Declaration to support people’s war in India

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Support People’s War in India! Take up the revolutionary lessons of the great Naxalbari-Uprising!

The revolutionary struggle of the masses in India, lead by it’s party, the Communist Party of India (maoist), has great international importance. The struggles in India today are one of the storm-center of Proletarian World Revolution, with people’s war, which is the highest form of struggle under leadership of proletarian ideology, of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Therefore the solidarity with people’s war in India attains big importance to all the revolutionaries and communist to defend Maoism and to develop its application in each country!

The 50th anniversary of the great Naxalbari-Uprising, which calls the revolutionaries and communist international to develop initiatives of solidarity, gives reason to declare the main ideological and political principles related to the international support of peoples war in India, for consolidating the previous forces and activating new forces.

The struggle of the communists in India developed through decades of class- struggle, particularly the inner ideological struggle, and forged the CPI (maoist), which initialized and developed the people’s war as its leading center. One main incident for that development was the Naxalbari-Uprising in the year 1967. In this uprising the masses demonstrated their willingness to do armed struggle against the oppression of imperialism and so that they encourage the inner ideological struggle of the communists. Although the reaction brutally knocked down this uprising, a victory was gained – by the formation of the communist in a new quality. Amongst other, the great communist leader Charu Mazumdar developed from this struggle to a main leader for the progress of revolution in India. His political and ideological lessons has importance until now, also for the international communist movement. It was Charu Mazumdar who defined the slogan of the boycott of the elections as not being restricted to the concrete conditions in India, but being an international slogan to all the revolutionary and communist forces. That is an important reference for the common practice of all forces which apply to and based on Maoism.  

In India fascism and imperialism rage with terror and war against people. Holding on the ideology of Maoism, with the knowledge that in the end all reactionaries are papertigers, the people and the People Liberation Guerilla Army, leaded by the CPI (maoist), are heroic struggling against this with people’s war. They give us a great example and the practical proof, that imperialism and fascism can be beaten only by people’s war. This is very important to propagate especially in the imperialist countries, in which illusions in the so called “bourgeois democracy”  partial are shown tenaciously and which again and again get entry through revisionist position to the roes of communists and revolutionaries.

Comrade Ajith, who is now arrested in the jails of torture of the reaction, is a great example for the stance of proletarian internationalism. He did important work for the communist, revolutionary and antiimperialist movement, for which he gets great tribute not only by the communist, but also by the people. His incarceration has the effect oft worldwide protest.

Throughout the international solidarity to the people’s war in India, over the past years in many countries important contribution were made, not only for the solidarity with the Indian comrades and the struggling masses, but also for international development of the revolutionary forces. In this matter we want especially highlight the international conference to support people’s war in India which took place in Hamburg 2012. It was a strong expression of proletarian internationalism and mainly contributes to the development of initiatives in many countries. Because of that, mainly the conference in Hamburg, was taken from our comrades in India too as important reverence for the expression of proletarian internationalism. The conference in Hamburg declared to develop and achieve the support of the people’s war in India as part of the struggle against imperialism. That includes the duty to go on with revolution in each country, as well as to support revolutions international. “Therefore it is the insisting task for the communists all over the world, to use the excellent objective conditions, to political mobilize and consolidate the oppressed masses, and to strengthen the subjective forces, because only a strong proletarian party and the consolidated masses are able to make revolution successfully”, so it is written in the massage of the CPI (maoist) to to conference in Hamburg.

We do not support people’s war only by declaring, but with using the common actions, under the aspect of the good objective conditions, in the best way for the struggle against imperialism and the development of revolution in each country. People’s war in India is an important reference for the international antiimperialist and revolutionary movement! A reference for the correct politic for mobilization and consolidation to develop the struggles in each country, not for the purpose to neglect the development of revolution in the “own” country, while decorating in words with the success of the CPI (maoist). That requires from the real proletarian-internationalist forces much courage to struggle and initiatives, but also the development oft debate and ideological struggle inside the revolutionary, antiimperialist and communist movement.
For the 50th anniversary of the great Naxalbari-Uprising: Stir up the initiative, develop actions and mobilize the masses under the banner of proletarian internationalism!

Support People’s War in India!

Long lives the Communist Party of India (maoist)!

Glory and honor to the comrades killed in action! Defend the revolutionary lessons of the Naxalbari-Uprising!

We take up the old partisan’s slogan: Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!

September 2017


Klassenstandpunkt (Germany)
Rot Front Kollektiv (Austria)