which we are developing is just and correct in the forging and growth of a massive anti-electoral torrent linked to the development of the People’s War. The voice of command is simple and concrete: Don’t vote! And the slogan is clear and resolute: No elections! People’s War, yes! For the General Reorganisation of the Party!

People’s Movement Peru

17th May 2021